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5/7/2017 20:47:53April - Due May 10thLa Salle UniversityJordyn MichaelsClub Secretary
Raised money and had a blanket drive for the PSPCA
YesPSPCA$50cash from cookie salesNoVictor PhunSophomore
Organized and executed the fundraiser for the PSCPA
5/8/2017 9:53:02April - Due May 10thMercyhurst UniversityBrooke Dicks Club Secretary
30No633000026606008NoNoNoAmelia KanonczykSophomore
She has really stepped up in her role as editor. She has made the newsletter new and really has put some new material into it.
How does the secretary get access to the MUC? If that is how we are going to be doing this now than how will I be able to access it. Do I need to get approval from the club advisor?
5/8/2017 12:36:05April - Due May 10thUniversity of ScrantonMelissa BuschClub Secretary
86Yes21122666N/A66No editor2YesRelay for LifeYesVeterans CenterNoErin CiarroccaJunior
Erin continually shows her support for Circle K Club by attending our events and fundraisers. She is willing to help whenever needed and makes new members consistently feel welcome. As an upper class-man she is a great role model for younger members.
Relay for Life
The club participated in a school wide relay for life event. Where we had our own team and fundraising activity. We offered the opportunity for individuals attending the event to pay on dollar to paint a letter from the slogan and buy a Krispy Kreme doughnut. After painting the letter the individual’s could bring them home to someone in their family or one of their friends who has experienced cancer. The leftover letters were given to the Relay for Life organizers to give to other survivors. This had an impact on the individual’s who were making the letters as well as those that would receive the letters.
5/8/2017 15:22:33April - Due May 10th
University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Alexia ShankClub Secretaryals335@pitt.edu34No110000000000000N/AN/A00000000NoNoNoChelsea VojtashJunior
Coming prepared/enthusiastic for meetings
Johnstown Pancake Day/Kids Day
Served pancakes to Johnstown community members/Provided activities for local children
5/9/2017 11:20:48April - Due May 10th
University of Pittsburgh - Bradford
Victoria DAngClub Presidentvmd14@pitt.edu24Yes20220N/A00011
Held elections and had a social at the end
NoNoNoOlivia MarieFreshman
Transitioning from a secretary (Bre Davis) that we have had for the past few years to a new one was going to be difficult, but Olivia stepped up to the challenge and embraced the role and all of the tasks that goes with the position. She demonstrated a hard-working work ethic and flexibility that made the transition go smoothly.
We did not do a project for the month of April
5/9/2017 18:08:02April - Due May 10thDuquesne UniversityNisha MallyaClub Secretarymallyan@duq.edu0No61221090000994.586N/A6.58.56.511000NoNoNoMargo MaddenSenior
She planned and coordinated the Cheese Chase for FeelGood, which raised a lot of money for the cause.
maddenm2@duq.eduThe Cheese Chase
This was an event to raise awareness and money for our chapter of FeelGood, which is a sub-cause of DUCK. Participants has to run a mile, eat a grilled cheese sandwich, and run another mile. Runners came from both inside and outside of Duquesne, as the event was advertised on sites for runs in the Pittsburgh area as well as on Duquesne's CampusLink.
5/10/2017 11:24:20April - Due May 10th
Penn State University Park
Allison BeschClub 31Yes442013n/a41
We used the website, "" as a way to donate food to shelter animals which ties in with the district service project. One can answer questions related to animals on the website, and for a 3 right answers, food is donated to a shelter animal.
0000n/a 35103N/A7351
We hosted an ice-cream social at our last meeting to thank our members for all of their hard work this past semester.
NoYesDSP $8
Benefits District Service Project (DSP)
Miranda Moses - I was in contact regarding the use of the new way to submit the monthly report, and had a few questions which she cleared up for me.
Scott Tustin Junior
Scott made a huge impact on our club this year, both as fundraising chair, and and overall member. He continually volunteered at service projects, and most recently, was elected the state wide service chair for Circle K.
Student Backpack Drive
As a club, we assembled backpacks which are then donated to children in the community. The backpacks were filled with coloring books, snacks, and other miscellaneous items.
5/10/2017 11:36:03April - Due May 10th
Carnegie Mellon University
Samantha LohierClub Secretary
15Yes4210332204NoNoNoDaniela AcacioFreshman
Attended service events in which he happily took on any role that was asked of him.
Care packages
Making care packages for the homeless people of Pittsburgh
5/10/2017 14:16:13April - Due May 10thMillersville UniversityHannah CampbellClub Secretary
We do not have committees or contact with our Kiwanis Club.
4000043444VP of MembershipN/A42042000YesUNICEFYesChurch World ServicesNoJessica ButtsSenior
Jess has been our Treasurer for 2.5 years and has been essential to our club as a whole. She has known the ins-and-outs of everything and without her we probably wouldn't have functioned!
Blankets for Church World Services
We made blankets for Church World Services that went to refugees in need.
5/10/2017 22:23:57April - Due May 10th
West Chester University
Kimmie Di NhongClub SecretaryKN861899@wcupa.edu19Yes834012
A. 4/4, 4/11, 4/25 B. 4/3, 4/4, 4/11, 4/25 D. 4/18 (End-of-Year Ceremony) E. 4/4, 4/18
Our fundraising chairs started a collection of soda tabs in the residence halls that will benefit the ASPCA.
