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Submission DateBuilding or AreaRoom # or Area DescriptionDescribe the details of the maintenance issue or needDoes the issue described above pose a safety risk?Was a maintenance report previously submitted in the past 30 days for the same issue in the same area described above?Was the previous issue resolved or fixed after the previous report?Name of person submitting this reportSTATUSAdditional note(s)
07-27-2016 11:27:23Throop ElementaryConference RoomElectric needed in ceiling for mounted projectorNoNoAlan Rutherford
09-14-2016 12:11:01Throop ElementaryGymWireless antenna installed on the gym wall outside the storage room by concession stand.NoNoTyler Kumpf
10-11-2016 09:21:00Athletic FacilityStorm Grate at Girl's Softball / Band Field EntranceThere is a storm grate (next to the band semi-trailer) near the entrance to the Girls Softball Field / Band Field area. I have never given it too much thought - but the rebar is exposed and poses a great risk to anyone who would trip and fall on it (could be fatal). Our band parents pointed this out. I'll send pictures to Mr. Brewster & Mr. Hammond (no place to attach on this form). Perhaps we could weld a flat piece of metal over the top of the rebar? That's all that would need to be done. Another question - is this a PCSC responsibility or a Town of Paoli responsibility? Thanks - BillYesNoBill LaughlinIn Progressdoug elliots class is making a cover 1/3/17
01-24-2017 12:42:59Jr-Sr High SchoolOutside Auxiliary GymReplace exterior light outside gym/auditorium entrance.YesNoKyle NeukamCompletedwill be repaired over summer break
03-29-2017 15:10:03Jr-Sr High School117The outlet in the back corner of my room does not work.NoNoScott Gudorf
04-18-2017 12:36:14Athletic FacilityOutsideJason when you have time, I have a wireless access point I need mounted on the football locker pointing to the HS, and wire(s) run into the building.NoNoAlan Rutherford
04-24-2017 20:00:05Jr-Sr High SchoolRoom 303 upper large middle windowWindow has sustained a large crack.NoNoJT RichardsCompletedgoing to get replaced over summer
05-02-2017 9:53:24Throop Elementaryon the wall to the left and in the front of the roomI would like the projector screen removed from the wall and all of the maps removed from the front of the room! Thank you so much!NoNoBecky BlackburnCompleted
05-04-2017 10:28:34Jr-Sr High School301My key gets stuck in my lock and is really hard to get out.NoNoDanelle ManshipCompleted
05-04-2017 12:34:14Throop ElementarygYMSometime before the end of school, retrieving all the balls caught in the ceiling on the rafters.NoNoTyler KumpfCompleted
05-08-2017 10:44:59Throop ElementaryPlaygroundBridge on playground equipment has collapsed on one side.YesNoAmanda CrewsCompleted
05-10-2017 12:44:46Jr-Sr High SchoolHS Boys' Locker Room ShowersWater is unbearably hot. Students can not shower water is so hot. Kevin cleaned drains out the best he could, but drains were reported not working the best either.YesNoKyle NeukamCompleted
05-11-2017 12:38:15Throop ElementaryDoor 5 by bus lotDoor is not closing and latching properly.YesNoWes WhitfieldCompleted
05-11-2017 12:40:12Throop ElementaryRamp in 5th grade hallwayThe rubber threshold came lose. We removed it to prevent a tripping hazard. Threshold is in the boiler room. Needs cleaned and replaced.NoNoWes WhitfieldCompleted
05-15-2017 5:18:18Throop Elementarydish roomThe hand sink runs all the time, it wont shut off, also the drain pipes under the sink are leaking. not able to wash hands.YesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
05-15-2017 5:20:27Jr-Sr High SchoolkitchenThe lights on the hood over the ovens needs to be cleaned third request for this to be done. dirt is getting into the food.YesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
05-15-2017 6:26:51Jr-Sr High SchoolkitchenIce machine is not working at all we have no ice.YesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
05-16-2017 8:11:53Athletic FacilityFootball ComplexThere are weeds growing around the bottom set of bricks at the entrance to the football field. Please spray and get rid of these weeds.NoNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
05-16-2017 9:00:40Throop Elementary3rd and 4th grade workroom bathroomThis restroom is so disgusting. I don't think the floor has been mopped for months. I hate to even walk in their. Hopefully, the janitor who is in charge of taking care of this can be notified. Thank you!NoNoPerkins/ CondraCompleted
05-16-2017 11:29:26Throop Elementaryplaygrounda student jumped on a limb and partially broke it away from the tree. It needs to be completely removed. It is located near the back of the playground area.YesNoWes WhitfieldCompleted
05-17-2017 8:55:14Throop ElementaryGirls' 3/4th grade restroom2 clogged sinksNoNoAmber BlankenbakerCompleted
05-18-2017 9:46:39Throop ElementaryMrs. Perkins 3rd grade room 75Air has been out all morning. I know a lot is going on. It is probably a quick fix. The kids are complaining how hot it is. We are sweating pretty good ourselves. It would be appreciated if it could be looked out asap. Thank you.NoNoPerkins/CondraCompleted
05-18-2017 9:48:36Throop Elementary75- Shari PerkinsAir not working- 76 degrees in roomNoYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedAmber BlankenbakerCompleted
05-18-2017 11:59:59Jr-Sr High School124Classroom is very warm. NOT good since students are taking finals today and tomorrow.NoNoMrs. WyattCompleted
05-18-2017 12:09:39Throop ElementaryPerkins 3rd grade room 75Reported this already. Joe came up and reset the air unit 2 times and only worked 10 minutes both times. Joe thinks it may need Freon since it went off both times?NoNoPerkins/CondraCompleted
05-18-2017 12:42:43Jr-Sr High SchoolRm. 111The temperature in my room has been WONDERFUL, but the past couple days it has been hot and steamy. I know there is just one more day to go, but maybe it is an easy fix? It was working before.NoNoWishartCompleted
05-18-2017 14:15:48Jr-Sr High School223Thermostat was knocked off the wall and is broken. Is currently sitting on my desk.

