Global AppSec ASIAPAC 2012 - OWASP Track

The OWASP Track initiative, jointly led by the Global Conferences Committee and the Global Projects Committee, is a new effort to help OWASP promote our projects and activities at our own major conferences. The goal of this track is to highlight and promote OWASP and offer our leaders a chance to showcase their activities. As such, we will be using a different type of CFP from those typically issued. Submissions should highlight a particular OWASP project or activity that is important to the community at large. The joint GCC/GPC program committee will be judging these submissions on a variety of factors, including project/activity maturity, strategic value to OWASP, relevance to the event audience, and past presentation performance. We intend to highlight brand new projects and activities along with established ones, so new project leaders should not be discouraged from applying! Keep in mind though that we are looking for polished presentations so it will help your submission if you can demonstrate that your project/activity has made recent strides in improving quality. Presenters that perform well in their OWASP Track talk will be invited to join the OWASP Speakers Group. In addition to our normal criteria selections for the ASIAPAC event will heavily favor submitters from the ASIAPAC region. The event will be held Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of April 2012 in Sydney Australia.
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Submission Guidelines

Submissions must: - Be about active OWASP Projects or activities - Either 50 Minute or 15 Minute format - Authors must agree to the OWASP Speaker Agreement - Comply to the applicable Global Conferences Committee Policies (all events & speakers) - Be OWASP branded, no company templates (presenters must limit mention of their employer to a company logo on the concluding slide of their presentation) Recommendations: - Presentations that provide a link to a recording of previous presenter performance will be scored significantly higher - Presentations on active Projects This is a very different CFP when compared to what most people expect from CFPs. Much of the rating and criteria will be subjectively, not objectively based. This is necessary to promote strategic OWASP elements as well as facilitate a polished OWASP image. Presentation skill will be considered as a key factor in the review in addition to content which is a departure from most CFPs. Additionally, the requirements of each event as well as topics the Program Committee wishes to highlight will change over time, therefore we expect this to be a highly competitive and dynamic CFP. Presentations will be rated on: - Project/activity maturity - Strategic value to OWASP - Delivery performance - Relevance to the event audience - Geographic location of leader (favoring ASIAPAC based projects)

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