C. 4/11 (Card making for WCU Einstein's Bagels employee), 4/29 (Relay for Life) E. 4/24 (Adopt-a-Block), 4/29 (YMCA Healthy Kids Day)
A. 4/4 (Birthday party for Erin), 4/10 (Kiwi Yogurt), 4/18 (End-of-Year Ceremony), 4/28 (T-shirt Making for Relay), 4/30 (Melting Pot with Riz and Lee)
We collected spare change at meetings in April to be donated to an employee of Einstein's Bagels on campus that is undergoing brain surgery. Also, we started a fundraiser for the ASPCA by collecting soda tabs in the residence halls on campus.
John Berberich (WCU loves John Project)
Donation to campus employee.
Alyssa Thomas, monthly phone chat with president on 4/10.
Marissa KaneFreshman
Marissa, newly elected co-fundraising chair, has been involved in many events this month, including Relay for Life, Adopt-a-Block, and YMCA Healthy Kids Day. As co-fundraising chair, she has implemented a campus-wide collection of soda can tabs to benefit the ASPCA.
End-of-Year Ceremony
Our End-of-Year Ceremony took place during our normal meeting time on 4/29 at Fame Fire Hall in West Chester. Many members were in attendance, including 14 West Chester Circle K members, 6 West Chester Kiwanis members, and Lillian Mateja. The group enjoyed pizza and a dessert potluck, reflected on the past Circle K year, pinned the new board members, and had the chance to socialize.
5/12/2017 2:37:27April - Due May 10thElizabethown CollegeDylan WarnerClub Secretarywarnerd1@etown.edu15No33100270010654811VP of Service2VP of Membership62400000NoYesEarly Learning Guides
Benefits Governor's Project
Kayla Heisey, our Lt. Governor, is part of our club and regularly attends meetings.
Rebekah BoltonSophomore
Volunteered for community cupboard and both nights of bingo.
boltonr@etown.eduHighway Cleanup
Members of Circle K worked together with members of the local Kiwanis Club to clean a section of highway the Kiwanis Club adopted. It was a small group but they were able to clean half of the highway.
I apologize for any missing information or inaccuracies in my report. This is my first MRF as secretary and I have little to no idea how to find a lot of the information needed to complete the report. I plan to be more organized, and therefore more accurate and complete, in the fall semester.
5/12/2017 9:24:02April - Due May 10thAlvernia UniversityElizabeth GonyeaClub Secretary
all members have paidNo2200001000010222VP of Service2VP of Membership22010000NoYesNoAlexa CerulliJunior
Last term as president. She did a great job as president!
5/12/2017 16:14:38April - Due May 10th
University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg
Ashley NaccatatoClub Secretaryamn68@pitt.edu24No4211111
We held an Easter Egg hunt on our campus for ages 0-12, free to the public. We offered cookies and drinks as well as a prize table for eggs that had a prize slip in them.
Although it was not directly a fundrasier, our club raised about $150 in donations from the Easter Egg hunt
NoNoTaylor HetrickJunior
Taylor is one of the most selfless people in the club. She accepts everything that is throw at her and she will be a great president for the year.
7249546276Easter Egg Hunt
The club provided an on campus easter egg hunt for ages 0-12. We offered cookies and huggies, as well as a prize table for eggs containing a prize slip. We had real rabbits to pet as well as our mascot Bruiser Bobcat and the Easter Bunny!
5/12/2017 20:24:40April - Due May 10thDrexel UniversityMichael KaneClub Presidentmjk399@drexel.edu16No422
Officer Meetings:
4/13: 4 hours and 4 in attendance
4/27: 2.5 hours and 5 in attendance

General Meetings:
4/5: 5.5 hours with 11 in attendance
4/19: 3 hours with 6 in attendance
Donor Dash - 4/2 - the event was in support of organ donation research 4 attended with a total of 14 hours
Saturday for Seniors - 4/8 - We played Bingo and served lunch to local seniors at a community center 2 attended for a total of 6 hours
Drexel hosted a Relay for Life event on May 6th
American Cancer Society
The donations were made from individual club contributions as well as from selling club made snacks!
NoSahira IqbalSenior
Sahira Iqbal has been a member of Drexel Circle K for over 2 years now! She is easily one of our most dedicated members; regularly signing up for events and rarely missing a meeting. Sahira enjoys watching her favorite shows such as Scrubs, baking, and listening to rap music. She will be graduating this year, and shortly after will go onto medical school. She is Member Spotlight this month because she has made it to all of our meetings an socials this term, being a very active part of our community here Drexel!
Relay for Life - Drexel
This year DUCK made a team to support Drexel's Relay for Life event. The event itself was a blast, involving many differing activities from musical chairs, to balloon popping, and corn-hole! Our team work to make Puppy Chow a peanut butter and chocolate snack that we sold at the event to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
5/12/2017 22:44:34April - Due May 10thLock Haven UniversityHannah BellClub Secretaryheb768@lhup.edu9YesThreeTwoTwoZeroZeroZeroOneOne
Dog fest, it was an event where club members and students on campus got together to make dog toys and bandannas for a local SPCA dog shelter.
ZeroZeroZero3257.5VP of Service0VP of Service2140OneOneZeroZeroZeroNoNoYes
Lieutenant Governor Megan McKenna spoke at both club meetings this month giving us an update about the district project.
