Course Merger/Combination Request Form
Fill out this form if you would like to have the enrollments from multiple courses or course sections to be rolled into a single course site.

Merging is generally done when an instructor has 2 or more sections of a course for which the assignments and materials are exactly the same.

**NOTE: Please fill out a separate form for each merger/new course site.
For instance, if you want enrollments from section 01, 02, 04 and 11 of MUTH-101 to be merged into a single section, fill out a form for each merger. In this case, 3 forms should be filled out, 1 each for merging 02 into 01, 04 into 01 and 11 into 01. This will keep the database clean and allow us to process your request more quickly.

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Main course site that will contain all enrolled students *
PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: DEPT-###-Section e.g. POLT-133-01 In most cases section 01 is the main site
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Sections for which the enrollment should be moved to the course site listed above. *
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