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Projects will be judged on the following criteria:
• Is the idea unique?
• Is the idea thoughtfully and thoroughly presented?
• Can the idea be carried out?

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What law in Chicago would you change?
List the title number, the chapter number and the section number. Example: § 1-4-070
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How Would You Make Chicago Even Better? *
Write out how you think the law should be written. Example: This law currently states "Sufficient copies of this Code shall be deposited with the Chicago Public Library for general public reference and use." I think the law should be changed to: "Sufficient copies of this Code shall be deposited with the Chicago Public Library for general public reference and use and available for free online in machine-readable format without license or copyright restrictions."
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Why Will Your Idea Improve Chicago? *
Describe the problem you see and how changing this law will address it. Example: I think an official version of the laws of Chicago should be available online for everyone to access freely without facing restrictions, paywalls, fees or burdensome user agreements.
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Describe That Better Chicago After Your Idea Becomes Law *
Describe the ideal outcome from your suggested change. Example: I think when everyone has better access to the laws that govern them, they will become more involved in the lawmaking process to improve their city. Removing restrictions to the Chicago code encourages tools to be built that improve legal access and create better outcomes for those facing legal issues. If citizens are required to know the law, they should have no barriers to accessing the law.
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Evidence for Why Your Idea Needs to Become Law?
Are there any relevant news articles or studies about this problem in Chicago?
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