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Each month, Christine Rico conducts free video consultations with business owners who have questions about how to manage finances and grow more profitably. If you are selected, your consultation will focus on the things that keep you awake at night, ideas that make your head spin or places you want to tighten your ship. In the conversation, Christine will ask questions to quickly learn about your priorities and roadblocks and then suggest actions you can take to address big problems (or small ones) that are holding you back from the growth and profitability you want. The focus of the conversation will be on your business and the challenges that are top of mind for you.
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The questions below will help us select business owners who can benefit from Christine's experience and are ready to take action. Specifically, we look for women-led companies that have solid revenue ($500,000 or more in the last year), growth potential, and are seeking new ways to understand and manage their company's finances.

We look forward to hearing more about your business! Please answer the questions below and we will be in touch within 2 business days with a scheduling link, or resources that can help your company.

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