Student was throwing away trash and hit it with the back of his head.
NoNoStacy BakerCompleted
05-19-2017 6:56:57Throop Elementarylibraryinstall projector on ceilingNoNoChris Comingore
05-19-2017 12:33:50Throop Elementary79 Mrs. Hall 4th gradeKidney shaped tables have wheels that aren't attached and fall off frequently, smashing students' toes.YesNoMallory HallCompleted
05-22-2017 8:33:09Throop Elementary106 Mrs. Foster's ClassroomIf available, I would like to have the same kind of window shades that Mrs. Baker had in her 6th grade classroom (Room 104).NoNoKaren FosterParts On Order (See approx. date in next column)
05-22-2017 8:58:17Throop ElementaryJ. Matheny ClassroomRemove Chalkboard please.NoNoJ. MathenyCompleted
05-22-2017 9:36:29Throop Elementary107broken handle on drawer file (bottom left) on low, orange cabinetNoNoSandi SearsCompleted
05-22-2017 9:52:34Throop Elementaryacross from Rm102Please remove the plastic hanging strip and the brackets screwed into wall.NoNoLinda ThomasCompleted
05-22-2017 10:16:55Throop ElementaryHarkness - 203Several lights are out, light covers falling down, seam in carpet unraveling.NoNoSara HarknessCompleted
05-22-2017 12:10:03Throop ElementarytesttestNoNotestCompleted
05-22-2017 12:16:19Throop Elementary21coat hook needs reattached to wall. It is taped to the wall.

electrical strips to charge tablets mounted to wall. They can be mounted where they are not located.

