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Your NameGrade/PositionWhat are your other favorite drinks?What are your favorite snacks?What are your favorite types of foods?What are your favorite fast food restaurants?What are your favorite "sit-down" restaurants?What is your favorite color(s)?What is your favorite flower?What are your favorite stores?What is your favorite type of music?What are your favorite desserts?What is your favorite candy?Who is your favorite author(s)?What are you hobbies?Do you collect anything?Are you allergic to anything? If yes, please tell us.If you could get a gift card to anywhere, where would it be from?Anything additional you would like us to know?What is your email address?Your birthday is?What would you like from Starbucks (or another coffee place) or Sonic?What size T-Shirt do you wear? [Unisex/Men Style T-Shirt]What size T-Shirt do you wear? [Ladie's Fitted V-Neck/Crew Neck]Are you a FAN of any team, etc? List any here...
Araceli Hart1st gradesoy latte, coconut water, green tea, nuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, chocolateItalian, Japanese, Indian, Greekwhole foods, central market, juice land, Chick FiL A, galaxy cafeJack ALLens , Fonda San Miguel, Bartlett's, Trulucks, hopdoddy hamburgers, Uchi, Deep Eddy, Milano café, any bright colored onesNordstrom rack, Tjmax, Home Goods, Kohl's, Macys, American EAgle, Gap, whole foods, Sprouds, pop, musickey lime pie, tiramisu, almods, with chocolate almost anything.dark chocolate with nuts, no preferencezumba, yoga , readingcrossesnocharming Charlie's , target, marshall's, restaurants, visa.Thank you PTA and parents . aracelio.hart@austinisd.org1/24hot chai tea. mocha frappeSMlonghorns
Emily Kittredge1st gradeBlack coffee, Diet Coke, iced teanuts, trail mix, popcorn, pretzels, chocolateMexican, Indian, GreekFreebirds, Chipotle, P. Terry's, Jimmy Johns, Juiceland, ThundercloudTarka, Maudie's, Trudy's, Home Slice, ContigoGreen, Purple, BluePeonies, sunflowers, tulipsTarget, Homegoods, Whole FoodsAllSnickerdoodle cookiesTwizzlersSarah Dessen, Kevin Henkes, Karma WilsonTarget, Walmart, Teacher Heaven, Starbucksemily.kittredge@austinisd.org4/24ML
Maureen Hamburger 1st gradeGreen Tea, flavored water from HEB.nuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, pretzelsItalian, Chinese, IndianWhich WichTarka
Torchy Tacos
PF Chang
Austin Pizza Garden
BlueI don't have one.Target
J Jill
I don't have one.I don't eat desserts.Brach's hard candy

I like mysteries.Tennis
NoNoTeacher Pay Teacher
maureen.bishop@austinisd.org1/16Green tea just green no sugars.L
Rachel Grabel1st gradeSoy latte, coconut waternuts, fresh fruitMexican, Italian, JapaneseNoneUchi, Maudie's, Curra's, The ParksideTurquoiseDahliaTarget, Sprouts, Whole FoodsAlternative and Bluesanything non-dairyBukowski, Carlos Fuentes, Milan Kundera, Anne Ricehiking, making jewelry, going to concerts, readingTravel artifacts, crystals/stonesDairyVisa!rachel.grabel@austinisd.org1/6Soy LatteSOakland A's, SF Giants, 49ers
Renae Hernandez1st gradewaterfresh fruit, Think Thin Bars-chocolate fude, brownie crunchMexicanMaudie's, Trudy's, Macaroni GrillRedtulipTarget, Dillard'sgluten free browniesworking out--running, cyclingnocatsVISA gift card so I can use anywhere
Target/Dillard's/ Whole Foods
On a gluten-free dietrenae.hernandez@austinisd.org7/19Grande Misto with soy and 1 splendaSMGo Horns!
Yolanda Faulkner1st gradeCoffee
Green Tea
fresh fruit, trail mixSeafoodChick-Fil-A
Clay Pit
Austin Pizza Garden
Texas Roadhouse
Red Lobster
Tiger Lily
Stein Mart
Smooth Jazz
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans
SnickersTerry McMillanReading
Going to the movies
Stein Mart
American Express
ydumas@austinisd.org11/6Skinny Vanilla Latte, White Chocolate MochaLL
Bethany Bond2nd gradeJuiceland-Morning Sunshinenuts, chips, fresh fruit, trail mix, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, GreekP. Terry'sPolvo's, Evangeline, PieousGreen, RainbowI am allergic. I can handle regular green house plants. reading, travelingflowers, shellfish, beesVisa gift cards are the best!Thank you so much for everything you do. We really appreciate the amount of parent involvement that we have at Oak Hill. Thank you for making us feel appreciated. bethany.kennedy@austinisd.orgJune 5thPeach, mint, or both teaMLArkansas Razorbacks

New Orleans Saints
Farzana Rahman2nd gradecoke zero, lemonadenuts, biscotti, vege strawsAmerican, Mexican, Chinese, IndianChick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Verts KebapP. F. Chang, BJ's, Trudys, Madam Mam, Iron CactusRed, BlueLove flowers, especially rosesTarget, Dillards, Ann Taylor, New York and CompanyAll kindsIce cream Hershey's milk chocolate Agatha Christie, Jhumpa Lahirireading, needle workTarget, amazon, Teachers Heaven and Teachers pay Teachersfarzana.rahman@austinisd.orgFebruary 12Teavana Brewed Teas, Mocha light Frappuccino LXL
Karen Ashorn2nd gradeDiet Dr. Pepper, green tea, that's about it for drinks.fresh fruit, trail mix, chocolate, Butterfingers!!MexicanThunderCloudsChuy's; Flores; Cypress Grill.PurpleIrisPetco; Target; Teacher HeavenCountry, blues, rock and roll, bluegrass, etc. Just not rap.apple fritters; cheesecake.Butterfingers candy barJames Patterson; Nicholas Sparks; Lee Childs; Marguerite Henry (yes, still...)!working with my dogs; riding horses (hunter/jumpers); riding bikes; running; Zumba!Childrens' books! I can't go into Half Price Books anymore!!!not that I know of.Chuy's or FloresI am a CALT (Certified Academic Language Therapist) and it gives me great joy to help students who are struggling in reading! If you can, volunteering your time is a great way to help us AND to help our kids!karen.ashorn@austinisd.orgFebruary 23I don't drink coffee, but I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper (it's my "coffee")SMI follow some music groups; I'm not a very strong supporter of the Aggie football team (they call us "2 percenters" in Aggieland); I like to go and watch horse shows.
