Common Sense Education and PAUSD Parent Technology Education: Connecting Families Survey
They survey is adapted from Common Sense Education with the intention of getting feedback to best tailor our PAUSD event to meet the needs of the PAUSD community. This survey is anonymous. Thank you for your time.
1. Will you attend: *
2. This event is for adults only, due to possible adult content. Will you need child care? *
3. Will you require a translator? *
4. What grade(s) are your children in? *
5. Which topics have you had a conversation about at home between adults and children? (Check all that apply)
6. Which topics would you like more information or help with? (Check all that apply)
7. Check all boxes next to the content you already have family rules or guidelines for...
8. In your home, do parents/guardians look at kids' social media accounts?
9. What concerns you MOST about today's digital world?
10. What excites you MOST about today's digital world?
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