LCD projector moved forward by one ceiling tile length. to improve space in room and amount of information displayed on screen

bottom shelf added to unfinished wood shelf located an the front of room and then painted white if possible

Projector screen removed
NoNoDebbie WilsonCompleted
05-22-2017 12:49:19Throop ElementaryRm 26The deadbolt lock does not turn properly most of the time to the locked position. This is the only way we can lock our door. We are adjoined by another room which puts them at risk as well.YesNoCrystal EubankCompleted
05-23-2017 8:33:07Throop ElementaryPicnic tablesWe have three picnic tables back by the tennis courts and building that need a second coat of paint. The paint is in the boiler room.NoNoWes WhitfieldCompleted
05-23-2017 19:49:09Athletic FacilitySoftball press boxNeed a light put in the softball press box. Everything is ready just need a light.YesNoDarek Newkirk
05-23-2017 20:06:26Athletic FacilitySoftball press boxNeed a light put in the softball press box. Everything is ready just need a light.YesNoDarek Newkirk
05-30-2017 9:39:04Throop ElementaryLeigha BechtA/C Unit isn't working properly. Please fix before summer school on June 5th.YesNoWes WhitfieldCompleted
06-07-2017 7:14:05Jr-Sr High SchoolHS OfficeMount AED cabinet to wall. See Mr. Neukam for location.NoNoKyle NeukamCompleted
06-07-2017 9:55:01Jr-Sr High SchoolSuperintendent's Office Ladies RestroomThe faucet in the ladies restroom sink continues to drip after being shut off.NoNoCindy Eubank
06-12-2017 7:10:31Throop ElementaryRM 86My old air conditioner has finally bit the dust. The maintenance staff working across the hall checked it for me. They said it keeps flipping the breaker so it must have a short. I would like to have this air conditioner replaced please!!NoNoCrystal ShellenbergerParts On Order (See approx. date in next column)
06-12-2017 14:57:57LRCC, SCASEC - UPPER BUILDINGthe back portion of our office spaceThe air conditioning is not working.......NoNoAmy L. BollingerCompleted
06-19-2017 7:26:34Throop Elementary75AC is not workingNoNoS. PerkinsCompleted
06-20-2017 7:25:06Throop ElementarykitchenHand sink in dish room is leaking a steady stream is flowing, when we came in this morning it had leaked enough water it was out by the serving line.YesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
06-21-2017 7:45:28Athletic FacilitySoftball FieldWe need the softball fence taken down for band camp to start. That needs to be done by July 6th. The line painter needs to be brought to the storage shed for the band. Also the spigot needs to be turned on up there if it has not been already. Thanks.NoNoChad JohnsonCompleted
06-22-2017 10:31:54Throop Elementary204A/C isn't working again. Started getting warm yesterday afternoon.NoYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againDebbie StarrCompleted
07-13-2017 8:26:16Athletic FacilityFootball BuildingThe ice machine needs to be looked at. Not making enough ice.YesNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
07-13-2017 8:27:39Athletic FacilityFootball BuildingWater color is brown coming out of the faucets. If you let run a little sometimes the brown color goes away but not all the time. Please check ASAP.YesNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
07-13-2017 10:37:30Jr-Sr High SchoolHS boys and girls locker roomsThe paint on the floors are starting to peel. Some spots are down a couple layers. The floors are really starting to look badNoNoPam MintonCompleted
07-17-2017 17:13:26Throop ElementaryMrs. Matheny's roomThe air condition is leaking from the bottom. Quite a lot of water is coming out. I have trays collecting the water where it is leaking. It only leaks when the air condition is running.YesNoJessica MathenyCompleted
07-18-2017 10:31:34Jr-Sr High School107The lock turns green, you can turn the handle but door will not open.NoNoStacie DurbinCompleted
07-20-2017 5:42:36Jr-Sr High SchoolWeight Room (Balsmeyer)Air Conditioning not runningNoNoBrian BalsmeyerCompleted
07-21-2017 14:44:40Throop ElementaryRoom 101 McGowenThere is a crack running along the left side of the windows. It is a 1/4" wide in some places. You can stick a yardstick through it, and it will go outside! It has about an inch of caulk around the window. I'd say in this heat, it has caused it to pull away.YesNoJodi McGowenCompleted
07-26-2017 10:16:03Throop Elementary80I need electric run in the ceiling for projector to the EAST wall.NoNoLiana Baker
07-26-2017 12:41:48Throop Elementary100Classroom door will not shut on its own power. Dead bolt comes out and prevents door from closing.YesNoDerrick SchmaltzCompleted
07-26-2017 19:32:06Jr-Sr High School215If possible, move the projector to the other white board.NoNoNancy SchultzCompleted
07-31-2017 10:48:51Athletic FacilityTennis CourtsThere is a torn net at the tennis courts. This need to be replaced. There is as new net in my office (Mr. Newkirk's office).YesNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
07-31-2017 14:57:02Jr-Sr High SchoolWeight roomAC not workingNoYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBalsmeyerCompleted
08-01-2017 11:11:54Throop Elementary56Lock is off of my door and needs to be fixed before students arrive on Thursday. If auto lock cannot be replaced by then perhaps a key to use until part comes in??YesNoAllie McDonaldCompleted
08-01-2017 12:37:40Throop Elementary53Need one more student desk and chairNoNoStephany CarrCompleted
08-01-2017 13:14:54Throop Elementary201The heating/air unit is making vibration & squeaking sounds. It reminds me of being in a jet. This has been worked on before.
Please help. Mr. Whitfield doesn't come into my room because of the noise.