Lissa Bentley2nd gradeDiet dr pepper, Diet sweet tea by Sweet leaffresh fruit, trail mix, non-chocolate candyAmerican, Mexican, ChineseChick Fil -a, Thundercloud, P TerrysBJ's, North by Northwest, Maudies, Flores, Jack AllensPurpleNot really a flower person... Ha.Target, TJ Max, Steinmart, KohlsCountry, 80scheesecakeHeath bar but trying not to eat sweets. LOLDon't have time to read. I read so much at school.RVing-camping, listening to live musicnonoVISAWe appreciate all you do!!lisbentley6@gmail.com07/11/68NOT a coffee drinker but love Sonic drinks like diet dr pepper and diet green tea with mango and peachLXLUT
Monica Garcia2nd gradeany type of coffee or teatrail mixItalian, Chinese, Greekstarbucks
the coffee bean and tea leaf
la madeline
kerby lane
magnolias cafe
Red, Blue, Pinkall barnes and nobleclassicalcheesecakechocolatesdont have a special one I enjoy readingreading
no reallynutsbarnes and nobleThank you for everything you do for us!monica.garcia@austinisd.orgapril 8thregular with milkSSUT
Stephanie Thompson 2nd gradeKombucha - most any flavor
Any black tea
Matcha latte
Chai tea
nuts, chips, fresh fruit, Yogurt (plain or cherry) or any "noosa" brand flavors American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, French, ThaiDee Dee
Taco deli
Whole Foods
Central market
So many I can never choose here are some that are regular go-to's

Dee Dee (Thai food trailer)
Cafe no sé
Odd duck
Whip in
Elizabeth street cafe
Taco deli
Whole Foods
East side king

White, Black, GoldPeonies
Nordstrom rack
Blues, jazz, indie, pop, rap, country, all of it. Mango sticky rice from a Thai restaurant
Creme brûlée
Ice cream
Fruit popsicels
Snickers, receess pb cups, peanut butter m&ms Sophie Kinsella
Emily griffin
J. K. Rowling
Anything/one related to baking or cooking.
Baking, cooking, shopping, decorating my home, coloring, calligraphy, drawing Recipes, cookbooks, WatermelonNordstrom rack or home goods. I appreciate you all so much! Thank you for taking the time to think about me! We couldn't do our jobs well without wonderful people like you! Thank you for all of your support. stephanie.gallegossiller@austinisd.org12/17/87Soy latte with cinnamon powder or black coffee. SM
Tony Torres2nd gradelemonade, sweet teanuts, cookies, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcornAmerican, Mexican, ChineseWhataburger, Taco Bell, SonicLuby's, Applebee'sGreen, BlueBlue BonnetsWalmartSoft Rock, ClassicalPecan Pie, Lemon PieM&M's, pralines, DotsGeorge Orwell, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan PoeTraveling and visiting Historical Sites and MemorialsCoins, Stamps, Baseball CardsNoWalmarttony.torres@austinisd.org11/3coffeeXLXLUniversity of Texas, Texas Rangers, San Antonio Spurs
Alexandra Tarpely3rd gradeSparkling water and Coke Zerofresh fruitAmerican, Mexican, Italian, ChineseChick Fil AMandola's, Jack Allens and AbuelosYellow, Purple, PinkGerber Daisies Target
Buy Buy Baby
Bed Bath and Beyond
No real preferencesChocolate covered strawberriesHershey Hugs
Sweet Tarts
No PreferenceSpending time with family and friends. Reading Books.Target
alexandra.tarpley@austinisd.org7/17White Chocolate Mocha (iced on hot days and hot on cold days)LLLonghorns
Roadrunners (UTSA)
Amanda Hunter3rd gradeSonic Watermelon Slushnuts, fresh fruit, popcorn, pretzelsAmerican, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Greek, FrenchSonic, P. Terry'sJack AllenPurpleAll flowersJ. C. PennyCountryanything with chocolatechocolateGary PaulsenI love to cook, fish, read, and campnonoVisaamanda.hunter@austinisd.org06\23Skinny Cinnamon Dulche LatteXL2XL
Kathi Peterka3rd gradeIced Green Tea-Flavored
herbal teas
Coffee from anywhere
nuts, fresh fruit, trail mixAmerican, Mexican, Italian, GreekWhole Foods
Central Market
Taco Cabana
Madame Mam's
Evengeline Cafe
Yellowlilies, violets, wildflowers, potted plantsDillards, Macy'sfolk, Latin Americanapple crisp, lemon bars, rice pudding, pan dulcelicorice (black)
Barbara Kingsolver, Carlos Fuentes, Bill Bryson, Jhumpa Lahiri, Alice Munrowalking, hiking, gardening, reading, collecting "antiques", visiting small towns, history, museumsplants, vintage cookware, books (children's older)Amazon
Half-Price Books
Office supply store
Thank you, Oak Hill!kpeterka@austinisd.org9/17LXL
Sameera Choudhury3rd gradeLemonade, cokecookies, chips, fresh fruit, popcorn, pretzelsMexican, Chinese, Indian, GreekChick-A-filTarka
La Madeline
Fire bowl cafe
Blue, BlackRosesJjill
Ann Taylor
AllAnything with chocolate Almond joy
Kit Kat
Jumps LahiriKnitting, crocheting, reading, jewelry making
NoNoTargetsameera.choudhury@austiniad.org11/11Tall coffee with cream and sugarML
Sandi Bodick (Dillon)3rd gradeCoke Zero, Topo Chico, coffeenuts, chips, trail mix, popcorn, pretzels, chocolateMexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese and ThaiP-Terry's, Tarka, Chipoltle, Freebirds, ThundercloudAnything people recommend. I like variety!Green, PurpleTulipBanana Republic, Old Navy, TargetAlternativeLava cakeWater skiing
Teacher Heaven or TargetSandi.dillon@austinisd.orgJune 7Non-fat Vanilla latteSMAggies! Gig Em'
Shannon Mueller3rd gradeSweet Tea
Dr. Pepper
nuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, IndianSchlotzsky's
Lupe Tortilla
LA Madeline
CountryWatching Baseball and volleyball
Going to the lake and Beach
