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Please review RLR's guidelines to help determine whether an in-person or virtual program will be more effective:

Use THIS form for in-person presentations and trainings.
Digital Programs for schools can be requested through this from:
Virtual Trainings for community agencies can be requested through this form:
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Note: our most basic presentation for youth lasts approximately 50-60 minutes, and for adults 60-90 minutes.
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If your request is for an in-person presentation, please include as many details as possible about social distancing and other health policies your venue/agency is implementing. RLR's guidelines will also help determine whether an in-person or virtual program will be more effective:
Thank you for registering for an awareness presentation! Here are some next steps you can expect after submitting this request:

-- We will contact you within a week of your submission to confirm your registration and begin the planning process.
-- After all logistics are confirmed and dates are set, we will send you a Confirmation Letter that includes all the details of your presentation, as well as expectation and preparation details for your review.

We are excited to fight for freedom with you. Welcome to the Rebellion!
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