2016-17 School news request form
We love to share the positive news in our district. Do you have something happening in your building or classroom that needs to be shared with the media or posted to our social media pages?

Please complete this form and include as much information as possible so we can get the best coverage for you! Questions: Contact Emily C. Buckley at buckley_e@ohsld.org or 513-598-2682, 6325 Rapid Run Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45233

Please note stories will be published to our website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page and tweeted, if appropriate. We have no control over the media and local press. While our goal is to get as many stories in the news as possible, they may or may not choose to publish your story.

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Quotes strengthen a press release. Please provide a quote for the story and include the name/contact information of the author. *
If your story is directly related to students, please have one or two students supply a quote as well.
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If your story isn't connected to a specific event, can you supply a photo? *
Please send photos to buckley_e@ohlsd.org and include both first and last names of those pictured. The press will NOT publish photos without first and last names.Include the words "news photo" in your subject line.
If your story is time sensitive, please include your deadline.
If the story isn't time sensitive, please leave blank.
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