Tyler TallmadgeJunior
Tyler planned our event this month, a dog fest. The event was creating dog toys to give to a local dog shelter next semester when we make more dog toys.
814-505-5830tpt1732@lhup.eduDog Fest
Students on campus stopped to help make dog toys and bandannas for dogs at a local SPCA dog shelter to wear and use while they're waiting to be adopted.
5/14/2017 15:56:28April - Due May 10th
University of Pittsburgh - Oakland
Jazmine LawhornClub SecretaryJal222@pitt.edu33No410012000000114330N/AN/A844650302NoNoYes
I had contact with Devyn King at one of our club meetings, and we talked about Dcon.
Joseph Datz Graduate
He did work that was not required of him, so he goes above and beyond for the club.
Did not have a project this month
Since this MRF is late, I would like to know the consequences
6/2/2017 21:31:43May - Due June 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Bradford
Olivia AllgeierClub Secretaryoma18@pitt.edu24Yes000000000000000000NoNoNon/aFreshmann/an/an/aYes
6/2/2017 22:07:39May - Due June 5thLock Haven UniversityHannah BellClub Secretaryheb768@lhup.edu8No00000000000020110VP of Service0VP of Membership30000000NoNoYes
Megan McKenna, she gave an update at our meeting this month of the DSP and other things going on within the district.
Jess TressaSenior
She had eleven community service hours during the month of May and she helped to award our senior.
6/3/2017 13:13:02May - Due June 5th
Penn State University Park
Allison BeschClub Secretary
with classes ending in April, our club activity has dropped this month due to our members being away from Penn State for the summer
00n/a0n/a0n/a3087N/AN/A55500000n/aNon/aNon/an/an/aNon/an/aBen Kline Junior
Ben Kline has stepped into his new role as club President, and has done an outstanding job so far. Coming into such a big position can be a challenge, and Ben has handled that challenge with organization, maturity, and a little humor (which is always necessary). He has maintained contact with officers throughout the summer so far, and I am really happy to be working alongside such a wonderful person.
6/4/2017 17:28:24May - Due June 5thElizabethown CollegeDylan WarnerClub Secretarywarnerd1@etown.edu11No2100011001002131.5VP of Service8VP of Membership1.55000000NoNoYes
Kayla Heisey, our Lieutenant Governor, is a member of our club.
Amy LiebermanJunior
Amy did a great job organizing and participating in Highway Cleanup this month.
Highway Cleanup
A couple of our members helped our local Kiwanis Club cleanup a section of a highway the Kiwanis Club adopted a few years ago. The small team consisted of Amy Lieberman, our club's VP of Service, and Dylan Warner, our club's Secretary, as well as two Kiwanis members. This small team was able to clean half of the section of highway Kiwanis adopted, which was a lot to accomplish with such a small group!
6/4/2017 17:43:26May - Due June 5thPenn State BehrendMegan WolczkoClub Vice Presidentmvw5491@psu.edu0No00000N/A0N/A0000NoNoNoNicole OverbySenior
Nicole was the Club President last year, and she has been very helpful with guiding and leading all the new officers on what we need to do. We are very thankful for her and the rest of the previous club officers.
At the end of the school year, the club hosted a Bowling Party at the local bowling alley with the Kiwanis officers to thank them for everything they do, and to show them support!
6/4/2017 22:03:14May - Due June 5th
Shippensburg University
Quincy GaffneyClub Secretaryqg3052@ship.edu0No10100000000099
Kelly-2 Kirsten- 74 Total- 76
We have received emails from the board and LTG
The hours above also count our committee members if that's alright.
6/5/2017 12:12:25May - Due June 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Alexia ShankClub Secretaryals335@pitt.edu36No000000000NoNoNoLauren TerrickSenior
Helped to lead previous meetings
6/5/2017 12:54:31May - Due June 5th
West Chester University
Kimmie Di NhongClub Secretary
A. 5/2 B. 5/2 E. 5/2 (West Chester Kiwanis Meeting)
00000078318N/A30611000A. 5/3 (Fondue Social)NoNoNoErin McFeetersSenior
Erin is our 2017-2018 editor and came up with a great idea for an article for the newsletter throughout the summer. Our club is going to make a small laminated photo of Leroy the Bunny and sen it to the board members to take photos with over their summer vacations. These pictures will be featured in the newsletter.
(609) 915-9106
Chocolate Fondue Social
Our club held a chocolate fondue social for the last meeting of the spring semester on May 2nd, 2017. We had 11 Circle K members and 2 Kiwanis members in attendance. Everyone had a great time socializing and talking about their summer plans.
6/5/2017 18:49:19May - Due June 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Oakland
Jazmine LawhornClub SecretaryJal222@pitt.edu33No0000000000000000VP of Membership0N/A00000000NoNoYes
Miranda Moses, and she reminded me in an email to complete this MRF.
It is the summer, so do we have to have meetings and events?
6/5/2017 21:40:02May - Due June 5th
University of Pennsylvania
0 we collect dues in sept
No00000000000000000VP of Membership0VP of Service000000000NoNoNo
We do not have one this month
Freshman NA
We do not have one this month
6/6/2017 0:29:59May - Due June 5th
Carnegie Mellon University
Melissa LuClub President
15No1010000000NoNoNoIsabel RozarioFreshman
Isabel was very attentive and engaged during our meeting and provided great feedback about our events and service projects.
