The SY19 Florida Tobacco Prevention Training for Educators and School Nurses - Online Registration Form
This course costs approximately $475 per participant, however, there will be no cost to you. The Florida Department of Education, Office of Healthy Schools pays for your participation in this program. When you register for this course you are expected to complete. Consider this as you register to begin. The 60-point course has the content and rigor of a 3 credit college course, and the 30-point course is equal to 1-1/2 credits. The time necessary to complete each course is proportional to the PD points you'll receive when completed. Expect to spend at least 60 hours on the 60-point course and 30 hours on the 30-point course.

Teachers: the most important part of this program is reaching the students at your school. You must be able to teach at least SIX LESSONS to students, one of which you will write. If you cannot teach lessons to K-12 students please contact us before proceeding. Also, although we welcome all substitutes with current Florida teaching certificates to the course, since you will also be required to teach six (6) lessons, an additional Teaching Verification Validation form will be required from you, signed by an administrator of the school where these lessons are taught. Please contact our office for more information regarding the substitute Teaching Verification Validation form.

School Nurses: Your requirements differ from those of the Florida Educators. If there are questions that don't fit your job description, kindly enter N/A in the space provided. If we have any questions after receiving your registration, we will contact you directly.

The following districts have special instruction pages on our site. If you are in one of these district please read the instructions and information before you begin the registration process.

Registrants from BROWARD County must also complete a registration process at to receive their Professional Development points. Once you complete that registration process, return to this page and complete the form below.

Please fill out the form below. The information is used to create your account and begin the statistical data collection that is required to validate the student impact for the course. You will be contacted within two business days with your login ID and your password.


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You may only take one course during the school year. Will you be taking the 60 point or the 30 point course? Palm Beach secondary teachers may instead choose to take the 10 Point ENDs course. Participants: you cannot change your mind once you register. You cannot do part of the 60 point course for 30 points. Partial credit will not be given, nor will you be allowed to carry-over any part to the next year. You must choose which course you are taking and complete that course to get your points. If you are unsure, close this window now and call our office. We can help you decide. School nurses can select the 20 CEU course only.
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Please enter your professional, public school or district email address. Please do not use a personal email address. Your registration will be rejected in those circumstances. If you are a charter or private school that does not provide email for the school, you may use the email address you use for professional correspondence. Contact us if you have special circumstances.
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Please enter the number of your ACTIVE Florida Teaching Certificate. If you only have a district authorized certificate contact our office for instructions. You can look up your number and expiration date at Nurses - Please enter N/A for this question.
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To be enrolled in the 20 Continuing Education Unit online training course, you MUST include your current nursing license #. Educators - Please enter N/A for this question.
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