ALSO... my new door lock is not working properly. The bolt stays out and doesn't let the door close.
NoNoPaula MathersCompleted
08-01-2017 18:45:18Throop Elementaryplaygroundall equipment needs cleaned. Some in need of repair. Many swings unusable. Mulch needs spread. Many bare spots.YesNoDebbie WilsonCompleted
08-02-2017 9:03:37Throop Elementarynurse's office1) automatic toilet is not flushing automatically. Manual button must be pushed to flush toilet.

2) paint is still peeling from vent on ceiling and dropping onto floor over by bathroom.(fixed last year)
NoNoLisa Tapp
08-02-2017 13:04:36Throop ElementaryFootball field shelter areaI need a light mounted on the front and back of the shelter house at the football field. The back light is more important because of the grilling area.YesNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
08-02-2017 13:06:18Athletic FacilityFootball Field ShelterAt the back of the shelter house there is a board that sticks up and serves no purpose. Many people have tripped and feel because of this board. I would like this board removed by the start of football season.YesNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
08-03-2017 12:15:56Throop Elementary202Air conditioning will not blow cold airNoNoJohn LynchCompleted
08-04-2017 7:39:16Throop ElementaryMrs. Perkins room 75Air isn't working again!NoYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againMrs. PerkinsCompleted
08-04-2017 7:42:11Throop ElementaryKITCHENGARBAGE DISP. IS NOT WORKINGYesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
08-06-2017 19:14:08Jr-Sr High School115/StudioI have five plaques that need to be hung in my room and the studio.NoNoHeather Nichols
08-07-2017 11:47:34Athletic FacilityFootball Bleachers and football areaBleachers need to be sprayed for wasps and hornets.