6/6/2017 3:23:17May - Due June 5thUniversity of ScrantonMelissa BuschClub Secretary
86No110000000000111N/A1N/A11n/a0NoNoNoAntonio NikolicFreshman
He continually comes to the meetings and service events with a smile on his face and an excitement to serve.
6/6/2017 8:09:11May - Due June 5th
Carnegie Mellon University
Samantha LohierClub Secretary
15Yes2172. Filiere Freshman
Attended service events and worked with a positive attitude, eager to help in any way they could.
Whatever Drive
A collection of unwanted items from college students that are given away to charity
6/6/2017 18:59:19May - Due June 5thMercyhurst UniversityBrooke DicksClub Secretary
35Yes1105000030NoNoNoDanny DmuchowskiSophomore
Has come to all meetings and has been enthusiastic about the meeting and service.
Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home
We went and played Bingo with the service men and women who live there. When we are there, we will call out the numbers that they have when they get a bingo. It is nice to just take a break from school and go and talk to them because they greatly appreciate it.
6/12/2017 17:18:20May - Due June 5thDuquesne UniversityNisha MallyaClub Secretarymallyan@duq.edu0No0000001000001900N/A00100000NoNoNoN/AFreshmanN/AN/A
We only had a regular FeelGood Deli this month.
I am so sorry the MRF was late this month! I was in Japan on a study abroad/exchange trip so I didn't have access to the internet on my computer half the time and I was extremely busy the other half. I just got home last night.
6/27/2017 12:39:46June - Due July 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Bradford
Olivia AllgeierClub Secretaryoma18@pitt.edu24No000000000000000000NoNoNon/aFreshmann/an/an/aNo
7/4/2017 11:15:15June - Due July 5thLock Haven UniversityHannah BellClub Secretaryheb768@lhup.edu8No00000000000012880VP of Service0VP of Membership1150000000NoNoNoHannah BellJunior
During the month of June, Hannah showed great service in her community in York by putting in 115 hours with two different organizations.
7/4/2017 22:29:34June - Due July 5thPenn State BehrendBrandon SmailClub Secretarybjs444@psu.eduNANo0000000000000000VP of Membership0VP of Service00000000NoNoNoJohn BrittnerJunior
He is the new President of Circle K at Penn State Behrend and has been making sure things are running smoothly while everybody is busy with vacations and work this summer.
7/5/2017 12:14:03June - Due July 5th
Penn State University Park
Allison BeschClub Secretary
7/5/2017 13:48:06June - Due July 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Alexia ShankClub Secretaryals335@pitt.edu36No000000000NoNoNoLauryn AshmonSenior
Participated in previous projects with enthusiasm
7/5/2017 13:56:08June - Due July 5th
Carnegie Mellon University
Samantha LohierClub Secretary
7/5/2017 16:19:43June - Due July 5th
Carnegie Mellon University
Melissa LuClub President
7/5/2017 17:10:09June - Due July 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Oakland
Jazmine LawhornClub SecretaryJal222@pitt.edu33No00000000000002200VP of MembershipN/A10000000NoNoYes
Miranda Moses sent a MRF email reminder to me. And answered all my questions on the last MRF
Andrew MoulSenior
Stays on top of everything
7/5/2017 18:21:56June - Due July 5th
Shippensburg University
Quincy GaffneyClub Secretaryqg3052@ship.edu0No0027Kirsten- 27 Kelly-000000NoNoYesEmails with our advisor N/ASeniorN/AN/AN/ANo
7/5/2017 18:43:31June - Due July 5th
University of Pennsylvania
Francesca PolizottoClub SecretaryFrancesca Polizotto
0 (We collect dues for this service year in the fall)
Unknown (club members report summer hours when meetings resume in the fall.
UnknownUnknownVP of ServiceUnknownVP of Membership0UnknownUnknown00000NoNoNoN/AFreshmanN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Is there a way to make the project and member highlights not required? Our club does not meet in the summer and we do not keep in close contact.
7/5/2017 20:15:12June - Due July 5th
West Chester University
Kimmie Di NhongClub Secretary
19No00153484N/A1030NoNoNoCarly AucheySophomore
Carly went on a trip to Wilmington, NC to help renovate homes as part of a mission trip. More information about her trip is featured in the June Newsletter.
7/5/2017 21:33:03June - Due July 5thDuquesne UniversityNisha MallyaClub Secretarymallyan@duq.edu0No000000000000000N/A0000NoNoNoN/AFreshmanno events this monthN/Ano events this monthYes
7/5/2017 23:07:05May - Due June 5thEdinboro UniversityKayla BittnerClub Secretary
72No00355555511000NoYesEdinboro Food Bankfood donation food bank donationNoMolly EilerJunior
Made significant contributions for our club's social media page so that others can see what our club has been up to
Senior Prom
We did Senior Prom at the end of April as our big service project of the semester. We invited senior citizens from the community for dinner and dancing and a raffle, to recreate a prom/dance for them.
7/5/2017 23:24:18June - Due July 5thElizabethown CollegeDylan WarnerClub Secretarywarnerd1@etown.edu15No00000N/A0000NoNoYes
Kayla Heisey, our Lieutenant Gov, is in regular contact with our board.
Carlie LepleySophomore
Carlie's newsletter looked great as always!
