Student Questionnaire Reading
This questionnaire could be adapted to suit a particular school context and used with a group of students to clarify their attitudes, strengths and areas for improvement in relation to reading. It may also help to give a focus / foci for literacy interventions and support the SSE process.

Literacy includes the capacity to read, understand and critically appreciate various forms of communication including spoken language, printed text, broadcast media, and digital media (DES, 2011, p.8).

We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out this questionnaire as we are doing some research into reading and what students think about reading. We value your opinion and thank you in advance for your time and honesty.

1. How much do you like reading?
2. How good do you think you are at reading?
3. Do you get much opportunity to read in school?
4. How much do you like reading in your own time (not at school)?
5. How long do you spend reading on average per week in your own time (not at school)?
6. How many books do you read on average per month?
7. What do you like to read? Tick as many options as you like!
8. Tick as many options as you agree with...
9. Tick as appropriate...
10. What suggestions would you have to promote reading in school?
Your answer
Any further comments in relation to reading?
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