Also, is there any way that we could get the bleachers washed off? Power washed maybe? Certain spots are very dirty and nasty.
YesNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
08-08-2017 9:58:52Jr-Sr High School121A/C - room is warm, other classrooms and building areas are cool.NoNoJason PoeCompleted
08-08-2017 15:33:02Jr-Sr High School#224 (old jr. high lab)The door will not latch. I tried numerous times and it just doesn't latch.NoNoJT RichardsCompleted
08-09-2017 7:10:40Jr-Sr High School117Back outlet by the window is still not working. I reported this back on March 29thNoYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedGudorf
08-09-2017 7:11:14Throop Elementary80Power needs ran in the ceiling to move my projector. Denise England knows specifics.NoYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedLiana Baker
08-09-2017 7:12:59Throop Elementary80name tag outside of my door keeps falling offNoNoLiana BakerCompleted
08-09-2017 9:37:04Throop Elementary6th Grade Boys' RestroomStall was missing a screw/bolt on the right upper bar that attaches the stall to the wall, causing the entire structure to be mobile. Mrs. Crews placed a bolt in it temporarily but it will need attention.YesNoAmanda CrewsCompleted
08-09-2017 21:06:48Throop Elementary1st Grade HallwayThe receptacles on the wall on both sides of the janitorial closet and in the restroom in RM #15NoNoJT Richards
08-10-2017 6:35:05Throop ElementarykitchenFreezer fans are freezing upYesYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againBrenda EdwardsCompleted
08-10-2017 7:48:18Throop Elementary29 Mrs. HollandMy door will not latch without pulling the door shut. Students have a difficult time remembering to do this so my door is unlatched several times throughout the day. I had Jason fix the latch but he never came back to fix the hinges.YesNoElisha HollandCompleted
08-10-2017 8:06:11Throop ElementaryRoom 74 and Studio DoorBoth areas have doors that are failing to latch. It was noticed during our lockdown drill this morning.YesNoAmanda CrewsCompleted
08-10-2017 8:10:51Throop ElementaryRm 71Window shade broken. Completely unrolled, won't roll back up.NoNoDaria HallParts On Order (See approx. date in next column)
08-10-2017 9:01:35Jr-Sr High SchoolFront foyerThe door next to the buzzer is not closing. Any time someone walks out it stays propped openYesNoPam MintonCompleted
08-10-2017 9:10:25Throop ElementaryGirls water fountain in the 3rd 4th grade hallwayIt hasn't worked since school started to my knowledge. Not sure if it has been reported. It causes a lot of extra time getting back to the classroom. The line is very long. Would be nice to see that fixed.NoNoPerkins/Condra
08-10-2017 10:22:50Jr-Sr High School127our room is ery cold.NoNoMrs. CraneCompleted
08-10-2017 10:27:19Throop Elementary62I turned off the air conditioner 3 days ago and it smelled better and the room didn't feel as damp. I just turned it on again and it's definitely the air conditioner that causes the bad odor. I could smell that same odor the room had this summer coming from the air conditioner after I turned it back on today.

I would also like the purple bulletin board moved over to the wall between the windows behind my desk.
NoNoHolly Vincent
08-10-2017 12:21:51Throop Elementary80Blinds have broken, two of them.
Many of them are very difficult to have go up and down. I need to be easily able to move them up and down during a Lock Down drill
YesNoLiana BakerParts On Order (See approx. date in next column)
08-11-2017 7:43:00Throop Elementarydish roomin the hand sink, in the dish room the water is running it cannot be shut off. we are going to have a flood.YesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
08-14-2017 6:49:02Athletic FacilityBleachers (Football)The home bleachers need to be sprayed for wasps again. Areas are 3 to 4 rows in front of the press box. Another area is halfway up the stairs on the left right along the steps up.YesYesIt was sprayed, but now there are new areas that need sprayed.Darek NewkirkCompleted
08-14-2017 6:51:01Athletic FacilityFence and area beneath home bleachersReports from Friday night that the fence under the home bleachers need some attention. I have not had time to look at it, but it was described as being unsafe. Please check area an make sure that the gate is locked so kids can't get under the bleachers.YesNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
08-14-2017 6:52:30Athletic FacilityFootball fieldThe football staff would like another line painted on our sideline to help keep the players back from the field.NoNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
08-14-2017 9:41:00Throop Elementarygirls kindergarten restroomThere is a stall that needs batteriesNoNodpoe/debbie starrCompleted
08-15-2017 9:58:25Throop ElementaryExterior DoorThe exterior door between the third and fourth grade hallways, which leads out to the bus lot, is not latching when closedYesNoMary MagnerCompleted
08-16-2017 9:20:10Throop ElementaryKindergarten girls restroomIt smells like urine.NoNoAllie McDonaldCompleted
08-16-2017 11:25:48Jr-Sr High School124Room is very warm. The AC doesn't appear to be working/on.NoNoRachel WyattCompletedchiller was down is now up and running
08-17-2017 6:46:14Throop Elementary76AC unit will not click off even if co2 levels are low. Humidity is 80% this morning and co2 is 692. Is set on auto. My papers are wet. It's constantly blowing out wet air regardless of the temperature setting.NoYesIt's ongoingTerri Wolfington