Thank you for everything you do 😊shannon.mueller@austinisd.org May 17 Mocha with no whip cream, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Gingerbread Latte, Chick-fil-A Sweet TeaSMTexas Rangers
Staci Nowakowski-Grimm3rd gradeLemonade
Diet Coke
cookies, chips, fresh fruit, popcorn, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, ItalianTorchy's
Vivelle's (Crepe place)
Green, Purple, Blue, PinkRoses
TJ Max
Chocolate mousse
Ice Cream
Chocolate Cake
See's Chocolate
Symphony Milk chocolate bar
Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Milky Way
Sweet Tarts
Don't have a favorite author-
DIY crafts
Going to the movies

Childrens booksnoNordstrom
Alamo Draft House
TJ Max
MIlk & Honey
Coffe Bean and Tea leaf
No-Thank you!staci.nowakowski-grimm@austinisd.orgOct 25thDark roast (venti) 3 splenda and 1/2 & 1/2LXLSharks Hockey
Kings Hockey
Dallas Cowboys
Abby Santana4th gradecoke, coffeenuts, cookies, fresh fruit, trail mix, chocolateMexicanChick-fil-eeeee
P. Terry's
Any Sandwich place
Any Pizza place
All local places
Purple, BlackWild flowersTarget
Allchocolate cake,
all chocolateAll childrenphotography
card making
refrigerator magnetsNoTarget
asantana@austinisd.orgOctoberStarbucks, cafe mocha (hot) with whip creamSNo
Jackie Chedsey4th gradeUnsweetened Sparkling Water (all flavors), Unsweetened Iced Tea, Unsweetened Iced Green Tea from Starbucksnuts, fresh fruit, trail mixAmerican, Mexican, Italian, IndianThundercloud Subs, Jersey Mikes, P-Terry's, Chipotle, Tarka, Whole Foods, JuicelandHomeslice Pizza, Kerbey Lane, Magnolia Cafe, Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Tarka Indian Kitchen, Central Market, La MadelineYellowDaisies, Lilies, Lilacs, and any type of succulent plantTarget, Home Goods, Ross, Academy, PetcoI love all types of music! You'll usually find me listening to a country station, Indie Folk, or anything from the 1920's-1940's.Tres Leches from Whole Foods or White-Chocolate Raspberry Cake from La MadelineNo candy pleaseI enjoy reading historical fiction, mysteries, the classics, fantasy series, and anything that makes me laugh.

Favorite Children's Authors: Eve Bunting, Cythia Rylant, Patricia Polacco, and Gertrude Warner
Running, spending time with my dog Racer, volleyball, attending live music shows, reading, biking, hiking, spending time with my family and friends, and watching Husker football gamesI love scented candles.No.Target, Ross, Home Goods, Central Market, Juiceland, Starbucks, Amazon, Whole FoodsTeaching at OHE and being a part of this school community is truly a blessing! Definitely the best gift I could ever have.jackie.grotrian@austinisd.org5/14Grande Soy LatteMLI was born and raised in Nebraska, which makes me a HUGE Husker Football Fan! Go Big Red!
Jennifer Alonzo4th gradeFountain drinks like unsweetened tea and Starbucks Ice Teas, i.e. iced mango tea with lemonade...any kind of fruit smoothie....
I like wine at dinner time
nuts, fresh fruit, popcorn, pretzelsAmerican, Mexican, Italian, ChineseTorchy's taco's, P Terry's, Taco Cabana or Taco Bell, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Dan's Hamburger's, Thundercloud Subs, Firehouse Subs, Whataburger, Hopdoddy, Mighty Fine Burgers, Pi Wei Chinese, Fire Bowl, Pot Belly'sHopdoddy Hamburgers, Chuy's, Schmidt's BBQ, All Star Burgers, Fuddrucker's, Mimi's Cafe, Tony C's Coal Fired Pizza, Iron Cactus, J5 Steakhouse, Cafe Blue, Fonda San Miguel's, Maude's, Vespaio Ristorante, Botticelli's on S. Congress, Olive and June, Maggiano's Little Italy, Perry's Steakhouse, Longhorn SteakhouseRed, BlueAll kindsDillard's, Macy's, Home Depot, Lowes, Pier One, Bed Bath & Beyond, Breed & Co., Specs, World Market, Costco, Target, Central Mktt., Whole Earth ProvisionsAll kinds!!! Pastries and pies...ice cream too!I am not a candy loverI love any author's of fourth grade chapter books!Gardening...I love planting flowers, vegetable, and native plants in my garden and in hanging baskets.Bird houses, bird feeders, planter pots, wind chimes, gardening toolsNoVisa card so I could use it anywhereI would like to let all my wonderful parents know how very appreciative I am to be working with your child! I am very thankful to have a job that I truly love! Thanks so much for all your help and support!jalonzo@austinisd.org2/10Ice Mango Tea with lemonade, (or other herbal tea flavors)..MMTexas A&M
Rachel Marcinek (Atkinson)4th gradeDiet Dr. Pepperchips, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Greek, French, VietnameseThunderclouds (!!), Chic Fil A, Torchy's TacosTrudy's, Pluckers, Any sushi place, PinkAny bright colored onesKohl's, Target, Old NavyAll musicCheescakeSnickers with almondsCarl Hiassen, Randy Wayne WhiteReading, walking my dog, going to concertsAriel/ Little MermaidCedar and Cats (haha no food)Kohl's or Trudy'sI LOVE LOVE LOVE sandwiches. I could eat Thunderclouds every day. (I actually have done this. I worked there) But any sandwich place I love!rachel.atkinson@austinisd.org1/17Carmel FrappuccinoSM
Seth Yosef4th gradeWater, Diet Sprite/Sierra Mist.nuts, fresh fruit, trail mixAmerican, Italian, ChineseSub sandwich places, I love pizzaWaterloo, Applebees, Chili's.Red, BlueRosesFinish Line, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, BookstoresR&B
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Peanut Butter CupsRunning, listening to musicFinish Line
Best Buy
seth.yosef@austinisd.orgJuly 6Sonic Cherry LimeadeMXLGreen Bay Packers
Wisconsin Badgers