7/6/2017 6:17:51June - Due July 5thMercyhurst UniversityBrooke DicksClub Secretary
30No005.753.500010NoNoNoSydney Van LeeuwenSenior
While on summer vacation, working, and doing her senior project, Syd has still been able to spend some time volunteering at the Soldiers and Sailors home.
Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home
Volunteering at bingo, just hanging out, and working carnivals for the veterans.
7/19/2017 14:28:29June - Due July 5thEdinboro UniversityHannah StullClub President
75No00000N/A0000NoNoNoKayla BittnerSenior
She did the last couple Monthly Report Forms to keep us up to date.
No Project
We did not have a club project last month due to summer break and being in different locations.
7/22/2017 13:23:47April - Due May 10thLycoming CollegeCorey ducharmeClub Presidentduccore@lycoming.edu5No3300000000NoNoYes
Several on the district board concerning club membership loss and future plans
Camisha taylorJunior
One of the only members left and has been very enthusiastic and even willing to step into an officer position
7/22/2017 13:26:02May - Due June 5thLycoming CollegeCorey ducharmeClub Presidentduccore@lycoming.edu5No000000000NoNoNoN/aFreshmanN/aN/aN/a
7/22/2017 13:27:38June - Due July 5thLycoming CollegeCorey ducharmeClub Presidentduccore@lycoming.edu0No00000N/A0000NoNoNoN/aFreshmanN/aN/aN/a
7/23/2017 7:36:54July - Due August 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Bradford
Olivia AllgeierClub Secretaryoma18@pitt.edu0No000000000NoNoNon/aSophomoren/an/an/aYes
8/2/2017 21:56:57July - Due August 5thEdinboro UniversityKayla BittnerClub Secretary
80No00000N/A0000NoNoNoSydney WeberSenior
Has been working to come up with ideas for the upcoming school year for service projects
8/2/2017 22:04:14July - Due August 5thLock Haven UniversityHannah BellClub Secretaryheb768@lhup.edu8No00000000000040.5 hours00VP of Service0VP of Membership38.52000000NoNoNoNick Mcelhinney Senior
Despite working full time in Pittsburg this summer as a camp counselor, Nick still found time to do community service hours in July. While two sounds like little, Nick did it in-between having new campers arrive each week and working six-seven days depending on the week.
8/3/2017 12:04:55July - Due August 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Alexia ShankClub Secretaryals335@pitt.edu36No000000000NoNoNoShannon BurketSenior
Contributes to meetings with enthusiasm
8/3/2017 17:09:32July - Due August 5th
Penn State University Park
Allison BeschClub Secretary
Our social event this month was the summer involvement fair PSU, where we recruited new members for the upcoming semester.
NoNoNoAlly UlshSophomore
Ally has continually worked to improve our club this summer, including working the summer involvment fair as well as working on a new system to track our members service hours. Her work this summer as been extremely helpful, and she truly has not stopped service, even during the summer months.
8/3/2017 18:51:18July - Due August 5th
Shippensburg University
Quincy GaffneyClub Secretaryqg3052@ship.edu0No000000000NoNoYesEmails with advisorN/ASophomoreN/AN/AN/ANo
8/3/2017 21:51:59July - Due August 5th
Carnegie Mellon University
Samantha LohierClub Secretary
8/4/2017 11:11:22July - Due August 5thDuquesne UniversityNisha MallyaClub Secretarymallyan@duq.edu0No101000
A member of Wikinsburg's Kiwanis Club attended our summer board meeting to talk about projects in her area we could potentially help with.
Hi Miranda! I was wondering if we could get a copy of who the district has on file as our officers for the upcoming school year. I filled out about half of the club officer update forms and then asked the rest of the board to do their own (I was told it would be easier that way), and I just want to make sure everyone got around to doing that. Thanks!
8/4/2017 22:03:17July - Due August 5thMercyhurst UniversityBrooke DicksClub Secretary
30No0014006083NoNoNoAmelia KanonczykJunior
Eventhough we are on summer break, Amelia has made it to many service events within the Erie community.
National Big Night Out
This was for SafeNet in which the had a festival type event and volunteers helped handing out snowcones (YUM!)
8/5/2017 0:09:04July - Due August 5thPenn State BehrendBrandon SmailClub Secretarybjs444@psu.edu0No00000000000000000000000000NoNoNoMegan Wolzkco Junior
New Vice President and has helped the transition go smoothly
8/5/2017 0:48:37July - Due August 5th
West Chester University
Kimmie Di NhongClub Secretarykn861899@wcupa.edu22No00000000123.5433.5562640NoNoNoNoneSophomoreNoneN/AN/AYes
8/5/2017 17:33:55July - Due August 5thUniversity of ScrantonMelissa BuschClub Secretary
86No0000000000000000N/A00000000NoNoNoAubrey SchnableSenior
Aubrey has been keeping in touch throughout the summer, to ensure that all of the Circle K events and aspects that need to be completed for the fall are.
8/5/2017 17:54:00June - Due July 5thUniversity of ScrantonMelissa BuschClub Secretary
86No00000N/A0000NoNoNoEmily MulhaulSenior
As the club President, Emily has been communicating with the club officers throughout the summer to ensure that we are ready for the Fall Semester and have fun and exciting events planned for our members.
