OWASP AppSec EU Research 2013: OWASP Projects Track (CFP)

The OWASP Projects Track is a great opportunity for OWASP Project Leaders to showcase their project as an official conference presenter. Please fill out this form to submit your talk for consideration at OWASP AppSec EU Research 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. Talks will be 50 minutes each. We will post your Display Name, Biography, Talk Title, and Talk Abstract to the appsecapac.org site if your talk is selected. If you provide a URL or Twitter handle, we will post that if your talk is selected, as well. The submission deadline for the OWASP Projects Track is May 03, 2013. If your talk is selected, we will contact you to confirm, and we will expect that your slides and other materials will be sent to us no later than August 01, 2013 for our peer review. We peer review slides and other material for inclusion on the conference website (post-conference), and to verify general conformance to OWASP conference presentation guidelines. If you would like to submit multiple presentations, please make multiple separate form submissions. Speakers will receive free admission (nontransferable) to the conference in return for delivering a 50 minute talk. By submitting this form, you are consenting to stay within the guidelines of the speaker agreement posted on the AppSec EU website under the "Call for Papers" tab. Note: OWASP Project Leaders have the option of requesting financial assistance from the Foundation to cover travel and hotel expenses ONLY. This funding is only available to projects that have been selected to participate in the OWASP Projects Track at AppSec EU Research 2013. Preference will be given to OWASP Project Leaders that are applying to present at the confernce that is closest to their region. Additionally, preference will be given to OWASP Project Leaders that have not presented or participated in the OWASP Projects Track. Please contact us at projects@owasp.org with any questions!
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