North Carolina Tar Heels
Notre Dame
L.A. Lakers
Tiffany De La Rosa4th gradeChai Tea , starbucks white chocolate mocha and strawberry limeaid from sonic :)fresh fruit, chocolateMexican, ItalianChickfila, torchys tacos, and any kind of taco! Italian because I love cheese!!GreenTulips :)Target, Banan Rep.,Gap PopCheesecake and anything with milk chocolate.fruitCarmen Lomas Garza, Tomas RIvera and Nicholas SparksDance, painting and scrapbooking.quarters!nope!Target :)I love how this campus is so loving !! Thank you I feel right at home :)tiffany.delarosa@austinisd.org10/21white chocolate mochaMM
Angela Ly 5th gradeCanada Dry (Ginger Ale) and Hubert's Lemonade (Strawberry).nuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, pretzels, chocolateItalian, Japanese, Indian, FrenchI try to stay away from fast food joints. :-)Blue Dahlia Bistro and Ramen Tatsuya.Green, BlueOrchids. Banana Republic, At Home, Target, and Half Price Books.Top 40.Tiramisu, mango sticky rice, and chocolate cake. Twix and Ferrero Rocher. Mitch Albom and Dr. Seuss. Hiking, running, practicing yoga, and playing with my dogs.Postcards from anywhere!N/ATarget, Half Price Books, and Teacher Heaven. I have a passion for teaching, and I look forward to the upcoming school year!angela.ly@austinisd.orgJuly 19Caramel Macchiato SSTexas Longhorns, Dallas Mavericks, and Dallas Cowboys.
Kerry Osio5th gradeCarbonated water, Topo Chico, Coffee, I do not drink soft drinksfresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, chocolateItalian, Greek, South AmericanSchlotzy's subwayMalta, Cypress grill, Boticellis Green, Purple, Blue, PinkAll flowersWorld Market, Pier 1 , Ulta. Home DepotIndependent, Blues, RockCheese cakes, fruit pies, Chocholate mousseChocolateswimming, cycling, gardeningelephants, yard artnoone of the stores abovekosio@austinisd.org2/26
Paul Cumings5th gradeCoke, spritetrail mix, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, ItalianJack in the boxFloes, Maudie's GreenNoneHebProgressive-indie-folk-tronicaIce creamBaby Ruth bar and Reece's peanut butter cupGeorge RR MartinGolf swimming reading sleepingNoShellfishSpecspcumings@austinisd.org1/17NothingXLXL
Rachel P. Mendrek5th gradeWater
Sparkling Water
nuts, fresh fruit, dark chocolateJapanese, SushiP. Terry'sSt. Phillips
Yellow, PurpleAll
Dark ChocolateDark ChocolateAllReading
Uchirachel.mendrek@austinisd.org03/06Regular coffee w/extra creamXL2XL
Tatiana Miranda-Fralin5th gradeHalf and Half Iced Tea (half sweet/ half unsweet)
Classic Coke

cookies, chips, fresh fruit, non-chocolate candyAmerican, Mexican, French, Breakfast Tacos (Egg, Potato, and Cheese)Taco Cabana
Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, PinkAll Target
Home Goods
Lemon Bars
Kit Kats
Hershey Kisses
Now and Laters
Outdoor Activities:

VISA gift cardsI really like getting flowers ;-)tatiana.miranda@austinisd.orgAugust 27hazelnut latte ML
Lori KomassaAdminCoca Colacookies, chips, popcornAmerican, Mexican, ItalianP. Terrys, Chick Fil A, Torchy'sChuy's, Mandola's, Clarks, HopdoddyBluePlumeria, TulipAnn Taylor Loft, Nordstrom Rack, TJ MaxxCountry, PopCheesecake, Yellow cupcakes with vanilla frostingTwizzlers, Bubble gumNora Roberts, Jodi PicoultMovies, Reading, TravelNoNoNordstrom Rack or for food!lori.komassa@austinisd.org11/16Don't drink coffee. Enjoy coca cola and strawberry slush from sonicMLLonghorns, Tampa Bay Rays
Michelle Amezquita-NavarroAdminUnsweet teanuts, cookies, chips, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, pretzels, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, JapaneseChick-fil-A
Fire Bowl
Olive Garden
Maggiano's Italian restaurant
Eddie V's restaurant (you asked lol)
Pink, Burnt Orangepink peonies flowers
Target, JC Penny's, etc.EverythingCheese cake
Rocky Road ice cream
I love to read anything...relaxingNot reallyNoTarget or nail salonmichelle.amezquita-navarro@austinisd.org03/05/1978Sonic Route 44 extra ice unsweet teaXL2XLHook 'em Horns UT
Suzanne BaxterAdmincoffee, teanuts, chocolateGluten-freePanera BreadMaudie's
any steak place
Blueyellow roses
star-gazer lilies
JJill at the mallall kindsanything gluten-freechocolateany - I just love to readwalking
nohave to be gluten-freeJJill at the mallsbaxter@austinisd.org11/11
Erika AhumadaCounselorMostly just drink water, but sometimes Green Tea and occasionally a Coca Colacookies, chips, fresh fruit, popcorn, chocolate, non-chocolate candyAmerican, Mexican, ItalianWhataburger, Taco Cabana, Wendy's, Popeye's, Schlotszky's, Which WichTexas Roadhouse, Texican, BJ's, Cici's Pizza, Home Slice, Hopdoddy, Via 313 Pizza, Pieous (I LOVE pizza, if you can't tell)Purple, Blue, Pink, TurquoiseOld Navy, Kohl's, TargetR & B, Hip Hop, Pop, Pop RockChocolate Chip Cookies, Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Strawberry ShortcakeLaffy Taffy (except for banana flavor), anything gummy or chewyDancing, working out, kickboxing, anything related to music, going to the moviesNoNoVisa Gift Card, HEB, Target, Old Navy, Kohl's, Movie TheatersI love OHE and being a counselor! :-) erika.ahumada@austinisd.orgJan. 4Starbucks- Nonfat Iced Caramel Macchiato and Sonic- Lemonberry SlushMMKansas State University
