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Submission DateBuilding or AreaRoom # or Area DescriptionDescribe the details of the maintenance issue or needDoes the issue described above pose a safety risk?Was a maintenance report previously submitted in the past 30 days for the same issue in the same area described above?Was the previous issue resolved or fixed after the previous report?Name of person submitting this reportSTATUSAdditional note(s)
07-27-2016 11:27:23Throop ElementaryConference RoomElectric needed in ceiling for mounted projectorNoNoAlan RutherfordCompleted
09-14-2016 12:11:01Throop ElementaryGymWireless antenna installed on the gym wall outside the storage room by concession stand.NoNoTyler KumpfCompleted
10-11-2016 09:21:00Athletic FacilityStorm Grate at Girl's Softball / Band Field EntranceThere is a storm grate (next to the band semi-trailer) near the entrance to the Girls Softball Field / Band Field area. I have never given it too much thought - but the rebar is exposed and poses a great risk to anyone who would trip and fall on it (could be fatal). Our band parents pointed this out. I'll send pictures to Mr. Brewster & Mr. Hammond (no place to attach on this form). Perhaps we could weld a flat piece of metal over the top of the rebar? That's all that would need to be done. Another question - is this a PCSC responsibility or a Town of Paoli responsibility? Thanks - BillYesNoBill LaughlinIn Progressdoug elliots class is making a cover 1/3/17
05-19-2017 6:56:57Throop Elementarylibraryinstall projector on ceilingNoNoChris ComingoreCompletedneed mount ordered sent request to tech director
06-12-2017 7:10:31Throop ElementaryRM 86My old air conditioner has finally bit the dust. The maintenance staff working across the hall checked it for me. They said it keeps flipping the breaker so it must have a short. I would like to have this air conditioner replaced please!!NoNoCrystal ShellenbergerCompleted
08-21-2017 8:29:01Throop Elementary20The air conditioner is not working. It is blowing hot air.NoNoLaura LineCompleted
09-08-2017 12:10:10Athletic FacilityExternal AntennaI have external antenna and pole I need help mounting onto athletic facility for wifi.NoNoAlan RutherfordCompleted
10-12-2017 9:08:15Throop ElementaryLight on Throop Dock areaThe light above the dock area is out.YesNoWes WhitfieldCompleted
01-04-2018 9:33:49Jr-Sr High School303No heat. 53 degrees.NoYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedS. HudelsonCompleted
01-04-2018 10:21:00Jr-Sr High School301Room still an icebox, my thermometer says it is 56 in here....we are cold!NoYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedDanelle ManshipCompleted
01-05-2018 9:42:43Throop Elementary107Heat - Thermostat is set to 85 and room temp is 54NoNoSandi SearsCompletedworking on boiler
01-05-2018 9:42:53Throop Elementary20Room temperature is showing 40 degreesYesNoLaura LineCompletedworking on boiler
01-05-2018 10:42:23Throop Elementary102Little/no heat. Thermostat is on 85. Window shades are pulled to help stop drafts. There is a strong cold downdraft around by desk (not near windows). Could there be a vent open on the roof??NoNoLinda ThomasCompletedworking on boiler
01-05-2018 11:02:37Throop Elementary71room is coldNoNoFran WoolstonCompletedworking on boiler
01-05-2018 13:52:38Jr-Sr High SchoolWeight RoomNo heat.YesNoBrian WilsonCompleted
01-08-2018 12:19:13Jr-Sr High School214Drawer front on utility drawer has come off in the purple kitchen, next to the stove.YesNoDeborah AndryCompleted
01-08-2018 12:19:19Throop Elementary53Heater blowing out cool airNoNoStephany CarrCompletedworking on boiler
01-19-2018 11:05:59Jr-Sr High SchoolRoom 204NO HEAT! I have a temperature gauge and it has remained at 60. The temperature is set at 82 and there is NO HEAT in the room.NoYesIt quit as soon as it was fixed the last time within 3 class periodsAmy TuellCompleted
01-19-2018 11:44:47Jr-Sr High School303Still no heat. 54 when I arrived at school.NoYesPart has been ordered???S. HudelsonCompletedparts are ordered should be here next week
01-19-2018 13:12:55Throop ElementaryCounselor's OfficeI have no heat. Do we have an approved space heater I can use?NoNoMary MagnerCompleted
01-21-2018 15:00:39Jr-Sr High SchoolTV StudioOur show lights have stopped working -- not sure if maybe a fuse is blown? They stopped working 1/11NoNoHeather NicholsCompleted
01-22-2018 8:34:23Throop ElementaryDebbie Starr-kindergartenThere is no heat in her room.NoNodpoe/debbie starrCompleted
01-22-2018 8:37:59Throop Elementary56The heat is not working in the rooms in this hallway.NoNoallie mcdonaldCompleted
01-22-2018 8:58:29Throop ElementarykitchenToliet wont flush rightYesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
01-22-2018 9:39:47Throop ElementaryRoom #105 - Wells - 6th GradeBlind fell from brackets.
