Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau Policy Development Response Form

Each County Farm Bureau votes on policy annually. This policy helps set the agenda of the program and advocacy efforts of the organization. Fundamentally, Farm Bureau is all about security -- family security, community security and food security. What issues do you think should be focused on to achieve security in these areas? Please take a few minutes to let us know what policy issues are important to you. All responses will be kept confidential. For your convenience we've allowed input for up to three (3) issues. For each response you provide, please indicate if it is a local, state or federal issue in the preceding question. These responses will be reviewed by the individual county policy development committees, who will then provide policy resolutions to the membership at the annual meeting. Policy approved by the membership will become part of the county Farm Bureau action plan for the coming program year. Approved State and Federal policies will submitted to the Ohio Farm Bureau for consideration and may move on to the American Farm Bureau Federation.
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Policy Suggestion Section

Please list your suggestions for policy. Be as specific and elaborate as best you can so the committee will understand your intent. State a concern, issue, or suggestion as it relates to food security, family security and/or community security and provide suggestion on how this concern, issue or problem might be acted on or resolved. Good policy example: We encourage development of an online data base for schools to connect with Ohio farmers and provide locally grown fruits and vegetables for school lunch programs. Poor policy example: We encourage schools to serve locally grown product.

Thank you for participating in the county Farm Bureau policy development process.

We appreciate your interest and suggestions for consideration as part of our action plan for the coming program year.

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