Board of Directors Donation Request Form
Before continuing, please read the process for requesting a donation from The Oregon Country Fair Board of Directors on our webpage:

To be considered for a donation from the Board of Directors, please complete the form below.

The Board of Directors does not consider donations in January, February, June or July.

If you are requesting an in-kind donation for your fundraising event, please email
Please identify the non-profit organization that will be receiving the donation if awarded and the group who will use the donation (if different from the registered non-profit). *
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Specify amount requested and if you have received a donation from the Oregon Country Fair within the last twelve months. *
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How does your request fit with the values of the OCF? *
How did you arrive at the decision to approach the OCF for these funds? *
All Board Members will be given a copy of your request. If one of them offers to support your request it will be added to the Board's business agenda. If you have talked with a Board Member and already have their support for your request, please indicate who.
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