Feedback on ONN's Evaluation Project
Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy
In May 2015, the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) began work on a strategy to change how evaluation is used in Ontario's nonprofit sector to make it easier, more rewarding and less stressful for nonprofits and their partners to do meaningful evaluation work. Since then, ONN has done research on the systemic issues of evaluation that affect all nonprofits regardless of size, location, or mission, spoken to a number of nonprofits, evaluators, and funders about those issues, and developed a variety of materials to help inform and make evaluation more useful for the sector.

We know the challenges nonprofits face with evaluation can be frustrating and won't be resolved overnight. Our work is a way to start a dialogue on what can be a very difficult and complex subject and we have been encouraged by the conversations we have had so far with many of you.

Survey- 10 -12 min.
Now we need your help with our own evaluation. This survey should take approximately 10-12 minutes and will help us to better understand what effect our work has had and how sector work can improve going forward. Your responses will be kept anonymous.

Your chance to win- by May 12, 2017
You have the option of entering your name and email at the end of this survey to be included in a random draw for a free registration to Nonprofit Driven 2017, ONN's annual conference on November 9, 2017.

Thank you for contributing to this sector-building work!
~Andrew Taylor, ONN's Resident Evaluation Expert and Co-Owner of Taylor Newberry Consulting
~Ben Liadsky, ONN's Evaluation Program Associate

This work is thanks to a Partnership Grant through the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI).

1. Are you aware that ONN has been working on evaluation issues facing nonprofits? *
2. Have you previously visited ONN's evaluation webpage? *
3a. What ONN evaluation materials are you aware of? (Check all that apply) *
3b. What evaluation materials have you shared (whether by email, social media, at meetings, etc.)? (Check all that apply) *
4a. In what ways have you used or might you use any of ONN's evaluation materials in your work? (Check all that apply) *
4b. If you have used or plan to use one or more evaluation materials, we'd like to know more. In a few words, tell us how our work has been of use to you, or might be of use to you in future.
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