8/5/2017 23:40:33July - Due August 5thElizabethtown CollegeDylanClub Secretarywarnerd1@etown.edu15No00925VP of Membership2VP of Service0000NoNoYes
Kayla Heisey, our Lieutenant Governor, is in our club.
Gillian EngelbrechtSenior
Gillian is doing an excellent job getting us all ready early for the beginning of the school year.
The club didn't do any projects this month; it is the summer.
8/6/2017 6:37:36July - Due August 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Oakland
Jazmine LawhornClub SecretaryJal222@pitt.edu32No0000000000000117600VP of Membership0N/A120000000NoNoYes
District governor, and the president had a discussion with her.
Sara Elizabeth Junior
Contacted me on time about service hours
8/7/2017 19:46:55July - Due August 5thLycoming CollegeCorey DucharmeClub Presidentduccore@lycoming.edu3No000000000NoNoYesLtgN/aGraduateN/aN/aN/a
8/7/2017 22:41:13April - Due May 10thEdinboro UniversityHannah StullClub President
Our biggest service project of the year was this month- a prom for the senior citizens of the community
8566VP of Service665111Yes
Went to Chipotle and got 50% of profit when Circle K was mentioned at checkout to raise money for our club treasury for future projects
phone call with member for him to congratulate us on most recruits in our district
Ashley HarrisSenior
She did most of the planning and coordinated our senior prom, overall this whole year she made this club more than double what it has even been
Senior Citizen Prom
A prom held at a local church for the senior citizens of the community to enjoy a dinner, dancing, basket raffles, and even have a queen and king crowned. The purpose is just to give back to the community and the amazing Kiwanis members that help our club so much. Majority of our club attended along with around 50 senior citizens. They all love the event and look forward to it every spring.
8/8/2017 5:13:41July - Due August 5th
University of Pennsylvania
Evanie AngladeClub President
18No000000000000000VP of Service0VP of Membership00000000NoNoYes
President chat with Governor
Hayley BooteSophomore
She planned the upcoming Circle K late night event for the incoming freshmen.
8/10/2017 11:59:27May - Due June 5thLa Salle UniversityJordyn MichaelsClub Secretary
8/10/2017 12:01:06June - Due July 5thLa Salle UniversityJordyn MichaelsClub Secretary
8/10/2017 12:04:04July - Due August 5thLa Salle UniversityJordyn MichaelsClub Secretary
8/14/2017 14:43:15June - Due July 5thMillersville UniversityHannah CampbellClub Secretary
We do not meet or do club sponsored service projects when school is not in term.
We did not have any club sponsored projects or fundraisers for June or July because school is not in term. This is why an MRF was not completed.
YesMiranda Moses
Miranda is extremely polite and is a pleasure to work with. The club greatly appreciates her interest in our club.
Jenn HoutzSenior
Jenn holds our club together and maintains contact and organization even during her busy summer months.
We did not have any projects in June.
8/14/2017 14:50:48July - Due August 5thMillersville UniversityHannah CampbellClub Secretary
We do not have any club sponsored projects or meetings when school is not in term.
Miranda Moses, Kayla Heisey
Miranda contacted concerning the MRFs for June and July and Kayla contacted about our sponsoring Kiwanis Club. As of know we have not had any contact from the Lititz Kiwanis Club that I am aware of.
Jacquelyn PixleyJunior
Jackie is an awesome club member and is always enthusiastic about our meetings and events. When we needed someone to fill our Public Relations position she graciously stepped up and we are very lucky to have her as part of our club!
8/31/2017 17:21:28
August - Due September 5th
Lock Haven UniversityHannah BellClub Secretary
8No10100000000002522VP of Service0VP of Membership120000000NoNoNoNicholas McelhinneySenior
Worked with incoming freshman and helped them move in/get acclimated to college.
9/1/2017 18:45:15
August - Due September 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Bradford
Olivia AllgeierClub Secretaryoma18@pitt.edu0No0000000000NoNoNon/aGraduaten/an/an/a
9/1/2017 22:30:16
August - Due September 5th
Carnegie Mellon University
Samantha LohierClub Secretary
9/2/2017 12:05:19
August - Due September 5th
Elizabethtown CollegeDylan WarnerClub Secretarywarnerd1@etown.edu11No2110840VP of Service4VP of Membership0000Yes
Happy Quarter Sad Dime, we raise a small amount of money each meeting for the district service project using a jar. We ask club members to put a quarter in if they are happy, and a dime if they are sad.
Kayla Heisey, our Lieutenant Governor, is a member of our club.
Hannah PaymerSophomore
Hannah did a great job this month getting the word out about our Ice Cream Social next week. She put up a big poster in the BSC, and created smaller posters to put in the dorm buildings.
Our club hasn't completed any projects in the last month, we will begin working on projects now that the school year has begun.
9/2/2017 12:15:09
August - Due September 5th
Millersville UniversityHannah CampbellClub Secretary
We are just getting started for the year and will be having our first general meeting in one week.
We have planned most of our fundraisers and events for the year at our first board meeting last week.
Miranda Moses through email; Kayla Heisey through email
Jenn HoutzSenior
She is the best President a club could ask for and keeps us running despite how busy she always is.
9/2/2017 12:49:36
August - Due September 5th
Carnegie Mellon University
Samantha LohierClub Secretary
9/2/2017 12:50:20
August - Due September 5th
University of ScrantonMelissa BuschClub Secretary
Giancarlo Ponticello- Lieutenant Governor
John-Vincent Senior
He has done a great job getting events ready for the fall semester. Additionally, he helped recruit new members at the clubs activity fair.
