Spiritual Gifts Assessment
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For each statement, mark to what extent it is true of your life: 3-MUCH, 2-SOME, 1-LITTLE, or 0-NOT AT ALL.
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1. I have a desire to speak direct messages from God that edify or exhort or comfort others. *
2. I have enjoyed relating to a certain group of people over a long period of time, sharing personally in their successes and failures. *
3. People have told me that I have helped them learn some biblical truth in a meaningful way.
4. I have applied spiritual truth effectively to situations in my own life. *
5. Others have told me that I have helped them distinguish key and important facts of scripture. *
6. I have verbally encouraged the wavering, the troubled or the discouraged. *
7. Others in the church have noted that I was able to see through phoniness before it was evident to other people. *
8. I find I manage money well in order to give liberally to the Lord’s work. *
9. I have assisted Christian leaders to relieve them for their essential job. *
10. I have a desire to work with those who have physical or mental problems, to alleviate their suffering. *
11. I feel comfortable relating to diverse groups and they seem to accept me. *
12. I have led others to a decision for salvation through faith in Christ. *
13. My home is always open to people passing through who need a place to stay. *
14. When in a group, I am often the one others look to for vision and direction. *
15. When I speak people seem to listen and agree. *
16. When a group I am in is lacking organization, I tend to step in and fill the gap. *
17. Others can point to specific instances where my prayers have resulted in visible miracles. *
18. I have participated in miraculous healing in the name of Jesus. *
19. I have spoken in tongues. *
20. Sometimes when a person speaks in tongues, I get an idea about what God is saying. *
21. I could live more comfortably, but I choose not to in order to live with the poor. *
22. I am single and I enjoy it. *
23. I spend at least an hour a day in prayer. *
24. I have spoken to evil spirits and they have obeyed me. *
25. I enjoy being called upon to do special jobs around the church. *
For each statement, mark to what extent it is true of your life: 3-MUCH, 2-SOME, 1-LITTLE, or 0-NOT AT ALL.
26. Through God I have revealed specific things which will happen in the future. *
27. I have enjoyed assuming the responsibility for the spiritual well-being of a particular group of Christians. *
28. I feel I can explain the New Testament teaching about the health and ministry of the body of Christ in a relevant way. *
29. I can intuitively arrive at solutions to fairly complicated problems. *
30. I have had insights of spiritual truth which others have said helped bring them closer to God. *
31. I can effectively motivate people to get involved in ministry when it’s needed *
32. I can “see” the Spirit of God resting on certain people from time to time. *
33. My giving records show that I give considerably more than 10 percent of my income to the Lord’s work. *
34. Other people have told me that I helped them become more effective in their ministries. *
35. I have cared for others when they have had material or physical needs. *
36. I feel I could learn another language well in order to minister to those in a different culture. *
37. I have shared joyfully how Christ has brought me to Himself in a way that is meaningful to non-believers. *
38. I enjoy taking charge of church events or social gatherings. *
39. I have believed God for the impossible and have seen it happen in a tangible way. *
40. Other Christians have followed my leadership because they believed in me. *
41. I enjoy the details of organizing ideas, people, resources and time for more effective ministry. *
42. God has used me personally to perform supernatural signs and wonders. *
43. I enjoy praying for sick people because I know that many of them will be healed as a result. *
44. I have spoken an immediate message of God to His people in a language that I have never learned. *
45. I have interpreted tongues with the result that the body of Christ was edified, exhorted, or comforted. *
46. Living a simple lifestyle is an exciting challenge for me. *
47. Other people have noted that I feel more indifferent about not being married than most. *
48. When I hear a prayer request, I pray for that need for several days at least. *
49. I have actually heard a demon speak in a loud voice. *
50. I don’t have many special skills, but I do what needs to be done around the church. *
For each statement, mark to what extent it is true of your life: 3-MUCH, 2-SOME, 1-LITTLE, or 0-NOT AT ALL.
