Bowhunter Observation Survey Sign-up
The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is inviting all avid bowhunters to participate in its first annual bowhunter observation survey. This survey will provide valuable information to assist ODWC in gauging the health of wildlife populations, such as deer and turkey, and will help staff make harvest management decisions.

The Wildlife Department will e-mail surveys and detailed instructions to participating bowhunters prior to the start of archery season. From Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, participants will record the date, county, number of hours spent bowhunting, and the number of deer, wild turkeys and furbearers observed during their hunts. Participants may submit records online after each day they hunt, or submit records at the end of the season using an online form. Once the survey is complete and the data are processed we will provide all participating bowhunters with a copy of the results.

To participate in the survey, please complete the sign-up form below.


Jerrod Davis, Furbearer Biologist
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