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What is the best type of device to convert a hand drawn image to a digital format?
What happens to a pixelated image?
What type of image uses mathematical formulas in the storage of its data?
Which of the following is an example of a lossless file type?
What has the most effect on the number of colours that an image can contain?
Which of the following images requires the least storage?
What are filters placed on image documents for?
A graphic type where the image can be rescaled freely is
Which of the following file formats is used for the production of andvanced images combining vector and bitmapped:
A graphic file is the following dimensions: 2,048 x 4,500. What resolution camera was this taken with?
The following is a vector format file:
The two graphic image formats JPEG and GIF are used in web pages. They are best suited to
Which of the following is the law covering the Intellectual property of designs:
Which of the following is a place to find images you can use within your work waiving copyright:
Which of the following statements best describes copyright?
Image files that are lossless mean:
A drawing needs to be input into a computer for editing in a vector format. What is the most appropriate input device?
Which of the following best describes lossy compression?
Which of the following best describes a PNG?
What image manipulation technique has been applied to the image above?
The first graphic below has been blown up to generate the second graphic. What type of graphic is it?
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