Luvinia Weekly Challenge: What's in Stock?

What is Luvinia Weekly Challenge? - Luvinia Weekly Challenge is a series of weekly tasks the GMs assign to fellow Luvinia Online players. By successfully completing these tasks, players will win prizes such as Planar Essences, Enhancing Gems, SparkCash and much much more. Event Frequency - 1 new challenge per week. New challenge usually starts on Thursday and ends on the next Wednesday. This Week's Challenge - Take a screenshot of any NPC merchant's stock. This Week's Prize* - Everyone: 1x Expedition Blessing Scroll A (1 Hour) - 1 Lucky winner: 7,000 SparkCash! Deadline - 23:59, Wednesday, September 7th, Server Time How to Win - Take a screenshot of any NPC merchant's stock. - Upload your screenshot to an image host. - Fill out this form here. Event Rules - The same account can only participate in this week's challenge once. Multiple submissions of the same character or account will lead to automatic disqualification. - Outspark Forum Rules, Community Guidelines and Terms of Service apply. *Prize will be distributed after the event ends. While we will do our best to award all prizes within the same week when the event ends, please allow at least 3-5 business days for all prizes to be distributed.
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