Multi-Tasking (Not)
For this assignment ONLY, you can have your phones out today. Do this assignment as you would do an assignment from home. Do your best. Notice, I am not asking for your name, so this is anonymous.

Read this article:

While reading, answer the following questions:
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My class period is: *
According to your computer, what time is it right now? *
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According to the article, one study conducted by psychology professor at California State University–Dominguez Hills, students’ “on-task behavior” started to decline around the ___minute mark *
According to the study, after 15 minutes, they spent ____ amount of time doing other things than their homework. *
Read the question carefully
Evidence from psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience suggests that when students multitask while doing schoolwork, their learning is far spottier and ______ than if the work had their full attention *
If you are paying attention to your phone, you (are / are not) paying attention to the lecture in the class or your assignment. *
The most common digital activities students undertake while learning are: *
Why are performing these above digital activities while doing homework bad, relating to the effect on schoolwork? *
What sort of tasks (assignments) would it be acceptable to multi-task while doing them? *
Think about what the article said (pick 2)
What are negative outcomes from multi-tasking?
select all that apply
One way to help minimize distractions is to take a tech break. Explain what this means. *
Studies suggest that their is a (positive/negative/neutral) correlation between students who use facebook (or social networking) in class and their GPA. *
During this assignment, I did all of the following: *
During this assignment, I would guess that was distracted for ___ (%) of the time. *
While doing homework assignments, I am more distracted by *
According to your computer, what time is it right now? *
At the end of answering these questions.
Subtract your ending time from your beginning time. What is the total amount of time it took you to answer these questions? *
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