ORCID Board of Directors 2018 Nomination Form
Every year ORCID holds member elections for open positions on the following year’s Board. All ORCID members (https://orcid.org/members) are eligible to recommend a representative to serve on the ORCID Board. In addition, the Board has a slot for a researcher, who need not be affiliated with an ORCID member.

All applications received will be reviewed by the ORCID Nominations Committee (NomCom), chaired by Richard de Grijs of Peking University. Full details of NomCom and the process are available on our website https://orcid.org/content/nominating-committee-charter.

The NomCom will draw up a slate based on member recommendations, taking into account balance by sector, region, skills, and non-profit status requirements established in the ORCID bylaws https://orcid.org/bylaws.

Board Directors serve for a period of three years, starting with our first quarter Board meeting. Directors are expected to attend each of our three annual Board meetings in person, and play an active role in ORCID activities during the course of their term.

In terms of the Board meetings, applicants should be aware that:

• meetings alternate between cities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia
• meetings typically last 1.5 days and tend to be scheduled back-to-back with ORCID-supporting engagements (e.g., a workshop or outreach meeting) which may necessitate an additional one-day commitment to ORCID;
• travel and accommodation to participate in Board meetings is self-funded (with the exception of the Researcher role on the Board where travel costs are met).

For more about the roles and responsibilities of ORCID Board Directors, please see our Elections webpage https://orcid.org/content/board-elections.

To be considered for a position on the ORCID Board, please complete and submit this form by 1st August 2017.

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What do you see as one major challenge or opportunity facing ORCID in the next three years?
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