Lauri SchattenbergEarly ChildhoodLemonade, Decaf Lemon Flavored Iced Tea, Decaf Beveragescookies, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, ChineseChick-fil-a, Schlotzsky'sHao Hao, Texas Land and Cattle, Austin Pizza Garden, FloresBlue, PinkRoseJC Penny, Dillard's, James AveryMellow RockGerman Chocolate Cake, D'Lites Ice Cream, Italian Cream Cake, DQ BlizzardEnglish Toffee, TurtlesSpending time with my family, Cooking, Reading, GenealogyAny restaurantlauri.schattenberg@austinisd.orgMay 4Caffe Mocha - Hot or Iced, made with decaf coffeeMS
Ani Marin KindergartenChai Tea and "Honest" sweet teanuts, chips, dark chocolateItalian, Chinese, Japanese, FrenchP-Terry's and Torchy'sCalifornia Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, La Madeline GreenroseTarget, Whole Foodschocolate cake No candyreading and writing no I don't eat red meatAmazon or a restaurant I don't drink coffeeani.marin@austinisd.orgAugust 20Chai TeaSS
Antoinette RobertsKindergartenPelligrino, unsweetened tea, dr. Pepper nuts, Blue diamond roasted almonds, pecansMexican, ItalianAustin pizza garden, Tarka, Maria 's taco express, Torchy's Tratorria lisinia, trulucks, jack Allen, hopdotty's , Matt 's El Rancho, shady grove, bob's steak houseVariesRed roses, potted azaleas,bouganvileas & other seasonal colorful potted flowers that can be planted in the yard
Nordstrom , Dillard's, Texas coop, academy, REI Texas country, Bocelli, classic 60-70's rock, alternative, I like Gelato, gluten free carrot cake, chocolate torte cake(gf), .greek yogurt with fresh blueberries or strawberries & pecans or salted toasted almondsChocolate with almonds, John Grisham Scuba diving, cycling, swimming, short distant triathlons, wake boarding, gardening, spending time with my grand babies & family, Joyful moments and memoriesGluten sensitive, pineappleNordstrom 's, Academy, Natural gardener, REII appreciate the acts of kindness, the supportive words and the thoughtfulness of the many parents at Oak Hill that let teachers know that they appreciate the energy and work that is required to address the needs of small children on a 22:1 ratio.

I also feel blessed to see life each day through the eyes of children. They keep you active, young & on your toes. Everyday is a new day, and every year brings new challenges and joys. I can never say that my job is boring and I never have any trouble falling asleep at night. With 4 new grandchildren born since August of 2011, 1 girl and 3 boys.....I have found a renewed joy in the very young through their eyes!
Anrobert@austinisd.orgMay 30thCoffee black, tea no sugar, sonic..dr. Pepper love crushed iceMLHook 'EM, season football ticket holder, UT alumni

Fan of Andre Bocelli, scuba diver, love to dive with sea turtles, sharks, tropical fish..magical world 60-120 feet below :)
Christine BarreKindergartenWater & Sweet tea.nuts, cookies, chips, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, non-chocolate candyAmerican, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, IndianP Terry's, Subway, Chiptole, Tarka, Smoothie King,Macaroni Grill, Jack Allen's, Trudy's, Chilli's, Outback, Applebees,Red, Purple, Blue, PinkRoses, but I usually feel that they are too expensive since they die so quickly.Target, Kohl's, Barnes & NoblesChristian, Country, Children's,Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter PieMilky Way, Twix, Old Fashion Lemon Drops, Vanila Tootsie RollsLisa Genova, Melissa FosterReading, Going to the gym, Walking, Bike Riding, Outdoor acitivies, like hiking, bikingNot really. NoVisa with no penalty for inactivity and just an expiration date, AMC, Kohl's, TargetI would love to get some Hap Palmer or Gregg & Steve CD's with good music to use in the classroom. I am still using some cassette tapes that I bought 20 years ago, but they are starting to skip and get old.christine.barre@austinisd.orgMarch 28thVanilla Chai Latte with nonfat milk from Starbucks. I also like sweet tea, especially raspberry flavored, but usually I drink water.MLDon't really follow any. We used to be Saints' fans.
Giovanna RollsKindergartenCoke and bottled waternuts, cookies, trail mix, popcorn, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, ChineseThundercloud Subs, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Schlotzsky's, Torchy's, Panda ExpressRed Lobster, Maudie's, Serrano's, Johnny Carino'sBlueRoses, orchids, HydrangeasMacy's, James Avery, Marshall's, Dillard's, Target, CostcoPop,(English and Spanish)Tres leches cake, chocolate cake, Ice-creamChocolate almonds, Kit Kat Read Non-fiction booksgardening, decorating, moviesscented candles, silver bracelet charmsAnt bitesJames Avery, TargetI love my job!Grolls@austinisd.org5/19Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino or Double chocolate chipML
Joan HamelwrightKindergartenDr. Pepper, especially cherry
Lipton Half and Half (lemonade / tea)
Sweet Tea
I really like Sonic ice too!
nuts, cookies, fresh fruit, popcorn, chocolate, dark chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, ChineseChick Fil A
Taco Bell
Pao's Mandarin House (in Lakeway)
Pei - Wei
Iron Cactus
Madame Mam's
Blue, Burnt OrangeRosesTarget
Classic Rock - AC/DC, Scorpions, Van HalenCheescake
Anything chocolate, especially dark chocolate
Pecan pie
M & M's - dark chocolate, peanut, almond (no mint or peanut butter)
Whatchamacallit candy bars
Heath bars
Symphony bars with tofee and almonds
Leo Tolstoy
Margaret Mitchell
Janet Evanovich
James Patterson
Diane Mott Davidson
Sports events
Canoeing / Kayaking

University of Texas Longhorns
"Texana" - bluebonnet stuff, etc.
