Front Office Customer Service Survey
Please take a moment to complete the survey below to enable us to better assist you in our schools. Thank you for your continued support of Peach County schools.
Please select the school below for which you would like to complete the survey.
Front Office Staff greeted and acknowledged me. (check all that apply)
My issue/concern was dealt with in a timely manner.
Front Office Staff made me feel. (check all that apply)
Front Office Staff are competent, knowledgeable and provide accurate and/or pertinent information, advice/answers, resources and support.
Front Office Staff are responsive and follow-up phone messages and/or email messages within 24 hours.
Front Office Staff are trustworthy and handle personal issues and customers confidentially.
To the extent possible, Front Office Staff are innovative and flexible in response to your needs and requests.
Front Office Staff displays proper telephone etiquette when answering the phone.
Front Office Staff has a widely shared sense of purpose and consistent values regarding your issues or concerns.
Rate the overall Customer Service of Front Office Staff during your visit(s) to the school.
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