2017 School of Data Fellowship
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What is a School of Data Fellow?
Fellowships are nine-month placements with School of Data for data-literacy practitioners or enthusiasts. During this time, fellows work alongside School of Data: you will learn a lot from us and we will learn a lot from you! We'll work together to build an individual programme for your fellowship, that equips you with the skills to take your data-literacy work forward, whether that be how to train, how to network or how to organise events. In all these areas, our aim is to increase awareness of data-literacy and build communities who together, can use data literacy skills to make the change they want to see in the world.

Our fellowship programme aims to to recruit and train the next generation of data leaders and trainers to magnify the reach of our data literacy programme. The fellows will provide training and ongoing support to journalists, civil society organisations, and individual change-makers to use data effectively within their community and country. We are looking for applicants who already have connections to a network of data-literacy enthusiasts, or have some link with a particular organisation working in this field.

We recruit fellows on an annual basis, and provide them with data and leadership training as well as coaching to organise events and build their community. Our fellows are part of a growing global network of School of Data practitioners, benefiting from the network effects of sharing resources and knowledge and contributing to our understanding of how best to localise our training efforts.

This is where you can make a difference.
2017 will be the fourth cycle of our Fellowship Programme. Since we launched, fellows have helped multiple organisations around the world to become more data-literate, building long-standing relationships with communities, which have lasted long after the fellowship period. See our former Fellows here: https://schoolofdata.org/former-fellows/

We will be recruiting up to 10 fellowship positions in 2017. These fellowships will run from April to December. Our goal is to have fellows from a wide mix of countries all over the world.

A final point: we are committed to being inclusive in its recruitment practices. Inclusiveness means excluding no one because of race, age, religion, cultural appearance, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender. We proactively seek to recruit individuals who differ from one another in these characteristics, in the belief that diversity enriches all that we do.

This application will be open until Sunday, April 16th, 12AM GMT+0.

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