This is a safety issue if we are in a State of Alert of Lockdown.
YesNoMarsha WellsCompleted
01-22-2018 11:50:45Jr-Sr High School223My room is 79... started at 78, please HELP!!NoNoStacy BakerCompleted
01-24-2018 6:06:17Jr-Sr High Schoolkitchenthe dish machine is leakingYesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
01-24-2018 8:21:23Jr-Sr High SchoolWeight RoomBoys bathroom sink and toiletNoNoBrian WilsonCompleted
01-25-2018 18:40:47Jr-Sr High SchoolHigh School Girls RestroomThe very last toilet is still not working. I think that Jake had told me that he has done a lot of work to it and it still doesn't work rightNoNoJT RichardsCompleted
01-25-2018 18:42:24Jr-Sr High SchoolHigh School BoysRestroomThe second urinal doesn't work. Jake told me that he has replaced everything he knows to replace and it still doesn't work.NoYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againJT RichardsCompleted
01-25-2018 18:50:38Jr-Sr High SchoolJr. High Boys RestroomThe first toilet leaks around the base when flushed. I shut the water off to it.NoNoJT RichardsCompletedtoilet on order
01-29-2018 7:46:48Throop Elementaryspecial ed wing- in front room #44Half of the ceiling tile fell on the floor and half is still hanging in the ceiling.YesNostacey lee/dpoeCompleted
01-29-2018 9:54:14Throop Elementarymusic room (113)I have a solid wood door. I would like to high a peep hole so that I can see who is at the door before opening it. A hotel-style peep hole would be the best, so that I can see out but people can't see in my room.YesNoB.J. CrowderCompleted
01-29-2018 15:32:38Jr-Sr High School214we have no hot water for our cooking labs.YesNoDeborah AndryCompleted
01-30-2018 14:25:17Jr-Sr High SchoolGirls bathroom next to senior hallwayHandicap stall needs fixed
Dirty tiles need to be replaced in the entry way
Walls need cleaned under the hand dryers
YesNoDarek NewkirkCompleted
01-31-2018 8:21:36Throop Elementarykitchensteam kettle is not getting hotYesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
02-01-2018 12:30:06Jr-Sr High SchoolMain GymVery bad septic smell coming from locker rooms.NoNoBrian WilsonCompleted
02-05-2018 10:04:45Throop Elementary53Heat not workingNoYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againStephany CarrCompletedwas working on air compressor for the heat this morning
02-05-2018 10:59:32Throop ElementaryGirls' Kindergarten RestroomLast stall will not flushNoNoAmber BlankenbakerCompleted
02-06-2018 9:28:20Throop ElementaryMusic Room HallwayWater fountain has no pressureNoNoAmber BlankenbakerCompleted
02-09-2018 11:51:38Jr-Sr High School223Room temperature is about 78 degrees unless I turn on the air conditioning.NoYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedStacy BakerCompleted
02-14-2018 12:21:42Throop ElementaryRoom 76Window is leaking bad.NoNoTerri WolfingtonCompleted
02-15-2018 7:22:19Jr-Sr High Schoolkitchendish machine the drain is stopped upYesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
02-15-2018 9:11:41Throop Elementary204My room is cold. Even though I have turned the thermostat up it is blowing cool air.NoYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againDebbie StarrCompleted
02-21-2018 9:43:05Throop Elementarykitchenthe out side door will not close,(red door)NoNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
02-21-2018 9:43:29Throop Elementarykitchenthe heater in the store room needs to be shut offNoNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
02-26-2018 8:11:07Jr-Sr High Schoolkitchengarbage disp. wont come onYesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
02-26-2018 9:01:48Jr-Sr High School301No heat, it is blowing out cool air. We are cold.NoNoDanelle ManshipCompleted
02-28-2018 13:13:43LRCC, SCASEC - UPPER BUILDINGFront officeToilet stopped up in restroom off the front lobby. Water has been turned off.NoNoNAOMI HEINZCompleted
03-02-2018 10:37:06Throop ElementaryKITCHENTHE DRYER VENT HAS A HOLE IN ITYesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
03-06-2018 10:15:31Throop ElementaryThe teachers lounge at the end of the hall down 3rd/4th grade hallwayThe toilet doesn't want to flush good. Takes several times to flush. Needs immediate attention. Has been doing this for at least 3 weeks.NoNoPerkins/CondraCompleted
03-06-2018 10:16:38Throop ElementaryStaff restroom between the boy's & girl's 3rd & 4th grade restrooms.Toilet is not flushing properly.NoNoPaula MathersCompleted
03-06-2018 10:20:19Jr-Sr High SchoolHigh School Weight RoomGirls bathroom toilet will not flushNoNoBrian WilsonCompleted
03-07-2018 7:50:03Jr-Sr High Schoolkitchenthe garbage disp.. is not working againYesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
03-07-2018 7:50:29Throop Elementarykitchenthe red out side door is brokenYesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
03-07-2018 14:50:35Throop ElementaryPlaygroundNorth of the equipment with the black pads - There's one screw/spike that holds the wood down that is sticking up about 2 inches. I actually caught my shoe on it not noticing it.
