COAD Workshop Registration

LARC is excited to invite new & existing partners to learn how groups of community organizations active in disaster (COADs) can organize to consider the human needs & risk factors that are likely in local disaster situations, identify gaps in potential service delivery, & prepare local communities to assess needs & transition to meet those needs through local long-term recovery programs.

What topics will we cover?
• What is a COAD? Why start one?
• Structure and function of a COAD/LTRG
• Case management structure & function in a COAD/LTRG
• When should a COAD become a LTRG & vice versa? How does that happen?
• Preparing for Long Term Recovery

Who should attend this workshop?
• Anyone who is concerned about what happens after a local disaster
• Anyone who is interested in helping before, during or after a local disaster
• City & County officials
• Faith communities
• Not for profits and nonprofits
• Healthcare coalition members
• Law enforcement & all first responders
• Behavioral health providers
• Educational institutions
• Those representing vulnerable populations

Should I attend if I am not a “disaster care provider”, emergency manager, or from an organization with disaster preparedness, response, or recovery in its mission statement? YES, you should attend because disasters affect everyone & resilience depends on everyone working together across communities, neighborhoods, organizations, & sectors!

    To accommodate a variety of schedules, we are offering the workshop on two different days:

    9:00am - 3:00pm Monday, April 25th (OKC Better Business Bureau) Tuesday, April 26th (OKC Better Business Bureau)
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    How can you help make this the most fun and effective event possible? [Note: if your organization has interns or volunteers outside of those who typically participate with LARC, we would love to have them contribute on your organization’s behalf!]
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