CMS Student Advisory and Leadership Training (SALT) Application
We are looking for students who:
 want to improve school spirit
 love to plan and organize events
 are self-motivated and conscientious
 are hardworking and organized
 have the ability to balance academics and extra-curricular activities
 think outside the box
 love working with others
 want to promote positive change and be involved
 want to leave a legacy!
 “Bleed RED, BLACK, and WHITE” (have a lot of school spirit! )
 Want to make a difference at CMS
Please keep the following requirements in mind:
● You will need to be able to participate in activities that happen before and after school.
● If SELECTED, you are committing to being a leader for ONE school year.
● IF SELECTED, you will participate in ALL planned SALT and school spirit activities.
I understand that the responsibilities of the CMS SALT Team include:
1. To promote respect and appreciation for our school.
2. To make policies concerning student activities to build better school spirit and participation.
3. To discuss and recommend solutions to problems which concern the students of CMS.
4. To attend and actively participate in all SALT meetings and activities.
5. To maintain a 2.5 GPA each marking period (and no D’s, F’s, N’s, or U’s).
6. To model appropriate behavior at all times within the school environment.
Failure to maintain any items above will result in probationary status or removal from ASB.
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Please answer the following questions using complete sentences.
Why do you want to be a part of the SALT program? (Include leadership qualities and experiences) *
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What does "Cavalier Pride" mean to you? *
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What does the following quote mean to you: "Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others." (John Maxwell) *
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What new ideas do you hope to plan and develop for our school if you are selected? *
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As a potential SALT team member, I agree that I am committed to: *
Please have your parent/guardian review your application and type their name below signifying that they have read the rules and policies of the SALT team and grant permission for their student to apply. *
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Please type your name below signifying that you understand all of the requirements if selected for the SALT team and will work hard to promote student success at Chatham Middle School. *
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