9/2/2017 15:58:12
August - Due September 5th
Edinboro UniversityKayla BittnerClub Secretary
Devon King regarding presidential responsibility
Molly EilerSenior
Made several phone calls to arrange service events for the upcoming semester.
9/4/2017 14:47:05
August - Due September 5th
La Salle UniversityJordyn MichaelsClub Secretary
9/4/2017 19:49:33
August - Due September 5th
Mercyhurst UniversityBrooke DicksClub Secretary
Josh, emailed us and said that he will not be ditching us and helping with the Snowbelt. And Sydney has had contact with Devyn about the President Chat
Anna DinellaSophomore
She has stepped up as our Treasurer at the beginning of this year beings that our original one had to step down.
Involvement Fair
The university has an involvement fair that we participated in and this was an opportunity to bring in new freshman! It was a great success! We even had a puppy there to promote the new district project.
9/4/2017 21:56:35
August - Due September 5th
University of Pennsylvania
Francesca PolizottoClub Secretarypof@sas.upenn.edu10No11000111
We made dog toys out of t-shirts to donate to a humane society. We collaborated with Penn for PAWs
001022.510VP of Service3VP of Membership100111
This was the same event mentioned above. While people were making dog toys, we had food and played with puppies.
NoNoNoHayley BooteJunior
She helped coordinate the New Student Orientation event and stayed from start to finish.
Donuts and Dogs
We made dog toys and welcomed freshmen to Penn at the same time. We also played with puppies and informed them about our club.
9/4/2017 22:03:34
August - Due September 5th
Penn State University Park
Allison BeschClub Secretary
Our 2 projects for the month were "Random Acts of Kindness" - where we handed out quotes to students to brighten their day - and we assisted with Penn States's "Fresh Start Day of Service" - an event at the beginning of the year that encourages college freshman to become involved with service through a day filled with various projects.
Our club participated in running trailers at the football game this weekend, where we sold PSU items and a percentage of the profit was then donated to our club.
NoYesSam Bartuska Junior
To start this upcoming year, we have an unfilled board position (fundraising co-chair). Sam has stepped up, while still the active club treasurer, and helped fill this position until we have found a new member. He has helped with fundraisers and has attended university mandated fundraising meetings along with the current co-fundraising chair. Sam's willingness to help during a busy time of year is greatly appreciated and should not go unnoticed.
Random Acts of Kindness
We spent an afternoon during the first week of classes handing out uplifting notes to random students in hopes to relieve some of their stress during a busy time of year. With the start of the semester, we understand that everyone is stressed, and we hoped with this simple project, to brighten others days.
9/5/2017 9:51:24
August - Due September 5th
Penn State BehrendMegan WolczkoClub Vice Presidentmvw5491@psu.edun/a at this timeNo1100000000000532N/AN/An/an/an/a11001NoNoYesRandy GJohn BrittnerJunior
Club President this year, and has made the beginning of the year run smoothly for everyone.
9/5/2017 10:13:26
August - Due September 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Alexia ShankClub Secretaryals335@pitt.edu36No000000000NoNoNoRaigan AshmonJunior
Shows enthusiasm for all of the projects she participates in
9/5/2017 15:05:06
August - Due September 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Alexia ShankClub Secretaryals335@pitt.eduYesSarah Feinberg
regarding Fall Rally that will be hosted by UPJ
9/5/2017 15:43:01
August - Due September 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg
Ashley NaccaratoClub Secretaryamn68@pitt.edu24No11031110NoNoYes
President Taylor Hetrick had been in contact with the three rivers division representative about upcoming plans and projects
9/5/2017 17:09:23
August - Due September 5th
Shippensburg University
Quincy GaffneyClub Secretaryqg3052@ship.edu0No21100000000NoNoYesEmails with our advisorN/AFreshmanN/AN/AN/ANo
9/5/2017 19:02:34
August - Due September 5th
West Chester University
Kimmie Di NhongClub SecretaryKN861899@wcupa.edu19No101000B. 8/29/1711
C. Handed out water bottles with West Chester Kiwanis during WCU move in
7940N/A05050NoNoNoKimmie Di NhongSophomore
Kimmie has been on top of the MRFs during the summer, which usually get forgotten about.
Tabling at WCU Move In
WCU Circle K and West Chester Kiwanis handed out water bottles to students moving in in August.
9/5/2017 20:57:43
August - Due September 5th
Drexel UniversityMichael KaneClub Presidentmjk399@drexel.edu16No403001
3 Officer meeting, 1 officer meeting with two Kiwanis advisors, 1 check up meeting with Liberty LTG.
1 service event: Saturday for Seniors at Old Pine Community center
Social that consisted of Drexel CK members getting dinner and hanging out in Center city
Rachel McDonald: Discussed Fall Rally Plans, Club status update, as well as plans for district wide involvement
Rachel DichterSenior
Rachel has been relatively active this summer term in comparison to the rest of Drexel University Circle K. This month she stepped in to help at the Old Pine Community center when we almost didn’t have any volunteers to send. Rachel is constantly working to better her community and those in it, encouraging members in fellowship by participating and suggesting new social events ideas. Rachel also does outside service with the PAWS organization and plans to work with DUCK to help integrate members in to regular service events with the organization.
