WBC | YOF Application Form 2017-2018
1. How to Apply

- Talk it through with your friends and adult sponsor who are going to support you

- Read through the following guidelines to help you

- Attend a Funding Factory to chat through your idea with the YOF Panel. They will help you to write a winning application!

- Complete this application form - Be as specific and to the point as you can. We like Bullet Points!

If you have any questions, please speak to:

Tiffany Brown, Lead Participation Officer
Email: yof@wandsworth.gov.uk or tbrown1@wandsworth.gov.uk
Call: 020 8871 8530 or 0751 1942396

2. Important Dates to Remember!

There are 4 YOF funding rounds

Please ensure you keep the presentation evening time and date FREE.

All presentation evenings will be held at: Training and Resource Centre, Alma Road, Wandsworth, SW18 1AQ

Please note, these dates are all Mondays


YOF Funding factory - 20th February, 5.30 - 7.30pm @ Training and Resource Centre, SW18 1AQ

Deadline for YOF application submission - 6th March, 5pm

YOF Presentation Panel - 20th March, 5.30pm - 8pm

Decisions Announced -10th April


Funding Factory: 8 May, 5.30 - 7.30pm @ Roehampton Base, SW15 4DQ

Deadline for YOF application submission: 15th May, 5pm

YOF Presentation Panel: 12 June, 5.30pm - 8pm

Decisions Announced: 26th June


Funding Factory: 11th September, 5.30 - 7.30pm @ Caius House, SW11 3RL

Deadline for YOF application submission: 18th September, 5pm

YOF Presentation Panel: 9th October, 5.30pm - 8pm

Decisions Announced: 23rd October

Round 4

Funding Factory: 30th October, 5.30-7.30pm @ Training and Resource Centre, Alma Road, SW18 1AQ

Deadline for Applications: 6th November, 5pm

Presentation Panel: 27th November, 5.30pm - 8pm

Decisions Announced: 11th December

YOF Guidance Notes & Rules
The YOF panel wants to grant (give) money to benefit as many groups of young people as possible.

We want to make the application process as easy as possible.

Funding Factories

The YOF Panel wants to help you access the grant.

We are running 4 Funding Factories to support you.

We STRONGLY encourage you to attend a Funding Factory.

We have found that young people who attend a Funding Factory are more likely to have their YOF application succeed. Last year there was 90% success rate from those who attended Funding Factories.

What can YOF Fund?

1. Equipment and resources including IT and camping equipment
2. Activities and projects or events including residential and transport
3. Refurbishment and small building works
4. Start up costs

What can't YOF Fund?

1. Young people to start up a business
2. Any activities that aim to make a profit, unless it is to put back into youth activities
3. Projects that only benefit those who are applying
4. Trips abroad
5. Staff costs over £15/hour, not including specialist staff/tutors
6. Management Costs
7. YOF are not able to fund projects or works in schools that could reasonably be expected to be funded by the school themselves

YOF Rules (Tick the boxes to make sure you have read and understood the YOF rules) *
Finance Rules (Tick the boxes to ensure we know you have read and understood the rules) *
What are the YOF panel looking for?
YOF applications will be marked against the following criteria:

1. Has the idea come from young people?
2. Will the project work?
3. Is the project value for money? What is the cost per person? is it sustainable?
4. Is the idea new or innovative?
5. Will the project help an under represented or disadvantaged group? Or does the project address an area of need in Wandsworth?
6.Have the panel got all the information they need to make a decision?

What should I expect on presentation night?

The YOF panel has a standard set of questions they will ask you. These questions are:

1. How were young people involved in creating the idea?
2. How will young people be involved in running and evaluating the project?
3. Talk us though the budget and your reasoning for what you are asking for?
4. What are your plans for the future of this project?

The panel may also have some additional questions for you, based on your application.

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