Request for Palm Beach County School Board Recognition
The Superintendent and School Board are proud to recognize School District of Palm Beach County schools, students, teachers, staff, and volunteers for their achievements at the local, state, national, and international level.

Recognition is also granted to government entities, organizations, and business partners that have made significant, tangible contributions to the School District, financial or otherwise. Students and associated personnel of private and charter schools are not eligible for Board recognition.

Although recognition is not guaranteed, an effort is made to accommodate requests. After a review of your request by the Communications and Engagement Department, Superintendent, and Executive Cabinet, you will be notified in writing to confirm your recognition. Details about your Board Meeting date will also be provided to you in writing.


Requests for a particular date can close at any time if an excessive number of requests are received in advance. Board Meetings begin at 5:00 p.m.

For any questions about this form or Board Recognitions, please contact Ms. Nneka Nnolim - Executive Communications Specialist at

Preferred Board Meeting Date: *
Recognition Requested For: *
Please provide the following information for the person(s) who will be recognized: 1) First and last name 2) Job title [for students, provide their grade level] 3) School, department, or organization 4) Email address 5) Phone number.
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Topic / Name of Achievement or Award: *
Provide a brief description of the achievement or award. For example: "District Students Won First Place in International Science Fair."
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Why is the Achievement or Award Significant and How Was it Earned: *
For example, the achievement/award was a first, achieved out of a large number of applicants etc. Also describe the steps taken towards the achievement. For instance, through an essay submission, completion of volunteer hours etc. (Maximum 600 words).
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Has the Individual or Group Already Received a Trophy/Plaque/Certificate That They Can Bring to the Board Meeting? *
If You Would Like a Certificate Created, Please Provide: 1) Individual or Group Name 2) School, Department, or Organization 3) Name of the Achievement or Award:
Please ensure that all information entered here is correct and spelled exactly as you would like it printed on your certificate. Information printed on certificates will be taken directly from this entry. Provide the information for each certificate being requested.
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Individual(s) Who You Would Like to be Recognized Along With/In Addition to Honoree(s) at Board Meeting:
Please provide: 1) First and last name 2) Job title 3) School, department, or organization 4) Relationship to Honoree(s).
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Contact Person For Follow-Up and/or Additional Information: *
Please indicate a contact person to receive the approval of your recognition request, and who can be contacted if additional information is needed. Provide: 1) First and last name 2) Job title 3) School, department, or organization 4) Email address 5) Phone number.
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Special Instructions
I understand that Board recognition is not guaranteed. Submitting this form only ensures that my request will be considered.

I understand that my recognition must be approved by the Superintendent and Executive Cabinet. I further understand that my recognition can be approved or not approved at their sole discretion.

If I requested a Certificate as part of my recognition, I have checked the information I entered to ensure that everything is accurate and spelled correctly.

I understand that Board recognition is strictly reserved for Palm Beach County District schools, students, teachers, staff, and volunteers as well as government entities, organizations, and/or business partners that have made significant, tangible contributions to the School District.

I agree not to make any arrangements to attend the Board Meeting until I receive confirmation in writing that my recognition has been approved.

I understand that the Preferred Board Meeting date that I request is not guaranteed. I may be asked to move my recognition to another date if the volume of requests for a particular date is excessive.

I understand that Board Meetings are designed in a way that does not allow time for speeches by those being recognized.

I agree to respond to requests for additional information and provide all necessary information for my recognition in a timely manner.

Agreement and Confirmation *
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