Value to the Cause Application
Please complete this interactive form to apply for Value to the Cause funds.

Value to the Cause: Empowers staff to take action in obtaining grants and awards for grassroots initiatives that spark change to the classroom, building, and throughout our community, improve specific student learning opportunities, develop classroom improvements, obtain specific Board goals/challenges, or to pursue various District incentive projects.

Note: All Efforts within this Level MUST be Pre-Approved by the Superintendent and limited to the Board approved budget.


Your Name
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Dates of Planned Activities
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Names of other individuals involved in the project
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Supervisor's Name
Which eligible Value to the Cause program are you applying for?
What is the proposed name of your project?
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Who will be impacted by this project? Examples: grade levels, departments, athletics, clubs, community as a whole, etc.
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How does this project go beyond the basic curriculum or provide value to the cause?
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Have you received or applied to receive funding for your project other than this application?
If yes, what kind of funding have you received/applied for and what is the funding amount?
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Why is funding necessary for your project? This question is only applicable if applying for an Innovative Project Grant or an Innovative Classroom Grant.
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If requesting an Innovative Project Grant or an Innovative Classroom Grant, how much funding are you requesting? Please provide details of how you determined this amount. Examples of details- cost of materials or services, quantities need, etc.
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If you should not be able to secure funding, how will the project go forward?
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If you are working on direct solicitation, formula grant, or competitive grant, how much funding are you applying/searching for?
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Time to Shine- If you are awarded funding, you are expected to make a presentation to the Board and provide communication of project accomplishment(s) to the Inside the Fox Den paper and on the District's Facebook page upon completion of the project that brings value to the cause. This opportunity is created for you, as you do so many wonderful things for our students and community, it your "time to shine". Who will be the spokesperson for this project?
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Agreement- by completing this form I understand that if awarded funding I am expected to make a presentation to the Board, provide communication of project accomplishment(s) to the Inside the Fox Den paper and the District's Facebook page, turn in all applicable receipts to the District office, and finish the project within the chosen dates.
- Funding is subject to a first come first serve basis depending upon budget funds by the Board.
- The Superintendent reserves the right to determine appropriate funding amounts and/or stipends.
- Stipends will be paid after completion of the project, presentation to the Board, and communication to the Inside the Fox Den paper and on the District's Facebook page.
- Please see the Superintendent with questions.
Section to be completed by the Superintendent
Application- _____ Approved _____ Denied

Funding amount- _______________

Stipend Percentage- _______________

Approval of date or modifications- ____________________

Other comments/requirements- ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date- _______________

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