Saturday for Seniors
Drexel Circle K has a long-running service project to spend the first Saturday of the month down at Old Pine Community Center to play Bingo! with senior citizens there. However, this month Circle K added a twist to its longest running tradition. Partnering with students in Civic Engagement classes, through Drexel's Lindy Center for Volunteer Service, Circle K was able to offer an extended hour of Bingo! fun for the seniors! With the extra hands it was easier to play more games and give out more prizes. We are happy to see a new twist on an old favorite!
9/5/2017 23:50:02
August - Due September 5th
University of Pittsburgh - Oakland
Jazmine LawhornClub SecretaryJal222@pitt.edu33No20100100000010400VP of MembershipN/A700011000
I considered the activities fair to be a social event. If you don't then I can change it and resubmit it.
Both Miranda and Sarah participated in a group message and conference call about the activities fair and the fall rally.
Sarah FeinbergSenior
She had great communication skills
9/7/2017 0:28:04
August - Due September 5th
Duquesne UniversityNisha MallyaClub Secretarymallyan@duq.edu0No8224003000031733N/A221.511000
Ice Cream Social for interested members
Choniece had the President's Chat and talked Sarah; Margo (Marguerite Madden) also had contact with the board
N/A (didn't select anyone this month)
Service Sunday: Homeless Care Packages
We put together care packages of essentials for homeless people in Pittsburgh.
10/2/2017 16:31:05
September - Due October 5th
Carnegie Mellon University
Samantha LohierClub Secretary
15Yes62400011511VP of Service1100Yes
We sold Peace, Love, and Little Donuts to raise funds for Children's Education
YesNoN/AFreshmanN/ABack-to-School Kits
During our service general body meeting, we put together kits containing pens, pencils, erasers, and crayons for underprivileged kids going back to school.
10/2/2017 21:51:45
September - Due October 5th
La Salle UniversityJordyn MichaelsClub Secretary
30No2112150129N/A812120NoNoNoSam HojoSophomore
Was so great with the cats at the PSCPA and was helping prepare the new volunteers for the kind of work they will do there.
PSCPAanimal shelterNo
10/2/2017 23:09:04
September - Due October 5th
Lock Haven UniversityHannah BellClub Secretary
2 - 2 Circle K attendees at the first one and 3 at the second one
000002063VP of Service4VP of Membership30000100Yes
We are raising money for the Red Cross in Houston Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey needs.
Red Cross of Williamsport
$100Red CrossYes
Megan McKenna, she was at our first meeting and explained to the club the DSP project as well as the Governor's Project. She gave some examples of what we could do, and she gave an update about InterPack.
Jessica Tressa Senior
She was the one who came up with the idea to raise money for hurricane victims in Harvey. She has been the dominate force behind our fundraising efforts and has talked to professors and students about our cause and why we are doing it.
Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser
We raised money as a club to send to victims of Hurricane Harvey.
2 meetings by 1 Kiwanis family attendee
10/3/2017 14:43:44
September - Due October 5th
Edinboro UniversityKayla BittnerClub Secretary
our service projects included: ESO dance for special needs citizens, walk to end Alzheimer's, Sunny Day Camp with state police officers, Bingo at the Veteran's Affairs hospital, craft night with residents of Edinboro Manor, trash pick up around Edinboro, assisting set up for the Kiwanis Club garage sale, and assisting at the Boro Women's Services Block Party.
our events were mostly service projects, including an ESO dance for special needs citizens, walk to end Alzheimer's, Sunny Day Camp with state police officers, Bingo at the Veteran's Affairs hospital, craft night with residents of Edinboro Manor, trash pick up around Edinboro, assisting set up for the Kiwanis Club garage sale, and assisting at the Boro Women's Services Block Party. Our social event was for members who paid their dues on time, and we went to a corn maze in Edinboro together.
We are selling Pittsburgh Popcorn to raise money for our club.
Josh, he wants to come to one of our meetings and give us awards from last year.
Britany DarrFreshman
Britany is new to our club but is already making herself very involved and attending several of our service, social events, and meetings in the first month alone.
ESO Dance
The Council for Exceptional Children holds dances once a month within the Erie area with 4 colleges providing the volunteers: Mercyhurst, Edinboro, Penn State Behrend, and Gannon. These dances provide extra social opportunities for community members with special needs. Our volunteers helped with set up, tear down, helping with games, refreshments, photos, and dancing.
10/3/2017 20:47:45
September - Due October 5th
Elizabethtown CollegeDylan WarnerClub Secretarywarnerd1@etown.edu11No842002 (one each time)2+4+1+2+11
We do, "Happy Quarter Sad Dime" every meeting where each member talks about why they are happy or sad and donates money to the jar. At the end of the semester we will donate this money to a local animal shelter.
20006963.5VP of Service3.5VP of Membership42021321NoNoYes
Kayla Heisey is part of our club, we also met most of our district board at Fall Officer Training.
Rebecca KruseFreshman
Rebecca is unable to make it to our meetings and is new to the club, but she still came to Fall Officer training and Community Cupboard for a day since she joined the club.
kruser@etown.eduGrane Hospice Cards
A representative from Grane Hospice Care led us in making cards for the residents at the center.
1 (two Kiwanis members attended)
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