Gun Control vs Gun Rights
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Have you heard of the term "gun-free zones" (gun free zones are described as areas where one may not be in possession of a firearm) *
Scaled Questions
Please describe how much you agree with these statements with 1 being strongly disagree, and 5 being strongly agree.
Firearms are dangerous
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Firearms promote dangerous activity
It is my constitutional right to own a firearm
Firearm safety should be taught at a young age
All people should have the ability to purchase a firearm
Gun-free zones provide a safe environment for students, teachers, faculty, and parents.
Gun-free zones create targets at schools and other government buildings.
Teachers should be allowed to posses a firearm while in there school building.
Is there anything else you have to say on the subject of firearms, firearm safety, and gun-free zones?
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