Also, landscaping cloth is loose & up in the front of that. Someone could trip so easily.
YesNoPaula MathersCompleted
03-08-2018 10:17:23Throop Elementary207 Mrs. Neukam's roomLight bulbs needed; I have two lights (4 light bulbs) completely out above my "carpet area". One light bulb is out in front of room near the front white board.NoNoVirginia NeukamCompleted
03-09-2018 8:04:36Throop ElementaryExit 4There is a broken door stop on the exterior doors.NoNoJohn LynchCompleted
03-09-2018 8:05:33Throop ElementaryRoom 202Broken door stopNoNoJohn LynchCompleted
03-09-2018 10:15:13Jr-Sr High SchoolAuditorium Exit door #5The door closing mechanism above the East half of Door #5 has come loose. I have tried replacing the screws - but the aluminum casing is stripped out. We are down to one (1) screw - once that is gone - the door will not close & secure. Right now - the door will rotate the mechanism, preventing closure - we will come by and find the door propped open, simply from a student/adult walking through.YesYesThis was reported 6 months ago - I tried to fix it myself, but it needs better skills than mine.Bill LaughlinCompleted
03-12-2018 11:09:59Throop Elementaryoutside room 102The gutter continual pours water down onto the air conditioner making a lot of noise that students are complaining about during testing. I've reported this problem every year for at least 5 years and it has yet to be resolved.NoNoLinda ThomasCompleted
03-12-2018 11:36:07Throop Elementarysixth grade hallFollowing the most recent rain half a dozen wet spots have appeared on the ceiling tiles from Mr. Fahey's room down to the music roomNoNoLinda ThomasCompleted
03-13-2018 6:43:47Throop Elementary53 - s. Carr's ClassroomClassroom Door won't lockYesYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againStephany CarrCompleted
03-13-2018 9:11:35Jr-Sr High SchoolHigh School Weight RoomBoy bathroom toilet won't flushNoNoBrian WilsonCompleted
03-14-2018 13:35:26Throop Elementaryred door that goes out to playground from 1st grade hallnot scanning badgesYesNoDebbie WilsonCompleted
03-15-2018 19:15:03Jr-Sr High SchoolWeight RoomThe door that goes out to the hall will not lock. Mr. Johnson brought it to my attention. I tried to lock it but it wouldn't. It makes a clicking noise like it is locking but it isn'tYesNoJT RichardsParts On Order (See approx. date in next column)will have lock on 5-20-18
03-15-2018 19:16:47Jr-Sr High SchoolWeight Room Boys RestroomThe toilet and urinal both are short flushing. You have to flush it numerous time to get it to flush waste down.NoNoJT RichardsCompleted
03-19-2018 8:20:43LRCC, SCASEC - UPPER BUILDINGStacy Johnson' roomToilet is plugged. We tried the plunger but no luck.NoNoNAOMI HEINZCompleted
03-19-2018 9:37:18Throop Elementary56Almost every time my door is shut the deadbolt keeps it from latching. It did not use to do this but it is happening almost every time. The plate on the door is a little loose so not sure if that is the problem.YesNoAllie McDonaldCompleted
03-19-2018 13:21:15Jr-Sr High SchoolRm 214NO Hot Water!!!!!!!!!!
YesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedDeborah AndryCompletedspraying on spring break
03-22-2018 10:59:50Jr-Sr High School214We have no hot water for cooking classes.YesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedDeborah AndryCompleted
03-23-2018 8:51:03Jr-Sr High SchoolkitchenThe light fixture in the walk-in by the door has water in it, also the electrical box, water is running out of itYesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
04-02-2018 21:46:47Throop ElementaryK Boys Restroom 1st ToiletThe toilet is leaking where the automatic flusher connects to the pipe. It may only need tightened.NoNoJT RichardsCompleted
04-02-2018 21:49:26Throop Elementary3rd Grade Boys RestroomThe light before you walk into the restroom both ballasts are out. The light as you go inside the restroom both ballasts are out. One ballast is out in the 2nd light as well.YesNoJT RichardsCompleted
04-02-2018 21:50:45Jr-Sr High SchoolKitchen Bathroom SinkThe water wouldn't shut off. Austin Drury told me he had to shut the hot water off to it to get the sink to quit runningNoNoJT RichardsCompleted
04-03-2018 10:24:48LRCC, SCASEC - UPPER BUILDINGBoard roomtoilet is stopped up.NoNoNAOMI HEINZCompleted
04-04-2018 11:10:44Jr-Sr High SchoolFitness CenterThe vertical row machine's belt brokeNoNoBrian WilsonCompleted
04-08-2018 13:34:04Jr-Sr High SchoolConference room door lock in libraryThe small conference room in the library has a door handle without a lock. I need that door handle to be changed to one WITH a lock/key.

