CS Tutors: Application for Employment
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Fill out this form to apply as a Computer Science tutor or tutor trainee.

Regular tutor positions are open to upper division and graduate level students. Applicants should have completed all lower division CS coursework. Preferred applicants are those who have completed a few 300-level courses, those eligible for the FWS.

Tutor trainee positions are open to students currently taking 200-level CS classes. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a solid grasp of concepts from at least two of CS 163, 201, 250, or 251. Trainees will work alongside the tutors providing assistance to students with both technical and conceptual questions. Eligible trainees will be considered first should a tutor position open.

CS tutors earn $17.00 per hour.
CS tutor trainees earn $15.75 per hour.

You do not need to have Federal Work Study to apply, but it's appreciated if you do.

We would prefer that you be ready work at least 8 hours per week, but we are flexible. In accordance with PSU's student employment rules, you may not work more than 20 hours per week across all of your on-campus jobs.
We encourage you to apply as a CS Tutor if you meet the following criteria:

- You are a PSU student taking 5 credits or more in the term you plan to start working
- You have good working knowledge of C, C++, Java, and x86 assembly as they relate to lower division CS coursework, and you are willing to work to fill any gaps in your knowledge.
- You know how to use gcc, g++, gdb, make, vim, valgrind, and other common command line tools, as well as Java IDEs
- You have excellent verbal and written communication skills and you truly enjoy helping others
- You can demonstrate reasonable, respectful, and professional behavior in the CS Lounge

This job can be fun, but it can also be stressful and busy at times! It is not for everyone. If you are looking for a job where you can just sit and do homework, this is not it. Despite the demands, you will be rewarded with valuable teaching, presentation, and technical writing skills. It will sharpen your Computer Science knowledge, allow you to play an important role in the student community, and significantly improve your resume.
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