Bus Pass/ Change Request
Fill out this form ONLY if the pick-up and/or delivery is different than the original locations we have on file for your child. Requests are limited, and at the discretion of the school administrator, and the bus company, and must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

For 4k students, an adult will need to make contact with the driver at the drop-off location so the student can be released there.

*Please note: The bus driver will not honor written notes from parents.

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1. Bus Driver will not honor parent notes for school bus passes.

2. Three (3) Alternate Daily Passes will be allowed per student per school year.

3. One (1) Daycare/Caregiver Pass will be allowed per student per semester.

4. Parent/Guardian must complete the form and submit it to student's building principal at least 24 hours in advance for Alternate Daily Pass, and 3 days in advance for the Daycare/Caregiver Pass. There will be no exceptions.

5. A transfer from the student's regular bus to a different bus will not be approved if the second bus may reach its riding capacity, unless in case of joint custody.

6. Emergency Transfer Passes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Examples of circumstances that my be appropriate for the District Administrator to consider an emergency pass include, but are not limited to the following: extended period out of the district with students supervised at a different residence, hospitalization of parent or family member, or any circumstance which may be viewed as to significantly disrupting the family.

7. A student who is not eligible to ride school district transportation is not eligible for daily passes.

8. The School District will not approve multiple change requests to accommodate parent employment schedule changes, babysitting services, etc.

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