When you walk in the library there are two conference rooms in the rear RIGHT side (if looking from the main entrance). The conference door that needs switched is the one on the left of the two paired together.
NoNoHeather NicholsCompleted
04-09-2018 7:05:08LRCC, SCASEC - UPPER BUILDINGStacy Johnson's class roomlight outNoNoNAOMI HEINZCompleted
04-09-2018 11:21:06Jr-Sr High School201/labShelves under lab tables need to be better secured (with screws!)YesNoLori StroudCompleted
04-09-2018 11:23:15Jr-Sr High School202/classroomtables need secured to the floor; table tops need to be secured to the tables as wellNoNoLori StroudCompleted
04-09-2018 14:44:34Throop Elementary79 Mrs. HallTeacher desk has a rolling leg that is unattached. Desk is constantly smashing student toes and leaning to one side. Drawers roll out on their own because it's leaning. Right side, under filing drawer.YesNoMallory HallCompleted
04-10-2018 17:30:30Jr-Sr High School214 Mrs. AndryThe faucet on the far side of the room, next to laundry room, is leaking when the faucet is shut off. I turned on water line off and it stopped.NoNoJT RichardsCompleted
04-10-2018 17:31:58Jr-Sr High SchoolHigh School Boys RestroomThe 2nd toilet from the handicap stall has to be plunged every night.NoNoJT RichardsCompleted
04-16-2018 11:19:56Athletic FacilityBaseball FieldThe conduit that holds the electrical lines running to the baseball clubhouse has separated, leaving a space where the lines themselves are exposed.YesNoAaron HannonCompleted
04-16-2018 11:21:37Athletic FacilityBaseball FieldThe clubhouse doorknob on the door facing the softball field has come apart and needs to be replaced.NoNoAaron HannonCompleted
04-17-2018 9:33:49Throop ElementaryRoom 53Door will not lockYesYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againStephany CarrCompletedlost programming alan reset
04-18-2018 12:43:23Throop ElementaryRoom 53Door will not lockYesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedStephany CarrCompleted
04-19-2018 7:59:55LRCC, SCASEC - UPPER BUILDINGSupply closet in main lobbyThere is a leak in the ceiling of the janitor closet.NoNoNAOMI HEINZCompleteddrain was clogged
04-20-2018 9:53:13LRCC, SCASEC - UPPER BUILDINGFurnace room in lobby areaThe blower fan in the furnace is making a lot of noise when it is running. It seems to be louder than usual.NoNoNAOMI HEINZCompletedfiler was touching fan
04-23-2018 7:41:27Jr-Sr High SchoolWeight RoomWater fountain doesn't get coolNoNoBrian WilsonCompleted
04-24-2018 9:04:17Throop ElementarykitchenI need you to look at these steam tables, the pans are rusting thru.YesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
04-30-2018 5:35:11Jr-Sr High Schoolkitchenthe air cond. is leaking at entrance of kitchen we have a bucket setting under it.YesYesNo, to my knowledge the issue was not resolved since it was last reportedBrenda EdwardsCompleted
04-30-2018 7:31:47Throop ElementaryRoom 53 -- CarrDoor lock will not stay lockedYesYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againcarrs@paoli.k12.in.usCompletedprogramming was reset
05-01-2018 13:47:13Throop Elementary201Heat/Air - I continue to fight this.... This morning, so much air conditioning that it was absolutely freezing. This afternoon, it won't even kick on. It's 80 degrees in my classroom.

This issue has been reported several times before. Just not in the last 30 days.
NoNoPaula MathersCompleted
05-03-2018 6:15:56Jr-Sr High School124 and most of high schoolOur rooms and hallways are warm; it's not pleasant. With the continued forecast of 80 degrees--and given the fact we don't have individual units or windows to open---it would be nice to have the air conditioning on/functioning.YesNoMrs. Rachel WyattCompletedi turned on ac in your area today
05-03-2018 6:41:03Throop Elementary75Door lock is not workingYesYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againSharon PerkinsCompleted
05-07-2018 8:16:21Throop ElementaryRoom 53 -- CarrDoor will not lockYesYesYes, the issue was resolved previously and this issue occurred againStephany CarrCompleted
05-09-2018 5:30:21Jr-Sr High Schoolkitchenwater line under the sink in the kitchen is leakingYesNoBrenda EdwardsCompleted
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