How do I access my child’s Oak Hills gmail account?

Please ask your child for his or her Gmail address and password.  If your child cannot tell you, please contact your child’s school and request the information.   

Your child’s username is the same as his/her email address minus the For example, if my child’s email address is, his username would be 21MickeyMouse. Your student will not be able to change his/her password so you can be assured of access to the account at all times.


How can I set my child’s Oak Hills gmail account so that emails are forwarded to my own email account?

If you would like the email that is being sent to your child’s Oak Hills gmail account to be forwarded to your personal email account, follow these steps.


What if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about student Gmail accounts, please contact:

Elementary School:  Emily Winkle at

Middle School:  Jen Campbell at

High School:  Kristin Grote at