OLV Parent Survey
Please complete the following survey regarding your child's education and your involvement at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School. Your time in completing this survey is very much appreciated and your input it greatly valued.
OLV provides parents with opportunities to share feedback and ideas regarding parental involvement programs and activities?
OLV faculty and staff are welcoming towards parents and visitors.
OLV allows me several opportunities to be involved with my child's education.
OLV faculty and staff communicate with parents often and in an easy to understand manner.
My child's teacher communicates with me about my child's progress.
OLV faculty and staff create an environment in which staff, parents , and the community work together to improve student achievement.
My child is challenged academically at OLV.
Students are recognized for their accomplishments at OLV.
Students have a safe and secure learning environment at OLV.
OLV's Mission (We strive to educate the whole child in mind, body, and spirit by building a foundation for lifelong learning based on engagement in our Faith and academic excellence) is being implemented in my child's education.
Please use the space below to add any additional comments or concerns that you would like to share.
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Please use the space below to discuss a program or activity that you enjoy at OLV or would like to see incorporated at OLV.
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