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Ottawa Raft Mix B tryout
We’re excited to announce the return of an Ottawa Mixed B team! As the developmental sister team to Raft, we hope to foster new growth and development in Ottawa’s Ultimate community.

Maybe you’re looking to one day make it onto a competitive A team, or just looking to improve your skillset so you can feel like an all-star in your rec league, either way we’re looking for people who are dedicated to personal development, enjoying the sport, being a team-player, and showing Ottawa what the spirit of the game is all about.

If you’ve got grit and want to improve your level of play regardless of where you’re starting out – we want you!

Team Mission: To introduce new players to the Ultimate community and improve program performance through skills development, strategic organization, and a culture that respects Spirit of the Game.

Team Goals: To help interested, potential talent make that leap into competitive level in a mixed gender environment and give everyone more experience and play time. We also want to give our veterans a chance to play, coach, and give back to the community.

Team Values: We value hard work, respect, honesty, and the desire to have a good time. Penchants for gratuitous layouts are also appreciated.


One of the benefits of being part of the program is meeting and interacting with higher-level players. You can create new contacts, friendships, and find a future teammate. Whenever possible, we will look for the occasional practice alongside and with the top Raft team. Players who show improvement and commitment may have opportunity to join Raft A at tournaments.


You're a tryout groupie?

Do you just go to ALL the tryouts regardless of eligibility? Mixed, Masters, Open, AND Women's?
Provided you come out and run, we'd like to see you.

Tryout will be at Carleton University on April 17
Free parking across the street at Brewer Park otherwise you pay for Carleton parking.

For each tryout, a short warm-up will be lead as a group, however if you need more time to warm-up please do so beforehand.

Bring water, cleats, a disc, a white jersey, a black jersey, and anything else you think might need for the session (shorts, sunglasses, cake, your pet unicorn to cheer you on)…


Tuesdays we will have practices. We can run drills, polish plays, learn new skillsets, and develop your A-game. You’ll get to work on plays and building chemistry as a team.

Thursdays we will be putting in a league team. You’ll have an opportunity to apply all the skills you’ve been learning in a game and see the results of your efforts.


Yep there are costs. At the very least there will be a cost for uniforms and tourney fees.
Expect travel and food costs for outside tournaments.

Payments will be received through OCUA at the following site:

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What tournaments/Events can you attend?
What's the highest level of comp/league you have played at?
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