Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network Proposal Application
Request for Information for product, management practice, system or structural solution to be demonstrated and evaluated at the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network (BRDFN).

To propose a project, complete this form.  Information shall be clear and concise to expedite review.  (See Application Instructions)
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Name of the Proposed Product, Practice, or System *
Identify category that most closely relates to the type of practice you are proposing: *
List supplemental technical information if applicable. (engineering plans, material specifications, etc.)
List previous scientific work on project. (previous or ongoing field/lab trials, publications, completed research projects, etc.)
Relevance - Describe how your proposal addresses sediment and nutrient loss from agricultural operations. *
Measurability - Describe how you will measure and quantify water quality improvements. *
Transferability - Describe the potential to transfer this proposed solution to other locations in the Western Lake Erie Basin. *
Readiness, Scalability - Indicate if this proposed solution is commercially available.  Has this proposed solution already been deployed in the field? *
Verification Studies - Provide citations, articles or data sources on efficacy. *
Cost Considerations - Describe installation and operational costs associated with this solution. *
Resource Needs - Describe resources needed to complete this project. This may include farm site needs, additional funding requested, or administration needed from the Demonstration Farms staff. *
List below any project funding from outside organizations. Also, indicate if there are any restrictions attached to current funding agreements.
List specific timeline for proposed project including on-farm project duration: *
Company or Individual Name: *
Mailing Address: *
Name of Contact Person: *
Phone Number: *
Email: *
Please indicate if a presentation to the Technical Advisory Committee is necessary. *
If project is confidential or contains confidential information please indicate and explain nature of said confidentiality.
By selecting YES, you declare that the information contained herein and within any attached materials is true, accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. You also understand that any misrepresentation or significant omission of information may result in the return of your application. *
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