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If you want to improve the capabilities of Gym by giving it access to more environments, then you can give us the ability to train our AIs on your software. To do this, simply read our games use permission and indicate your agreement by checking the box.

Please read the permission in full to understand its terms, but in short the use that we are seeking your permission for is the right for:

- OpenAI to provide copies of the games to participants, by download, VNC or other means;
- Games to be played by computers using AI (regardless of any bot prohibitions in the TOS);
- Participants and OpenAI to publish (blogs, papers, etc.) the results and learnings from their participation, and to use screen and video captures and other information related to the games in connection with the project.

You will continue to own all rights to the games (and any IP therein), and we will not do anything to suggest your affiliation with the project, alter the games, or use them for any unpermitted purpose. Our use of the games will be “as is” and that you are not providing us with any warranties or promises about their performance.

We hope to use all of your games, but if that is not possible, please also specify which games you are granting your permission for. Once you agree and submit your information, we'll send you a link and from there you can upload your software binaries to our system. We'll be sure to credit you in the Gym doc. Thanks for helping humanity develop better, safer AI systems!
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