United Nations Emerging Global Leaders Program Application Form
This United Nations Emerging Global Leaders opportunity allows those selected a unique experience to deeply engage at the highest levels of the UN as a representative of an ECOSOC-affiliated NGO, Woodenfish Foundation.

2-week programs run each year during the summer, winter, and spring. Programs coincide with conferences held at the UN Headquarters and also with university breaks.

There are only EIGHT openings during each session, please apply soon if interested. This is a competitive and extremely limited offering to participate in a young leadership program at the United Nations. It is open to students ages 18+ from any background.

Please complete the following form. In addition to completing the form, we request that you email jgooding@woodenfish.org with your school transcript if applicable (an unofficial PDF version is acceptable);

More about the program:

This is a unique educational program and experience in students (ages 18+) from different parts of the US and world spend two intensive weeks learning about the United Nations and what it is like to represent a non-governmental organization (NGO). The participants attend open meetings of the Security Council, the General Assembly, and various committees. This program launches careers as global citizens interacting with and humanitarian goals embraced by the UN. Those accepted into this program have the opportunity to meet with different Missions and NGOs for discussions based on their specific questions and interests.

Participants choose a topic for research that connects to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At the end of the program, everyone presents what they learn through an oral presentation and written paper. Participants also take part in intensive workshops and training on oral communication and public speaking, creative and divergent thinking, and leadership and collaborative partnership building, soft skills that can strengthen young people in far reaching ways. For younger participants in college, this program also includes a portion dedicated to career planning. For young professionals, this experience adds credibility to your resume when approaching employers or graduate schools. In recent years, participants have most appreciated learning leadership and global and civil society outreach, and gaining real, hands-on experience that will be invaluable regardless of one's future path.

This program is a commitment, and educational in nature. Each day should be taken very seriously. Participants are expected to be mature, self-motivated, responsible, dedicated and interested in gaining experience from the work of the UN and potentially considering the UN as part of a future career. They are expected to be professional and respectful, to be on time each day, to be actively involved, to turn in assignments on time, and to put forth their best effort. Participants represent the organization each day while inside the United Nations, and the program is a privilege for qualified applicants.

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