OWASP Malaysia Meetup Q2 2013

OWASP Malaysia was Open Web Application Security Project for Malaysia Chapter. We like to share and discuss about security. Feel to join and participated as community. This is Open Source Project by OWASP Foundation. https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Malaysia

Topic : OWASP Meetup Q2 2013
Date : 16 July 2013 (Tuesday)
Time : 9.00a.m - 1.00p.m

Event Program:

8.30a.m - 9.00a.m - Arrival Participant
9.00a.m - 9.10a.m - Opening Speech by INTAN VVIP
9.10a.m - 9.20a.m - Speech by OWASP Malaysia Chapter Leader
9.20.a.m - 10.20a.m - Speech By Tobias Gordon - CISO for Manager
10.20a.m - 10.35a.m - Rest
10.35a.m - 10.50a.m - Talk by INTAN (TBA)
10.50a.m - 11.50a.m - Speech by Drew William - Governance, Risk and Compliance
11.50a.m - 12.50a.m - Speech By Tobias Gordon - Secure Coding
12.50p.m - 1.00p.m - Social Network

BIO: Tobias Gondrom

"Tobias Gondrom is CEO at Thames Stanley, a boutique Global CISO and Information Security & Risk Management Advisory based in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Germany.

He has 15 yrs of experience in software development, application security, cryptography, electronic signatures and global standardization organizations working for independent software vendors and large global corporations in the financial, technology and government sector.

Over the years, he has trained and advised dozens of CISOs and senior information security leaders around the globe. Since 2003 he is the chair of working groups of the IETF (www.ietf.org), a member of the IETF security directorate, and since 2010 chair of the web security WG at the IETF. He has been in a number of project and chapter leadership roles for OWASP since 2007. Currently, he is a board member of the OWASP London and the CSA Hong Kong and Macau chapters and leads the OWASP CISO Report and Survey project. He is an ISC2 CSSLP and CISSP Instructor. Tobias has authored the Internet standards RFC 4998 and RFC 6283, also co-authored the books „Secure Electronic Archiving“ and the OWASP CISO Guide and is a frequent presenter at conferences and publication of articles (e.g. AppSec, IETF, ISSE, ...).

BIO: Drew Williams

Drew Williams has a pedigree in information management and security that began more than 30 years ago while serving as a journalist and public affairs liaison in the U.S. Navy, participating in key military missions that included the U.S. counter-deterrent against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, and the attempted hostage rescue operation in Tehran in 1980.

On matters of State, Drew served on the President’s Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security (a precursor to the Department of Homeland Security), and was one of a handful of original drafters of the 1996 Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Policy guidelines for the U.S. government, the 1998 Common Vulnerabilities Enumeration (CVE) reporting model for how viruses and security risks are reported, and was a founding member of the Intrusion Detection Consortium (1999), and worked on the early stages of Common Criteria parameters for infosec product development. In 2004, Drew established the Center for Policy and Compliance for Configuresoft/VM-Ware, and lectures annually in Southeast Asia on IT security trends and best practices, and was named by a security consortium in Australia as “One of the top 20 most influential people in IT security in the Pacific” in 2010.

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