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We like to start conversations with startups early, but in order to ultimately secure Outlierz investment, it is typically required that a venture already has at least one or two paying B2B clients, or 100+ B2C customers. If you're in doubt, however, apply now anyway. Again, we're happy to begin the conversation sooner rather than later.
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We see ourselves as partners with startups, not just investors. It's especially important therefore to us that we get a good feel for who you are and if we'd be a good fit for each other.
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We like to be among the first institutional capital to enter your cap table. If you are based outside of Morocco, however, we especially prefer to join one of our local investor partners when investing.
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If so, how much funding are you looking to raise now? Which investors are you currently talking to? Please also let us know if you have any commitments thus far.
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