Student Bursary Application 2016-17
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Please list each school you have applied to and include the program for each. For example: "University of Guelph, Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Public Policy;" "University of Windsor, Bachelor of Forensic Science;" "Confederation College, Police Foundations."
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Have you applied for OSAP (the Ontario Student Assistance Program)?
Have you received funding from any other bodies? Please specify who has given you funding.
Eg: Scholarships, foundations, your college or university, bursaries from your employer, your high school, church or community groups, etc.
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How do you plan to pay for your post-secondary education?
Please tell us a little bit about how you are financing your education. This could include contributions from your parents/family, money you have saved, money you are borrowing, etc. If you are not living at home for college/university, you can include details about how you plan to cover your living expenses. (150 words max.)
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Are you the first person in your family to attend post-secondary studies?
Please tell us why you think you should receive this bursary. (250 words max.)
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Please provide contact information for a teacher, supervisor, or mentor who can confirm that you are eligible for this bursary. They should be aware of your grades, whether you are active in the school community, and whether you are interested in law and justice.
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