NoBarnes and Noble
Teacher Heaven
joan.hamelwright@austinisd.org12/12mocha frappe, sweet tea, cherry Dr. PepperXLXLLonghorns
Washington Redskins
Oklahoma City Thunder
Kate KanakKindergartenCherry Limeade (Sonic), Earl Grey Teachips, fresh fruit, popcorn, non-chocolate candyMexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, GreekTarka, Chic-Fil-AClay Pit, Maudies, UchiBlue, WhiteDaffodils, Tulips, PeoniesNordstrom, Kendra Scott, TargetTexas Country/Sean McConnell, Stoney LaRueLemon BarsLemonheadsShauna NiequistRunning, working outTory Burch, Nordstrom, Target, Kendra ScottThank you for thinking of me! Your generosity is so appreciated.kate.kanak@austinisd.orgJune 3rd(Iced) Cinnamon Almond Milk MacchiatoSMMichigan State University, University of Texas
Rudi GarzaKindergartenWater, green teachips, fresh fruit, popcornMexican, Italian, ChineseSubway, Schlotzskys, WhataburgerWaterloo, Jack Allens, Trudys, AngelsBlueTulipsBanana Republic, Nordstrom, Loft, Target, HomegoodsAny typeCheesecake, Ice creamsour gummy worms, sour punch strawsJ.K RowlingRunning, Playing with my son, Kayaking N/A- But I love farmhouse items for decorNoNordstromRudi.garza@austinisd.orgSeptember 15Peach-Green Tea LemonadeSMCowboys, Longhorns, Texas State Bobcats
Stacey UnderwoodLibrarianUnsweetened ice tea no flair no lemons
Dr pepper
nuts, chipsMexican, ItalianChickfila, sonic, schlotzskys, Freddie's,
A great morning treat would be bean and cheese Tacos with tomatillo sauce and a large unsweetened tea no lemon
Chuys, hula hut, black fin, PurpleOld navy, target, Macy'sCountry
Tx country
But really all
BrowniesBite size chocolateJames PattersonSports, traveling, reading, dancingStudents bring the library ducksNoMall
Old navy
Y'all rock to think of usSunderwo@austinisd.org7/30Ice tea unsweetened; regular teaSSUniversity of texas
Texas rangers
Barbie LynchLibrary clerkSprite, lemonadecookies, trail mix, pretzelsAmerican, MexicanChic-Fil-A
Taco Cabana
Santa Rita
Red, BlueYellow roseTarget
Barnes & Noble
Bed, Bath & Beyond
I like all kindsANYthing with lemon
Chocolate chip cookies
Too many to list - even children's authors (Surprise, Surprise)Reading
Dust bunniesNoTargetI don't expect to be remembered at times that "teachers" are treated, but have really appreciated the surprises from parents and kids I've received since I retired from Oak Hill. I am that "bad penny" Oak Hill can't get rid of. : )barbie.lynch@austinisd.orgOctober 16thCan't have caffeine2XL2XLLonghorns
Anything Olympics
Ana Maria RiveraOffice Staffherbal teas & coffeenuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, pretzels, chocolateMexican, Indian, GreekP Terry's, Chick fil-aPanera, Arpeggio's, Amaya's Taco Village & Chipotle's, El Naranjo.Purple, BlueRose & HibiscusDillard's & Macy'sBaklava & Tres LechesDark chocolate with almondsBaking, cooking & exercisingNoTiger liliesJuice land, Tarka, Central MarketNoana.rivera@austinisd.org9/16
Lila HolmesOffice StaffWaternuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, pretzels, Dark ChocolateMexican, Italian, GreekChick Fil-ALocal Restaurants
Longhorn Steakhouse
Red, BlackRoses
Home Goods
Hobby Lobby
Milky Way
Dark Chocolate
Almond Joy
Ann Rule (true crime)Bible Study
CandlesPerfumesHobby LobbyI appreciate all you do for us!Lila.Holmes@austinisd.org02/11Any kind of fruity hot teaLXLTexas State Bobcats
Dallas Cowboys
San Antonio Spurs
West Virginia Mountaineers
Norma LopezOffice StaffUnsweetened tea, diet coke, cherry limeade, fresh fruit, popcorn, chex mixMexicanChick-fil-a, McDonalds, sonicMatt's El Rancho, Baby A's, Olive gardenRed, Burnt orangeLove all flowersMacys, TargetCountry, TejanoApple pieAlmond joySandra BrownWatching college sports, bar-b-que, bakingTexas Longhorns stuffnoMatt's El Rancho or Macy's or TargetThank you all for all that you do for OHE.....Norma.r.lopez@austinisd.orgJanuary 31Black Coffee (plain)XLXLTexas Longhorns
Susan DominguezOffice Staffcoffee, water fresh fruit, chocolateMexican, Chinese, GreekChick-Fil-A, P-Terry'sTexas Roadhouse, P.F. Chang's RedRoses Target, Bath & Body Works, Nordstrom Rack Country, Spanish Cake, donuts Anything chocolateLiane Moriarty, David BaldacciRunning, ReadingNo Target, Starbuckssusan.dominguez@austinisd.org06/01AmericanoSMSpurs, Longhorns
Alma CabreraPre-KCoffee, bottled water, coke, strawberry limeade from sonictrail mix, chocolateItalian, Chinese, TaiPanda Express, Chipotle, Chic-fla, Jack Allens, Cheese Cake Factory, Olive GardenPurple, PinkCalla Lilis, roses, GardeniasTarget, James AveryPop English and spanishtres leches cake, Ice creamChocolate- Kit Kat, Almond Joy, Milky way, Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks, E.L James, Diana GabaldonShopping, spending time with familyscented candles, James Avery charms,Target, James AveryI Enjoy my Job!alma.cabrera@austinisd.org12/18Caramel Machiatto hot , White chocolate mocha frappeccino or hot, Java chip FrapLXLTexas State Bobcats, Long Horns,
Karen Gerber Pre-KIzze, coffee, lemonade, waternuts, cookies, chips, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, pretzels, chocolateMexican, Greektorchys,whole foods, p-terrysTrudy'sGreen, BlueGerber daisyOld navy, world market, target, teacher heavenClassicalHomemade cookies or cupcake oh and also browniesPretzel m&mI love ALL children's books Soccer and my new baby EliButterflies and children's booksNoWhole foodskaren.gerber@austinisd.org3/12Skinny vanilla latteMLTexas state
My classroom has frogs and my home has butterflies!
