Ohayocon 2013 Press Pass/Comp Badge Eligibility Requirements

If you are interested in receiving a (1) press pass to cover Ohayocon 2013, please review the following eligibility requirements. We will review your form and let you know if you qualify. Please fill out the section that best applies to your situation.
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General Information

Print/Broadcast Media

Please fill out this information completely. If a question is not applicable to you please put N/A in the answer box.

Electronic Media (Beauty Bloggers, YouTube Vloggers)

Please Note:

***Eligibility for Press/Comp badges will be decided by the Ohayocon BOD and transferred to our registration department. Print and broadcast media should send clips or links to pre- and post-show coverage to info@ohayocon.org Electronic media can submit links to pre- and post-show coverage to melissa.phelps@ohayocon.org

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