hardwear.io 2017 Call for Papers
Greetings Hardware hackers and security pros!!
hardwear.io is seeking innovative research on hardware security. If you have done interesting research on attacks or mitigation on any Hardware and want to showcase it to the security community, just submit your research paper. Please find all the relevant details for the submission below.
Email address
Full Name
Full name of the Author i.e. You. Please only submit if you are the author i.e. do not submit on behalf of some one else. We do not accept submissions from third party on behalf of the author
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City and Country of Residence
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Contact no.
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Submission Title
Title/Topic name of your submission
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Submission Type
Submission Category
Category of the submission from the following - New/published Research (new research or already published research), Open Source Hardware/Firmware/Tool release, Sub-event (Challenge, Recreation, workshops or Village). Please note that travel reimbursement is only provided to New research talks.
Time Required
Time Required in minutes including Q & A - Talks - 30/45/60 mins, Workshops - 120 mins or Sub-events - 120-240 mins
Submission Orientation
Whether the talk is offensive, defensive or both.
If it's a Talk, can it be converted into a Workshop/Village?
Type of Sub-event?
If you answered Sub-event under Submission category. Please specify what kind of sub-event is it, from the below options.
Already submitted/Published?
Have you already presented/submitted/published partly or wholly (or will you be doing) prior to hardwear.io 2017? If the answer is Yes, travel reimbursement will not be provided i.e. we will provide only complementary accommodation during the conference
Previous Submission details
If the above answer (Already submitted/Published) is Yes i.e. it is already presented/submitted/published prior to hardwear.io 2017? where? And how is this submission different?
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Are you releasing
Status of vulnerability disclosure
Please describe where you are in the vulnerability disclosure process with the vendors (only if you are releasing a zero day or something that affects currently deployed hardware) and whether you would be able to talk about it at the conference. If it is not applicable to your submission, kindly mention NA
Your answer
Patent Status
Please describe the status of your patent (if you are submitting an open source hardware/technique or algorithm). If it is not applicable to your submission, kindly mention NA
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Live Demos
Are there any live demonstrations? If yes, how many? And provide details of the demos. Please note we prefer talks/workshops with live demos.
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Please provide an abstract of the submission. This will be published on the website if your submission is accepted
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Full Technical details
Please provide full technical details of the submission. This should not be a copy of the abstract. Please note the more in-depth details you provide, the better it will be for the reviewers to understand the capabilities of your submission. Use this to describe the technical details of your work. This is only for the reviewers and will not be published on the website.
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Brief Profile
Brief profile of the Author i.e. About the Author
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Key takeways
Please specify atleast 3 key takeaways, from your submission, for the audience.
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Do you have source code, full technical paper or any other technical document to submit along with your submission? If yes, then please say check "Yes (will email)" and send it to cfp <at> hardwear DOT io with the Subject: CFP 2017 <Your Submission Title>
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