Nuria SalvadorPre-KCoke, Coffee, Lemonade, Chai, Water.cookies, chips, fresh fruitAmerican, Italian, Indian, FrenchJuiceland, Whole Foods, Hopdoddy, Mighty fine BurgersJack Allen, County Line, Rudy’s Country Store, Moonshine Patio and Bar.Red, Green, Blue, BlackRoseTj Maxx, Ross, Old Navy, H&M.Catalan and Spanish music.Fruit, Ice cream.No preferenceSpending time with family and friends, Travelling, Hiking, Dancing, tennis.NononoThanks you very much!!nuria.salvadormonner@austinisd.org18/04LatteLLNo
Leticia N. QuirogaReading SpecialistDr.Pepper,
Topo Chico Mineral water
nuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcornMexican, ItalianChick fil A
Thundercloud Subs
Longhorn Steakhouse
Red Lobster
Green, PurpleGerber daisyTargetAll NonePayday
Almond Joy
I don't have a particular oneReading
lnunezqu@austinisd.org8/15Iced sweet teaLLTexas Longhorns
Dallas Cowboys
Cailin FlahertySpecial AreasCoffee, sweet teacookies, chips, fresh fruit, chocolateAmerican, ItalianChik-fil-a, Chipotle, Culver's, Jersey Mike'sJack Allen's, Cypress Grill, PieousBlueTarget, Ross, TJ MaxxAnything chocolate!Twix, dark chocolateSwing dancingTargetcailin.flaherty@austinisd.orgApril 30thiced caramel macchiato or caramel iced coffee, cherry limeade, coffee with cream and sugarSMTexas Tech Red Raiders
Jennifer BennerSpecial AreasCoke (not diet), Dr. Pepper, Coffee, Lemonade, nuts, cookies, fresh fruit, popcorn, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, IndianCulvers, Schlotskys, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, PTerrys, SubwayHecho en Mexico, Flores, Chuys, Evangelines, Cypress Grill,
Juliets, Thai Fresh,
Red, Green, Purple, BlueRose, HibiscusDillards, Michaels, Wear Art Thou, Academy, KohlsAlternative, Classic Rock, Disco FunkCheesecake, ice cream, milk chocolate, chocolate chip cookies,Milk Chocolate, Reeces or TwixI like to read historical fiction.Art Night with my friends
Fixing things
Nautical StuffnoDillardsLove Sailboatsjennifer.benner@austinisd.orgJan 13Coffee/ with creamXL2XLTX. Rangers,
JoLynn RettigSpecial AreasPeppermint tea, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Iced Cherry Blossom Tea, Winenuts, fresh fruit, chocolate, Love those Cutie oranges and CherriesAmerican, Mexican, Italian, Indian, GreekP Terrys and WhataburgerZTejas, Alamo Drafthouse Red, TurqouiseGerber DaisyTarget, Barnes and Noble, Book People, Hobby Lobby, Central Market, StitchlabPop, anything. Love mixed tapes(or should I say CDs)CupcakesDark Chocolate with orange or mintJanet Evanovich, a good mysterySwimming, Hiking, Painting, Reading, Knitting, Sewing(Stitch Lab)SharpiesNoTarget or Coffee Beannojrettig@austinisd.org3/2iced green tea2XL2XLHorns
Kristen PalmerSpecial AreasLa Croix, tea/lemonade beveragetrail mix, popcorn, pretzels, chocolateMexican, Indian, Greek, ThaiChik fila, PTerrys, and Taco CabanaTarka and the Thai restaurant over by Kohl's in Sunset Valley, I can't remember the exact name. Purple, BlueI like all flowers; Buying a bouquet of flowers is one way that I treat myself. World Market, Pier One, TargetI like all kinds of music. Maybe get an iTunes gift card, that way I can pick whatever I am in the mood for at that time!Again, I like a variety of authors, maybe get a Barnes and Noble gift card, so I can purchase whatever book I am interested in on my Nook.I like to be outdoors, camping, hiking/walking, volleyball, backyard badminton, BBQ, etc.NopeNope.Kohl'sThanks for supporting Oak Hill faculty! One of the things I love about teaching at OHE is the appreciate that is shown periodically. Thanks for that!kristen.palmer@austinisd.org9/20Tall Mocha or Strawberry LimeadeMLUT Austin and U of A (Arizona)
Melanie BrownSpecial AreasDiet DP
Caffeine Free Diet DP
cookies, fresh fruit, popcorn, chocolate, NO NUTS IN CHOCOLATEAmerican, Mexican, ItalianWhataburger, Subway, Sonic, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell,Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Chuy's, Cheddars, Trudy's, OutbackGreen, Purple, Bluesunflower, daisyBath & Body, James Avery, Charming CharlieChristianTurtle Cheesecakechocolate (milk or dark) with NO NUTS!!!!!!I don't read :/Sports, MusicangelsChinese food; seafoodVisa, James Avery, Great Nails SalonI DO NOT LIKE NUTS (especially in chocolate) but I LOVE CHOCOLATE! And I don't drink coffee.mbrown2@austinisd.org8/13NO STARBUCKS!!!! I DO NOT drink coffee!!! Sonic Cherry Lime Aid :)XL2XLLonghorns, SA Spurs
Tyler ShawSpecial AreasLemonade, gatoradenuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, chocolateMexican, ItalianChick-Fil-A, Whataburger, SonicAnything really. I love food.GreenREIRockAnything with ChocolateReesesCycling, hiking, paddle boarding, and anything else outdoors.Chick-Fil-A, or AmazonPTA is awesome to us!tyler.shaw@austinisd.org6/6Black coffee or Hazelnut CoffeeMUT sports, Texas Rangers baseball, Dallas Stars hockey, Dallas Cowboys (not ashamed!)
