OmniLabs: Campus Beta Signup
Omnipointment’s group scheduling app ( has helped many student organizations find time to stay active in spite of how busy their members are. We are now looking for student governments and campus life departments interested in joining the exclusive beta of a new project: OmniLabs.
Here is how the project can add value to student organizations at your school:
- Preventing scheduling conflicts between complementary student organizations.
- Helping busy student leaders manage multiple commitments.
- Learning what times are best to host events for students.
- Building student organization partnerships with professionals, donors, and recruiters.

As part of this project, you will receive free access to Omnipointment Premium for your entire campus!

We are looking for student governments, departments, or other umbrella organizations to:
- Share Omnipointment with their affiliated student organizations for group scheduling.*
- Connect our team with student leaders and groups who can provide feedback.
- Review data from the project to ensure that it is valuable to campus and properly handled.

* Not all student organizations must use Omnipointment for this project to be rewarding, but they are welcome to.

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We'll reach out to you to discus if this project would be a good fit for your campus, review any questions/apprehensions you may have, and loop in the other people on your end who should be involved!
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