51. People have told me that I have communicated timely and urgent messages which have come directly from the Lord. *
52. I feel unafraid of giving spiritual guidance and direction in a group of Christians. *
53. I can devote considerable time to learning new biblical truths in order to communicate them to others. *
54. When a person has a problem I can frequently guide them to the best Biblical solution. *
55. Through study or experience I have discerned major strategies or techniques God seems to use in furthering His kingdom. *
56. People come to me in their afflictions or suffering, and have told me that they have been helped, relieved and healed. *
57. I can tell with a fairly high degree of assurance when a person is afflicted by an evil spirit. *
58. When I am moved by an appeal to give to God’s work, I usually find the money that I need to do it. *
59. I have enjoyed doing routine tasks that led to more effective ministry by others. *
60. I enjoy visiting in hospitals and/or retirement homes, and feel I do well in such a ministry. *
61. Diverse groups of people have been attracted to me, and we have related well. *
62. Non-Christians have noted that they feel comfortable when they are around me, and that I have a positive effect on them toward developing a faith in Christ. *
63. When people come to our home, they indicate that they “feel at home” with us. *
64. Other people have told me that I had faith to accomplish what seemed impossible to them. *
65. When I set goals, others seem to accept them readily. *
66. I have been able to make effective and efficient plans for accomplishing the goals of a group. *
67. God regularly seems to do impossible things through my life. *
68. Others have told me that God healed them of an emotional problem when I ministered to them. *
69. I can speak to God in a language I have never learned. *
70. I have prayed that I may interpret if someone begins speaking in tongues. *
71. I am not poor but I can identify with poor people. *
72. I am glad I have more time to serve the Lord because I am single. *
73. Intercessory prayer is one of my favorite ways of spending time. *
74. Others call on me when they suspect that someone is demonized. *
75. Others have mentioned that I seem to enjoy routine tasks and do well at them. *
For each statement, mark to what extent it is true of your life: 3-MUCH, 2-SOME, 1-LITTLE, or 0-NOT AT ALL.
76. I sometimes have a strong sense of what God wants to say to people in response to a particular situation. *
77. I have helped fellow believers by guiding them to relevant portions of the Bible and praying with them. *
78. I feel I can communicate Biblical truths to others and see resulting changes in knowledge, attitudes, values, or conduct. *
79. Some people indicate that I have perceived and applied Biblical truth to the specified needs of fellow believers. *
80. I study and read quite a bit in order to learn new Biblical truths. *
81. I have a desire to effectively counsel the perplexed, the guilty or the addicted. *
82. I can recognize whether a person’s teaching is from God, from Satan, or of human origin. *
83. I am so confident that God will meet my needs that I give to Him sacrificially and consistently. *
84. When I do things behind the scenes and others are helped, I am joyful. *
85. People call on me to help those who are less fortunate. *
86. I would be willing to leave comfortable surroundings if it would enable me to share Christ with more people. *
87. I get frustrated when others don’t seem to share their faith with unbelievers as much as I do. *
88. Others have mentioned to me that I am a very hospitable person. *
89. There have been times when I have felt sure I knew God’s specific will for the future growth of His work, even when others did not seem so sure. *
90. When I join a group, others seem to back off and expect me to take the leadership. *
91. I am able to give directions to others without using persuasion to get them to accomplish a task. *
92. People have told me that I was God’s instrument which brought supernatural changes in lives or circumstances. *
93. I have prayed for others and physical healing has actually occurred. *
94. When I give a public message in tongues, I expect it to be interpreted. *
95. I have interpreted tongues in a way that seemed to bless others. *
96. Others tell me I sacrifice much materially in order to minister. *
97. I am single and I have little difficulty controlling my sexual desires. *
98. Others have told me that my prayers for them have been answered in tangible ways. *
99. Other people have experienced spiritual deliverance when I have prayed for them. *
100. I prefer being active and doing something rather than just sitting around talking or reading or listening to a speaker. *
For each statement, mark to what extent it is true of your life: 3-MUCH, 2-SOME, 1-LITTLE, or 0-NOT AT ALL.
101. I sometimes feel that I know exactly what God wants me to do in ministry at a specific point in time. *
102. People have told me that I have helped them to be restored to the Christian community. *
103. Studying the Bible and sharing my insights with others is very satisfying for me. *
104. I have felt an unusual presence of God and personal confidence when important decisions needed to be made. *
105. I have the ability to discover new truths for myself through reading or observing situations firsthand. *
106. I have urged others to seek a Biblical solution to their affliction or suffering. *
107. I can tell whether a person speaking in tongues is genuine. *
108. I have been willing to maintain a lower standard of living in order to benefit God’s work. *
109. When I serve the Lord, I really don’t care who gets the credit. *
110. I would enjoy spending time with a lonely, shut-in person or someone in prison. *
111. More than most, I have had a strong desire to see people of others countries won to the Lord. *
112. I am attracted to non-believers because of my desire to win them to Christ. *
113. I have desired to make my home available to those in the Lord’s service whenever needed. *
114. Others have told me that I am a person of unusual vision and I agree. *
115. When I am in charge, things seem to run smoothly. *
116. I have enjoyed bearing the responsibility for the success of a particular task within my church. *
117. In the name of the Lord, I have been able to recover sight to the blind. *
118. When I pray for the sick, either I or they feel sensations of tingling or warmth. *
119. When I speak in tongues, I believe it is edifying to the Lord’s body. *
120. I have interpreted tongues in such a way that the message appeared to be directly from God. *
121. Poor people accept me because I choose to live on their level. *
122. I readily identify with Paul’s desire for others to be single as he was. *
123. When I pray, God frequently speaks to me, and I recognize His voice. *
124. I cast out demons in Jesus’ name. *
125. I respond cheerfully when asked to do a job, even if it seems menial. *
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