Ana PortilloSpecial EducationDr. Pepperfresh fruit, chocolate, caramelsMexican, Italian, Chinese, IndianPurple, teal/blue-greenTarget, Hobby Lobby, Trader Joe'sspanish popmadeline cookies, pineapple upside down cake, ice cream chocolate, caramels, jolly ranchersWally Lambcoffee mugsno known allergiesTargetana.portillo@austinisd.org7/26mocha with madelines MLHook'em
Kelly VoldingSpecial Educationsprite, coke, sweet teacookies, chips, fresh fruit, pretzels, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, ItalianSonic, Taco DeliJack Allen's, Red's Porch, Matt's el RanchoPurple, BlackLilyTarget, Academy, Nordstrom Rackall kindscheese cakeSnickerscamping, biking, anything on water I like surprises!kelly.volding@austinisd.org12/26iced coffeeSSSt. Louis Cardinals, UT
Shannon MesserSpecial EducationMineral Water- TopoChico, Coconut, Grapefruit
All Teas
nuts, chips, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, Rice cakes(all flavors)American, Mexican, Italian, Indian, GreekTarka
P. Terrys
Whole Foods

Thai Fresh
Torchy's Tacos
Whole Foods
Clay Pit
Kerby Lane

Red, Pink, turquoiseColorful onesH&M
Old Navy
J. Crew
Forever 21
Anything with fruit
Peanut Butter M&M's J.K. RowlingRunning, Biking, Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Reading, Traveling, and spending time with my dogCandles
Peace signs
Texas State Stuff

Alamo Draft House
Shannon.messer@austinisd.orgSeptember 25thHot or Cold Chai Tea Latte(Soy Milk)MMTexas State University
Peace signs
Steffanie SteinleSpecial Educationsparkling waternuts, chocolate covered fruitbreakfast tacosAustin Pizza GardenNordstrom RackyogaNordstrom Racksteffanie.steinle@austinisd.orgblack coffeeMM
Virginia HillSpecial EducationDiet Coke, Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonadenuts, cookies, fresh fruit, trail mix, chocolateMexicanTaco Bueno, P. Terry's, ChipotleMatt's El Rancho, Kerbey Lane, Hyde Park GrillGreengerber daisyNordstroms, Teacher Heaven, Targetcountryanything with nuts, chocolate and/or caramelanything with nuts, chocolate and/or caramelneedlepoint, learning how to use my Ipadany store that has shoesvihill@austinisd.org8/3
Linnett DeCarliSpeech TherapistHibiscus Mint Iced Tea, canned or bottled sparkling water (flavored but not sweetened), Horchata, Coke, Dr. Pepper, any kind of Izze, Senorial Sangria (but no other grape soda); Central Market Italian Soda (HEB), any but lime/coconut which sounds good but is not. I especially like the spicy ones like Raspberry Chili and Clementine Chili. nuts, cookies, chips, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, chocolate, Lime-flavored nuts, chips, or corn nuts, spicy or sourMexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian, GreekTucci's subs, Torchy's tacos, Taco Cabana, prefer local to big chains.Jack Allens! Trudy's, Chuy's, Indian restaurants, local restaurants, lots...Purple, BlackAny.Target, Amazon, HEB, Whole Foods, Zappos. (not a big shopper)Pretty much anything. I've been listening to Alt Nation in the car lately.Tiramisu, chocolate cake, lemon anything, berry/cherry anything, almond anything,SnickersRay Bradburydust and clutter.noAmazonlinnett.decarli@austinisd.org8/31Chai Latte or blended LimeadeMXLLonghorns but not a sports team. Also need a cute UC Santa Barbara shirt to wear on college day...
Deborah Mac GregorTeaching Assistantscoffee or green teanuts, fresh fruit, chocolateMexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, GreekPette Terry's and Taco CabanaJack Allen's and Truddy'sGreenLove any type of flower :)Nordstrom, Target and The Feed Station. Pets Martlove it all, even operaanything with chocolatesorry, not a candy personJodi Picoult and books about AutismI'm an animal lover who has chickens, horses, dogs, cats and doves. Ups forgot leopard lizards. Very busy afterschool taking care of them.PetsnoVisa card so I can buy feed for my pets.dmacgreg@austinisd.orgFebruary 18, ?chai latteLLDressage riding
Lydia PerezTeaching AssistantsI like everything nuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, popcorn, pretzels, chocolateAmerican, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, GreekI eat everything and I like everything. Kerby Lane, Chuys, chills, Zaps. I like everything. I am not picky. Red, PinkRoses, bird flower, and every kind of flower is pretty. Ross, jcpenny, academy,and cabelas Classical, country, pop, alternative, Christian music Tiramisu, chocolate, and I like Any kind of dessert. Every kind I love to read and I like all kinds of authors. Not really picky about what I read. Reading books, running, going to parks with my dog, rock climbing, hiking, camping, basically being outdoors. N/aN/aSurprise me :) I am not picky lydiaperez89@gmail.com04/19/1989Coffee of any kind MMUFC, Tap Out