Open Knowledge Foundation Ambassadors Workplan
Welcome to the Open Knowledge Foundation! This is an opportunity to share with us your plans for spreading open knowledge in your community - which topics and themes would you like to work on? What would you like to achieve while you are an Open Knowledge Foundation Ambassador?

Once you have filled in the answers below, a member of the Local Groups team and the International Council will go through this with you; we aim to support you as best we can, so just let us know what you'd like to be doing! We look forward to working with you.

For those of you who have been Ambassadors already for a while, please tell us at the bottom of the form the main activities you already have done - links to meetups and relevant blog posts would be great!
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Country/state of Ambassadorship:
Broadly speaking, what would you like to do in your community?
Eg. engage with your city government, organise a hackathon, spread the word of open knowledge in universities or schools, encourage young people to start coding, encourage your local museum to open up their data... the possibilities are endless!
What are your areas of interest? *
Here is a list of Working Groups from the Open Knowledge Foundation, which are groups of people from all around the world who come together to work on a specific topic. We'd like to encourage you to be involved on an international scale, as well as on a local level within your community, so please select at least one that you will join. You can find their mailing lists on the individual websites, or here: 
Are there any specific organisations or initiatives in your community whose work fits into the umbrella of open knowledge?
List them here, and this can remind you to get in contact with them for future collaborations!
Approximate time plan - what are you aiming to do in the next 3 months?
There are some basics - like setting up your online presence, social media accounts, and filling in the basic pages on your website. What about finding people to form part of your core group? Or, making contact with some of the groups listed above, and inviting them to your first meetup? How would you like to get started?  
On a longer time scale - what would you like to achieve within the next 12 months?
Be as ambitious as you like! Remember, you'll find people along the way to help you achieve these goals - you're not alone. How do you think open knowledge can make a positive change in your community? Maybe you're aiming to spread the word to at least 200 new members of the mailing list, or getting your local government to set up an open data portal - or maybe you'd like to get younger generations talking about the open movement. For inspiration, check out our Global Community Stories
For those who have already been Ambassadors for a while; what are the main activities you have been working on so far?
Eg. have you organised meetups already, or have you established some main themes that your group is working on and interested in? Links to meetups or blog posts would be great here.  
Any other comments?
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