Project Request Form
The Communications and Marketing project request form helps us streamline our processes so that we can better serve our constituents on campus. The form contains five main sections. You don’t need to fill out each section; simply complete the sections that you need our assistance with.
Preliminary Info
This is the initial section that must be completed for any project. It includes your contact info, main purpose, etc.
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Specific Project Goals: Call to action? What do you want your audience to do?
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Project Stakeholders (name all project decision-makers)
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Account Executive Responsibilities
President's Office – Amy Prigge
Academic Affairs – Hayley Stratton
College of Arts & Sciences – Sheila Baumgartner
College of Business Administration – Sheila Baumgartner
College of Engineering – Sheila Baumgartner
College of Law – Sheila Baumgartner
College of Pharmacy – Hayley Stratton
Athletics – Hayley Stratton
Financial Affairs – Hayley Stratton
University Advancement – Development, Alumni Relations, Parent Program – Brian Paris
Admissions – Amy Prigge
Student Affairs – Hayley Stratton
Community Relations – Amy Prigge
Arts & Culture Performances (Freed, Theatre, Music, Art) – Hayley Stratton
Arts & Culture Academics/Recruitment – Sheila Baumgartner
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Final Approver *
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Account Number *
Please provide verification of approval if the costs are being shared with or charged to a budget code that does not belong to you.
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Does this project involve the solicitation of funds from alumni, donors, etc?
If you answered yes to the previous question, please enter the individual that is approving this solicitation.
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What can we help you with? *
If you need multiple services please choose one below and on the next section you will be able to pick another service.
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