OWASP AppSec Latam 2013 - Call for Trainers (CFT)

**Deadline is Friday, August 2nd, 2013** Please carefully fill out this form completely to submit your training proposal for consideration at OWASP AppSec Latam 2013 in Lima, Perú. The training will be held October 1st and 2nd, 2013 at the University "Universidad Tecnológica del Perú" located in Lima, Perú. (conference talks are October 3rd and 4th, see appseclatam.org for more information). Training courses will be one (8 hours) or two (16 hours) days. We will post your Display Name, Biography, Training Title, and Training Summary to the appseclatam.org site if your talk is selected. If you provide a URL or Twitter handle, we will post that if your training is selected, too. The deadline for this Call for Training is August 2nd, 2013. If your training is selected, we will contact you to confirm, and need your completed Training Instructor Agreement before we open your class for registration. Trainers get a 40% cut of the training revenue. Price for trainees will be $800 (USD) for a 2-day training course and $400 (USD) for a 1-day training course (see the "Training" tab at appseclatam.org for additional information). If you would like to submit multiple training proposals, please make multiple separate form submissions. Trainers will receive one free admission (nontransferable) to the conference in return for delivering a one or two day training course. By submitting this form, you are consenting to stay within the guidelines of the Training Instructor Agreement posted at appseclatam.org, under the "Training" tab. We will ask you to sign and complete the Agreement and email it back to us if your talk is selected and you accept.
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