Imagine A Show 2016
Thank you for your interest in Imagine A Show's 2016 collection! Each youth who participates MUST submit a complete and digitally signed form. If the form is incomplete then the photo is at risk of not being in the show.

Please note: We do not swap or sell our mailing lists or personal information files. All information collected through this form is for the purpose of coordinating and communicating information for Imagine A Show.

First Name *
This first name will be used to identify the artist
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Last Name *
Only the first initial (or initials if there are multiple last names) will be used to identify the artist
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How old is the photographer? *
Sorry, only photographers 18 years of age and under are eligible for this show.
Parent / Guardian
Please provide the name of the parent or guardian completing this form for any participants under 18 years of age
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Email *
Please provide us with an email to use as the main contact for this entry.
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Your Photo
We ask that each photographer submit no more than 5 photos. You can submit them all at once (see below) or you can send them to us one at a time throughout the year.

No matter what you do, please make sure the information below is complete and then don't forget to upload the file(s)!

How many photos are you submitting with this form?
File Name(s) *
What are the names of the files so we can find them easily?
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Is there a specific technique, theme or topic you were exploring with your photography? *
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Where were these photos taken? (ie. Cambridge? Kitchener? A specific park or location?) *
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Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about this photo?
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Selling your photo(s)
Imagine A Show is NOT about selling your photos. However, in the past, we have been approached about specific pieces. If you are interested in selling (a copy) of your photo please let us know and if an opportunity comes up we'll let you know.
Are you interested in selling this photo? *
Thank you!
By submitting your photo and this form, you are giving your consent to use this photo in the 2016 Imagine A Show collection and display it in a physical space, an online gallery, a book to be sold to the public and other publications linked to the show, including print, website, advertising, displays and other media as Imagine A Show considers appropriate

By submitting this form, you consent to all of the above.

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