2015 CTO Summit Series Call For Presentations


The CTO Summit Series brings together engineering leaders to connect with and learn from each other. We've had presentations from engineering leaders at companies like Twitter, Stripe, Snapchat, Coinbase, Chef, GitHub, Atlassian, MongoDB, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Groupon, Tough Mudder, CustomInk, Spotify, Amazon, Condé Nast, Computech, comScore, Australia Post, Cisco and Oracle

We’re looking for great presenters for the summit. If you’d like to present, please fill out this form. The summit is for experienced CTO’s. We’ve read the books and skimmed the blogs. We’re not looking for background, introductory material or the basics. We’re looking for hard won lessons from your experiences over the last 2-3 years. if you wouldn’t have been surprised by your own presentation two years ago it’s probably not advanced enough! There should also be actionable insights - something we can do with the information that you provide.

Topics can be anything from highly technical to pure soft-skills. If it’s something a CTO or an engineering manager would be interested in, it’s probably a fit. We often have presentations covering process, culture, hiring and managing as well as architectural and technical topics. Pick something you’re passionate about. Life’s too short to tell uninteresting stories!

I’m happy to work with you to craft the titles and abstracts if you have ideas but don’t have the perfect language or you’re not sure which topic we’d prefer. Feel free to submit multiple rough ideas and we’ll help you to pick the best talk. If you’re interested but getting writers block, ping peter@roninlabs.io and we can do a quick Skype or hangout to figure out what the coolest story might be.

Some example titles from the NY summit. Think of these as inspiration - not limitation:
- Micro-services: Lessons learned from scaling Gilt
- Unleashing our engineers
- When to throw away code
- Pair programming or pull requests
- Fast + predictable - how axial builds products
- First kill all the product owners
- Practicing failure - gamedays on the Obama campaign
- The value of volunteering
- Creating an adaptive culture
- Build it, change it, break it, fix it: shaping culture against a backdrop of rapid growth
- Competing cultures - how to interface with the rest of the business
- Finding your secret weapon in hiring
- Promoting vs. hiring engineering managers in flight

This call for paper closes for the US summits on Thursday March 12th and we’ll be announcing speakers on a rolling basis starting on Tuesday March 17th for the US summits. You can absolutely submit for the non-US events now and we will start picking speakers on a rolling basis, so even if you’d like to speak in London, Berlin or Sydney in December this would be a great time to get your submission in.

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