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William Peace University recognizes the need to have procedures in place to address and respond to concerns raised by students.William Peace University believes the ideal community is one marked by mutual respect and a spirit of collegiality. This means, first, that individuals should make every reasonable effort to resolve disagreements with the person/department involved before invoking the complaints procedure outlined below.

The primary objective of a student grievance procedure is to ensure concerns are promptly dealt with and resolutions reached in a fair and just manner. It is essential each student be given adequate opportunity to bring complaints and problems to the attention of the College with the assurance each will be heard and due process afforded the student. To complete a grievance, please navigate to the “Grievance” tab under “Student Life” on MyPacerNet. This site will provide the ability for you to submit an electronic form.


Formal Grievance: A complaint (which is received in writing) by a WPU student involving an alleged misapplication or violation of any College policy or procedure that adversely impacts the student, or any other dispute within the College that directly impacts the student in adverse manners. A Grievance may include, but is not limited to, complaints alleging (a) mistreatment by a College employee, (b) errors in the assessment of fees or other financial obligations, (c) registration errors, (d) loss of financial aid eligibility, and/or (e) student housing issues. A student is an individual who is matriculated or otherwise enrolled to attend class full or part-time at WPU.

Informal Grievance: A complaint that has not yet exhausted all other options for resolution. Every attempt should be made to resolve the issue through mediation or by meeting with the head of the department(s) involved. An informal grievance may also include issues and disputes not covered under this policy, such as:
1. Requests to review and challenge contents of student records. Please see the Registrar or Student Conduct Administrator as appropriate.
2. Grievances or concerns involving harassment or discrimination Please see Public Safety or a member of the Residence Life Team.
3. Grievances relating to sexual harassment Please see Public Safety, HR, or a member of the Residence Life Team.
4. Appeals of disciplinary actions please see the Community Conduct Code.
5. Appeals or petition regarding instructional or academic issues please see the Academic Catalogue.
6. Complaints that, on their face, are not subject to possible resolution in a student grievance context. (An example would be a student complaint where the student's requested relief is prohibited by state or federal law.)

•Student must complete the online form located on MyPacerNet within five (5) business days of the date of the occurrence or matter.
•Each student wishing to file a grievance must complete a separate form.
•Within five (15) business days of receiving a grievance it will be acknowledged by the appropriate administrative office of the College (In an Acknowledgement Letter). The acknowledgement shall indicate if the complaint has been accepted as FORMAL or INFORMAL. The date of receipt should be clearly marked on the written complaint.
•All INFORMAL COMPLAINTS shall be given explanation and recommendation on next steps in their Acknowledgment Letter. A member of the administrative office identified in the complaint will be informed of the complainant so that they may also assist in the resolution of the informal complaint.
•All FORMAL COMPLAINTS shall be responded to within 30 business days after acknowledging receipt of the complaint. The Cabinet level official who supervises the administrative office or personnel identified in the complaint will inform the complainant regarding the institutional response to the complaint. The response shall outline the steps that will be or have been taken to resolve the complaint. The decision of the Cabinet Member is final.
•The office of Student Services shall be responsible for collecting and maintaining records of all written grievences, acknowledgements thereof, and official responses to the complainant. The office of Student Services will therefore, monitor institutional compliance with the written complaints policy and be responsible for reporting the result of compliance on an annual basis to the President’s Cabinet.
•All decisions made, in response to formal written complaints, are considered final and not subject to any further appeal
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